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Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt: Creations of Darkness PART 5/7

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Shadow Magic is far more than just an art of manipulating intangible forces in alignment with reality,but also the manipulation of tangible and ordinary items into various relics.With time,these relics become famous,and the more attention and awe is funneled into them,the more powerful they get.With time to exert their power,they begin to take on a mind of their own,and become famous relics,each with a story to tell and a tale to unravel.

The Creation of a Shadow-infused relic

The Creation of a relic can either be created manually or naturally.That is,either Shadow can be channeled by a spirit,force or other into an item,and years and years of that item's power make it even more powerful,or an artificer embuing the essence of the magic involved with a twist of Shadow.These items oftentimes have minds of their own,almost as much SoulBinders.

The arts of making one manually,were secrets kept only in specific casts and families,for generations,most notably in Locust families,in Khrysalis,in the City of Zha-Te-::Ke::-Zang-Zeeyun,also known as the City of Sardonyx.Up until recently,the only people who had access to these things were the elites of the Shadow Queen,though,things change,and as of recently,a new beginning means many have access to reality warping relics.

Glossary of relics:

The Night Orb

The Night Orb is a conduit of the Shadow Web,a piece of it frozen in physical reality,like a drop of water fallen from a cloud filled with vapors.On it's own it can grant an individual the gift of power over SHadow,but if applied as the source to a Fountain of the Night,a unique relic in the Hive,it's very own life fountain,then it would allow anyone to tap into the endless rivers of magic embed within it.It takes generation for it to be fully drained once it has been done,and any who wish to study the ebb and flow of the magic can simply come there,and learn.Of course,there are many of these Orbs,but only one Fountain.

Cup of the Void

Legend has it that this relic was bestowed by Cob to Sa ::crck:: a Van Zen-Zen on the night of his assassination,and he used it's waters to scry his assassin.It is also said to hold the final drops of venom that he gave out before he died a horrid death,and the relic itself was considered consecrated by it.Years of devoted Shadowmancers embued this one even further with sigils,and letters written out in cryptic tongues,until the Order of the Black Widow held it,and even used it as the core implement in their initiation rituals.It's current whereabouts are unknown but they say it's been stolen...

The Tome of Sa ::crck:: a Van Zen-Zen

This was written under the guidance of ancient spirits of Shadow,and has been lost when a storm washed away it's final remaining copy,until Dr Albright of the Museum.It is an ancient grimoire with many talismanic properties,and it has so many instructions on various rites to break the veil,summon,travel and do all sorts of things.The primary law,though,is that the will is the law,and that that shapes everything.

The Horned Crown

The Horned Crown was forged by the Spriggans in Avalon.It was made by the Council of the Unblessed,also known as the Unseelie,the darker and more vile fay,and had been used to bind the spirit of the Pendragon,an ancient shadowy wyrm spirit of plague and pestilence.It was forged from an unknown metal,to look like a draconic head,and it was a crown to be worn.It is unknown how the Spriggan family got it,but they considered it an heirloom.Placing it upon one's head,and uttering the Charm of Making will allow one to assume a draconic form in alignment with the Spirit of the Pendragon,gaining with it immortality,a full control over disease,a full control over one's destiny and the music of creation that still echoes in the magic,and an uncanny ability of corruption.If one is not ready,though,the consequences are catastrophic as the Pendragon consumes the spirit and the body of the Operator,they will shed their form for one of the dragon,and the Pendragon will be back to cause havoc upon the world,and if one stays a Pendragon,in this manner,for 1000 years,the transformation is permanent.

More will be added to this glossary eventually.Stay tuned!

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