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I just noticed that I haven't had a blog in a really long time, so I decided to just say what I've been doing recently. I've finished the current questline a while ago, so I'm mostly just finishing side quests and farming friar sand to decorate my swash's new houe! I added some pictures of it below. I've also helped out at M4C every now and then. With more free time on my hands, I've decided to try starting a PvP team. Anyone interested? I've posted in both the Battle Board and the Clans/Guilds and Social Groups, if you think you'd like to join, post on one of them. That's pretty much it for now, I hope you enjoy the pictures!

1: Home security
2: Armory
3: Trophy room
4: Map room/Library
5&6: Dormatories inside armada ship. The tables in 6 form a fencing strip!
7: General picture
8:Mooshu area
9: the secret passage
10: Life insurance highly recommended!
11&12: An underground stronghold, perfect for your dramatic last stands!
oops, I can only get to 10, sry. When I get home I'll post the other three. Bye!
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