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Flash Reviews: Free Realms (first impressions).

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Welcome everyone to my first impressions review on Free Realms, made by Sony Online Entertainment (SOE for short).


Free Realms is an online virtual world where you can do almost anything you'd like. There are many different "jobs" that you can take on, including but not limited to brawler, chef, card duelist, blacksmith and a demo (demolition) derby driver. Each one has it's own unique storyline so-to-speak, and you can choose to do whichever one you want whenever you want, and you don't have to do one to do another, meaning that for example if you wish to be a chef but not a brawler, then you can be a chef without ever touching the combat aspect of the game.


The gameplay depends on what job you choose. For example, as a brawler, one of the combat oriented jobs of the game, you do certain quests to fight different enemies in different areas of the game (you can also just fight random enemies you find in the open world as well) and once finished, you get a reward (fights always give you a random reward from a selection of choices, meaning you can try the fight again if you don't get the reward you want). In jobs like chef for example, you play a mini-game that requires you to do something in order to pass and level up your job.

To level up a job, you have to get enough stars, which are rewarded from quests, mini-games and fights. The game does a pretty good job of walking you through the different jobs for your first time around, and although the combat has a button-mashing feel to it, it still provides a level of difficulty if you're not careful and smart about the environment around you.

Character Creation

If you're playing for the first time, you'll be able to create your own character (either a human or a pixie; I personally chose the latter), choose what they look like and what they wear as well as give them a name. In this game, you can either choose from a list of names or type in your own. Note that like in fusion fall, names are unique, meaning that if one person has the name Seth Shadowcloud for example, then you can't have that same name. When you type in a name, the last name has to be at least 3 characters long, and while it waits for approval you choose a temporary name from the name generator list. I personally chose the name Seth Vinter, but while I wait, my character's name is Seth Sapphirevale.

Note that when you first start playing this game, you're immediately thrown into the main game world/hub of the game, though the game does take you through some basic tutorials of stuff to help you out with getting aquainted/a good feel for the game world around you at first, so there's that.


Well one of the things I don't like about free realms is that when you're not a member, you don't seem to be able to use a mount unless you pay for one using station cash, the equivilant of KI's crowns. In fact it appears that allot of stuff costs sc to get, and though you start off with some sc, it's not very much sadly.

I also didn't like how though you get treasure chests, you can't open them unless you get a key, which unfortunately requires station cash to buy, which doesn't seem very fair to those that can't afford to get station cash if you ask me.

Another thing that I don't like is that how when you reach a certain level in one of the other jobs as a free to play player (like racecar driver for example), it not only stops you from gaining experience at 4.999, but it also locks you out of that job until you subscribe. Stopping the players from gaining xp I can understand, but if you ask me I personally think/feel that locking them out of a job entirely just for not being a subscriber, that's just a bad move on Sony's part, as eventually players will run out of things to do and eventually leave the game, not subscribe.

If Sony wants more players to play Free Realms, then they need to make it so that the game doesn't lock players out of jobs at certain points. If they do this, then chances are they'll get more players and maybe even more subscribers as well, so there's that (and from what I've read on the official free realms message boards, I'm not the only one who feels this way).


I like how for a game with an unlimited free trial so-to-speak, there's allot to do in terms of content. You can go and explore pretty much everything in the game and level up your different jobs at your leisure without having to worry about doing something else in a different job to do so. There's allot to do and you don't feel pressured to do stuff right away and can pretty much do what you want when you want.

The housing is also pretty good too as though there doesn't seem to be very many housing objects available for f2p players right away, I like how you can still build pretty much whatever, and you can even stack stuff withouth having to result to glitching like in w101 and p101. Another feature that I found was a plus was that you can visit other players houses and even rate them as well in terms of how well you thought they worked on the house, which I think is pretty cool.

For travel, you can just click the "go to location" button on the quest and your character will automatically go there, which I think is very helpful, especially for the younger audience and/or those that tend to get lost/side-tracked easily while exploring different areas.

The outfits that you can get in the game only change your appearance/looks and not your overall stats, which seems to be a common complaint in wizard101.

You also seem to be able to upload/take videos of your own without having a video recording program of your own, a feature that I've personally only seen in roblox until now, which I think is very nice/handy if you ask me.

The memberships seem to be pretty cheap, and like with roblox, free realms also offers a lifetime membership, which I'm not really/very sure how they work in all honesty, though I'd just assume that they give you access to everything forever.

There also seems to be a wide variety of pets and mounts like a dragon pet, a cat pet, a sun mount (yes, you heard me right, you can right on top of a floating ball of fire) a bowling ball mount, an eight ball mount, a skeletal dragon mount, a fire pegasus mount, a phoenix pet, a poison dragon mount, an air t-rex (a t-rex that appears to be made out of air giving it a ghost-like appearance so-to-speak), bat mount and even a hydra pet and mount, both of which can be dyed which I think is a pretty cool addition/touch to the game in terms of creativity (in fact it appears that allot of the mounts can be dyed which is epic cool).

The musis is also really good as well. Though it doesn't seem to always play, it's still very good all things considered.


I'm very impressed with the game so far. Though there are some things that I think should be changed (i.e. more options available to non-members), it definitely does seem to be a very fun/enjoyable game so far, so if you like to explore and try out many different things, then I would highly reccomend this game for you. Overall though, if you ask me, I would definitely say that this game is definitely worth a try before you buy.

So there you have it, my first impressions on the game called Free Realms. Stay tuned for my next review and until we meet again gamers, God bless and happy gaming, thank you so much for reading and also thank you so for your time to enjoy reading my blog, as I really appreciate it.

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  1. Endercat's Avatar
    Maybe we could meet up in the game?
  2. ~Sword-Saint~'s Avatar
    I don't like how Free Realms has a cap for levels achieved in one job for nonmembers, but well, it helps them make money. The most fun job was the fisherman in my opinion, it took only 2 hours to max.
  3. ~Jake~'s Avatar
    You know, it's interesting getting a first-timer's perspective on a game that I've played for years. Back then, many systems were different and unchanged, but the main game was just as SoE promises; free.

    I did enjoy reading this entry, by the way, and it almost makes me consider making a new character or account on FR.

    If you need a friend in-game, just drop me a PM/VM.
  4. Endercat's Avatar
    Oh, and on the note of 'doing one job without ever having to do another', blacksmithing requires mining to complete. But, really, can we meet up in FR sometime?
  5. Flash33's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by bnbnbnbn34299
    Oh, and on the note of 'doing one job without ever having to do another', blacksmithing requires mining to complete. But, really, can we meet up in FR sometime?
    Sure, I'd be happy to meet up in-game. I play on server 2 and my pixies name is Seth Vinter (yes, the name did get approved by SoE). Perhaps today at say oh 5-ish est we can meet in snow hill by the christmas tree, it's up to you.
  6. Endercat's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by flash33
    Sure, I'd be happy to meet up in-game. I play on server 2 and my pixies name is Seth Vinter (yes, the name did get approved by SoE). Perhaps today at say oh 5-ish est we can meet in snow hill by the christmas tree, it's up to you.
    Ok. Normally I play on 1, but in this case I will play 2. I am Angela Oakberry, have a name in gold(member for life now), and I am a pixie with straight purple hair, decadent(purple and yellow-gold) wings, and blue eyes(result of a sc style card accident, I picked purple in the beginning). I will stay on if I get there in time to about 5:30, and then I haven't played P101 in a few days so I will switch if you didn't come. I will just type that name in the friends list, and you can just say yes and teleport to me when you get on.