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Hello Pirate101central,

my name is Mocca82, more commonly known as Cadel, aka the Golden Fox (P101 message boards), aka JioCash, aka Secret, aka Arcane, etc... yes I am known by many names.

I joined P101central in July of 2014 and have loved being part of the Role-playing community since.

I have had the privilege of meeting many talented and wonderful writers all of which I am pleased to call my friends, and I have yet to meet them all but I look forward to it. This blog here will be for all (strangers and friends) alike to ask me pretty much any question p101 related. However Let's not call it a Q&A session but rather its a chat, a conversation that takes place among several people back and forth. This will be a place where you can actually post comments but also questions, of what that is up to you to determine (as long as it's p101 related).

First things first, a little background information...

I joined in July of 2014

The first role-plays I joined (Thanks to @CdeWinter) for letting me in was The Well of Spirits and SGRRP which I count as both a blessing and a privilege to have joined in the first place.

and I have basically just had an amazing time since I joined it's really been a blessing, I only hope that one day I too can make a difference as all these other fabulous role-players such as The Hoodoo Master, the Undead Obeah, CdeWinter, Anne Radcliffe, Just Add Bacon, Drakon, Buccaneer Expert and so many more that are not mentioned nor forgotten.

Rules: Please keep the questions appropriate and follow the general forum rules as well, other than that have fun and ask/comment away.

Links on other general info provided below.

All my character profiles are located in The Loothouse (Under Construction)

Top Five Current/Active Role-plays (not by me): (Note: Click links to get there directly)

1. WoSRP

Current Short Story:

Note: Chapter 5 has finally been released (date: 12/10/2014)

Group: Court of Scribes (CoS)

Other Blogs: Q&A Session with: Cadel (character QandA)

(Note: This is subject to revision for various reason all to improve the blog)

Thanks guys for letting me be apart of such a wonderful community, wish you all the best...


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