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Magical Thinking:Left and Right Hands PART 3

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We have already discussed High and Low Magic,and their applications from a perspective without bias,which is why now we may insert and analyze from a more philosophical and moral point of view.The intent of this is not to convince the magician to be either Black or White,as the true Magician practices both,and walks the Grey Magic line.This post simply has the intent to introduce the ideas of the two paths.

We'll start by saying that morality is never a simple philosophical thing,and is subjective to many different people.Which is why,all of this is meant to be looked at through our lenses.For the sake of conversation,however,we will emphasize that almost every magic has potential for evil and good.Which is why,good and evil are not good ways to describe this dichotomy.

While the black magician is far more willing to do immoral actions than the White,the White Magician will burn cities to the ground in the name of a Spirit they believe is just,just as a Black Magician may rain miracles on a beggar if he considers said beggar to deserve it.

So,we'll put it as Order and Anarchy.

I can explain the serpentine trail along the thorny path of Anarchy. In many people's reality, there are two forces that rule this consensual reality, they are ‘Anarchy’ and ‘Order’. Since the creation of this consensual reality, these forces have been warring against each other. They both hover about an equality, but will never be in a place of Tao, or perfect balance, as it is not in their nature.

Their nature is to completely dominate the opposing force, which of course can never be completely accomplished. They are as two palms pressing together as hard as possible, coming close to balance, but eternally wavering. In these fluctuations the repressed side must draw upon more energy and push back even harder, in turn pushing the oppressing side into a dominated position, which then causes it to draw upon more energy to push back, and the cycle goes on. We can see this cyclic tide in the reflection of human history and Nature itself.

These forces are conscious,and intelligent,the Anarchy oftentimes coming as the Ordog,and the Order as the Lord of Light and his order of Templars.Many who devote themselves more towards one or the other will experience a strong disdain towards their counterpart.

Dark Magic,and Light Magic,are the main manifestations of these two forces.

Dark Magic refers to Magic,that bases it's philosophy on the principle that nothing can oppress the magician.The magician is free to do what he wills,even if this breaks some law.Dark Magic,is aligned with Ordog.Dark Magic is thus hedonistic,and powerful,preaching liberty,freedom,individuality and power,rejecting authority.

Light Magic refers to Magic,that bases it's philosophy on the principle of divinity,divine law,and divine retribution.That there is an entity called the Lord of Light,who establishes his own law and punishes those who break them,and who will use Light Magic to work his will upon this world,bless by his power,and work all sorts of miracles with divine light.Light Magic is benevolent,altruistic,and powerful,obeying laws,and executing them zealously.

Now,notice how I didn't use Black Magic or White Magic.This is because Dark Magic is only one form of Black Magic,that works with the Ordog just as Light Magic is only one form of White Magic that works with the Lord of Light.There is a whole myriad of different kinds of magic to both White Magic,and Black MAgic.Black Magic has demonic magic,Isfetian magic,Tarot spells etc.White Magic has Ruqya,Druid Magic,Angelic Magic etc.

And now,notice the lack of Left Hand Path and Right Hand Path.This is because Left and Right Hand Paths both refer to philosophies of usage rather than magics per say.People may be killed by angels,children saved by demons,and thus,not all white magic is pure and perfect,just as no black magic is evil and dark.Thus,the selfish usage of magic is the Left Hand Path and the Right Hand Path is the selfless usage.

However,satisfying both is the intent of the middle path,which is to say Grey MAgic.The ability to not get tied down by petty ethical discussions,but rather work both selfish and selfless spellcraft,knowing that one's own abilities are radiant and mighty.This Grey MAgic,happens to be where most magic falls into,as the dichotomy is one rarely applied.

With that in mind,one should always follow his or her heart,in deciding what to do when practicing magic.Some have run from the darkest,and found the alternative to be empty and hollow,they belong in the shadows.Others have never even wanted to stray so much they enjoyed the redemption of light.Most,will find a home in both places,yet be neutral.One thing is certain,it's your magic,not mine.

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