The Origin's Challenge.

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Ok, so this is a challenge. Anyone who can guess Robin's true place of birth will get to be my brainstorming partner for my next RP. They'll be influencing it from the very start because I haven't even begun thinking of another one yet. This was just something I came up with because I thought it'd be fun and unique. Anyone gonna accept the challenge?

If so, where you should start looking is his Profile (if you haven't already guessed that.) But something you may not know, is there's a specifically hidden clue in it. Let's see if you can find it. I've copied and pasted his profile below:

Name: Robin aka Champion of the Archers aka The Moon and Sun’s Warrior.

Age: 18.

Class: Swashbuckler/Musketeer

Species: Human.

HomeWorld: Avalon.

Weapon(s): The Epirus Bow, a magical bow, rumored to have been made by the Aquilan immortals. He also wields the magical sword Syrfing, made by some of the most skilled dwarven blacksmiths in Asgard. Lastly, he has Carnwennan, Artorius’ old dagger. All of these weapons have special abilities, however they will be listed in strengths/powers. Lastly, he also has 3 hunting dogs, given to him by Artemis, and a hawk, given to him by Apollo. The hunting dogs were bread of Artemis' own Immortal hunting dogs, and therefore, are magical in nature. Each is more powerful than a lion and faster than a cheetah. Their names are Laelaps, which is red and white in color, Aello, which is brown with white spots, and Arcas, which is a reddish dog. Laelaps is the most fierce and furious of them (the alpha-male), while Aello is the fastest, and Arcas the strongest. The hawk, named Kataskopos is magical as well, being able to transform into a griffin at will. The hawk has a special connection with Robin, to where he is able to see out of Kataskopos' eyes. All these animals have a mental connection with Robin.

Attire: He wears a regular rogues outfit with a hood and cloak.

Physical Appearance: he has eyes, blue as ice and long hair, red as the sun.

Personality: Robin sees life as a game, this makes him care-free, never worrying, highly optimistic, and playful. His care-free nature makes him dangerous, but also quite fun to be around. He doesn't care about consequences, not because he doesn't think they won't happen, but because he they seem too distant to be something to worry about. He's very optimistic, always quick to point out the good in things and how the bad could be used for good. His playful attitude carries with it a curious nature. He loves to learn about magic, how it works and how to use it, but he's also very competitive, always quick to show that he's got the bigger guns, better skill, and higher knowledge. He's also quite distractable, never sticking with one thing or one place for very long. Lastly, he's a charming, ladies man. He loves the attention he gets when showing off. He's also a slight kleptomaniac...

Strengths/Powers: Robin can’t use magic the way many others can, however, his eyes were blessed with extreme keenness, as to ensure he never missed a mark, and he his exceptional in close quarters combat. He carries with him three magical artifacts, the Epirus bow, Carnwennan the dagger, and Syrfing the sword. The bow has the ability to create golden energy arrows, which are not affected by factors such as gravity or wind and can disrupt energy when it passes through. Carnwennan was Artorius’ dagger. It had the ability to shroud its wielder in shadow, hiding them from their enemies. The Syrfing sword is known for being able to cut through stone as if it were butter, and never missing its mark. The sword was known for its curse, put on it by the very dwarves who forged it, so that it’d perform three great deeds of evil, however these deeds have already been done, but one aspect of the curse still remains, whenever the sword is drawn, someone will die by its blade...

Weaknesses: Being absent minded takes away from his ability to focus. This makes him unable to give 100% effort into anything he’s doing. Also, he’s a bit too much of a ladies man, and this just adds to his inability to focus. He often spends too much effort in showing off than getting the job done.

Backstory: Well, I wont tell you exactly where I'm from. But what I will tell you is that I mysteriously appeared in Avalon during a time of corruption at the age of 14. Artorius had been turned into a fierce dragon and corrupt officials flew in to take power. I was chased by guards all around the the town. Then I ran into the wild forest where I met a most peculiar pair. It was a young woman with a young man. They didn’t seem to be a couple, more like siblings. The woman wore a silver breastplate and vambraces while her brother wore the same thing, but golden. They seemed to be testing each other’s archery skills when I came upon them, and when I interrupted them, it seemed as though they were expecting me. They mentioned they’d traveled long and far to get there, to find me. They told me to find the bow, hidden in Aquila, and they’d see me again. I didn’t know what they were talking about, but it was better than going back, so I traveled to Aquila. There I heard rumors about the Oracle of Delphi, the perfect place to start. I asked the oracle to tell me about the people I’d met, and this search they’d put me on. It was there that I learned I was being tested by the Sun and Moon, Apollo and Artemis. For what reason? They were looking for a suitable champion. Fascinated by it all and, quite honestly, honored to be chosen by Aquilan Immortals, I set out to find this “bow” which the oracle mentioned would call to me. I traveled for quite some time till I found a cave, placed within the mountains between Amazonia and Stygia. There I found it, the Epirus bow. Upon picking the bow up, there were two flashes of light just ahead of me, and before me stood Apollo and Artemis, in their natural, eagle forms. They decided I was worthy, and with their combined power, cast a spell on me, that I might never miss my mark and never grow past my prime. Afterwards, returned home, where I hoped to end the sufferings of my people. After a year of fighting, thieving, and all around trouble-making, I caught wind of a legend about Artorius’ dagger, Carnwennan. As Excalibur was nowhere to be found, I sought out the dagger. It wasn't hard to find, locked away in the “king’s” vault. Taking it from them was a cinch. The hard part was learning how to use it. A year of fiddling with it later, and I had learned all its secrets. After the Order of the Silver Rose was restored, I left Avalon and traveled around the Spiral, searching for magical artifacts. My most recent find was Syrfing, a Grizzlehieman sword. It was a tough find, hidden away by the Asgardians themselves, but with the advice of Artemis and Apollo, I found it. I've been treasure hunting ever since, and had many, many adventures and gained an immense amount of knowledge in a very short amount of time.... I won't tell you any more than that.

Good luck to all who accept!

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    To anyone who's reading this, I've just come to the conclusion that my clue is too vague. So I've worded it differently to see if anyone can catch it. The challenge should be slightly easier now. If you can find the difference, you'll find the clue, and with the clue, you should be able to tell where he's from. You'll have to find it in his actual profile however. Here is the LINK to my profiles.
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