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New combo pre-paid gift card.

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That's right, you heard me right, I said a combo pre-paid gift card.

This is the newest Dollar General gift card to grace us with it's presence. No this is not a fake or a hoax or a fan-made edit either-this one is totally legit. Not only that, but it's also fairly cheap too at just $10 dollars, which, for a card of this kind, is a really generous price tag I must admit. See for yourselves!

Now what's most interesting about this gift card is upon redemption you get a pet in both Wizard101 AND Pirate101 as well. Like all gift cards though, the pets that you get will of course ultimately depend on the month that you redeem it in, so keep that in mind when trying to get a gift card pet that you really want from this.

For more information on this gift card, visit the following pages below:

See you in the game.

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