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LootHouse Profiles: Discussion

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Greetings everyone,

Recently I have done some MAJOR reconfiguring on my character profile thread for role-plays. The goal was to make it easier for people to visit and check out the characters I have created so the huge changes I did include an index with which role-plays my characters were originally created for.

You can check out what I have done by clicking this LINK.

Then please come to this blog and tell me what you think...

Was it easier to navigate?
Did everything make sense?
How else can it be improved?
What should be added?

Please post comments below, and don't forget to rate the profile thread and or blog letting me know what you think.

Coming Soon: Profiles that have been "unfinished" will be edited to completion...

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  1. Mocca82's Avatar
    Updates: So since the last MAJOR reconfiguration of the loothouse profiles, I have added many more characters, and several new loothouse extras.

    Recently added (BRAND NEW) is my W101c Character Based Index for any and all characters I have for the "W101 Project" (PM me if you want the details).

    I have also added theme songs to several of my characters, and shall continue to be finding some for the rest that don't have any.

    Note: Several profiles shall be going under construction, details on that coming soon...

    other than that, I shall continue to steadily update and hopefully improve the way the Loothouse profiles are formatted and edited.

    That's all for now, more coming soon....