Dissin' that Fool

Centaur of Attention

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Nausica,what much can we say about this thing? This charging death pony,sea-horse can sure knock a companion with quick draw down. What else she is some pun right? I'm pretty sure everything in this game is a pun. Like honestly this game can give you a nightMARE with all it's puns. Anyways some people are actually mared of this thing that they refuse to fight people with it. Stop the puns? Fine. Anyways she can get burst fire 2,true grit 3,quick adjust,double tap,amazing right? Well how about we give her 3 haste for some quick draw action right?
3 haste which is about 3 quick draw,2 valor fortress,some buffs,a will buff,and even some agility.(Ignore the reduces) Now I know you guys are like "Man that's so op! it should not even be allowed in the game!" Then i'll be like "hahahahahah" Ok now let's stop the horse play and look at this next image. We sent Nausica to own and look what happen it's so epic!
Bonnie shot clock.png
Yes bonnie didn't die! Quick Draw didn't even work and it took her about 2 rounds to get bonnie to that health! I mean they didn't even use the ratbeard or emmett strategy on us! Nausica rarely even did burst fire. She also ended up dead the next round. This fail deserved her to be first on dissin' a fool. Nurse quinn could of did more on that Bonnie. One of our team members had disconnect and was eventually sent from the match but we still ended up owning and almost won actually. This here has been a Nausica fail moment.

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