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Magical Thinking:Low Magic PART 4

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In the scope of Low Magic,also known as witchcraft,one may group a very large variety of practices.This includes a whole plethora of magics,that for obvious reasons cannot be all put into play here.However,for the sake of conversation,we will attribute a variety of properties to so-called Low Magics.

-They require study,and dedication,however,through various spiritual gifts this may be bypassed
-They do not consist of an organized system of pathworkings,but are rather subjective,and tailored to suit the magician
-Operations,stepping stones,and initiations may be skipped,at least some,while others must be respected and are more than necessary
-It comes from a history of lesser restriction,wherein it was freely availble to the seeker,before he had to go into hiding
-It's practioners are not limited to just one form of magic and may even know High Magic

In the group of Low Magic,one may have a whole variety of magics.Here are just a few.

Theatre Magic is an artform,these are a collection of mesmerizing collection of spells and abilities that can do a variety of things like fluidly move puppets without the need of strings, create living and static illusions, and even warp reality and breath life to the inanimate. On the stage it is a dazzling wonder to behold, but if one needs to defend themselves, what was at first pretty illusions become confusing and frightening images and dancing marionettes grow to giant bruisers. It feeds off of the confusion and the emotions of it's Audience and if you believe it to be real, it might become so. And if you don't them, the smart practitioner throws in the real thing whether you believe in it or not, causing more confusion.

Among theatre magic,one will find:

-Musical Magic:Magic that relies on the mind-altering,and reality warping properties of songs and melodies.Differing from Theurgy in the sense that they do not connect the operator to the world as a whole,these are spells that serve to use music as a vessel for their flow,and seek to use it to control others,form spirits,or do other such wonderful stuff.

-Marionette Magic:This is a form of magic that revolves around using animated puppets,to mimic take control of other people's bodies,use puppet servitors,perform sympathetic magics,and divert harm from oneself to the puppets in question.Marionette magic refers to any theatre magic involving puppets.

-Histrionic Magic:The widest and most famous example of theatre magic,is histrionic magic,which feeds on attention,and enables the operator to assume a whole variety of roles,through which glamours may enable the magician to assume voices,appearences etc. of others,make his own words more important,or perform other such feats.

-Vaudeville Magic:The most common example,however,is of the performing magician who can use any form of theatre magic to his wishes,and acts as the eclectic kind with a mastery of all of the fields of theatre magic.One of these can sing an audience(or opponent?) into sleep,and have them wake up as puppets in a play.Attaining a high level in this form of theatre magic is rare,though,but when a master at this field is met,it can be highly dangerous.

The theatre magics started out in various places,namely in Aquila.After the fall of the Old Empire,Valencia seeking to renew Aquillian culture,became fascinated with the theatre,and so this is where it's magic was preserved among performers.This was spread throughout the Spiral,in many different places.

Hoodoo Magic(that you can learn more about HERE )is an incredibly common form of magic,and an incredibly powerful one,one may add.It is a melting pot of ancient and arcane secrets,all coming from Skull Island's pretty realms.It has a long history,mixing Watermole Shamanism,Astral Magic,Sea Witchery,Gypsy Magic,Wizard Necromancy...and so much more.The principal entities with which it works with are some of the most powerful aeonic spirits in the world,known as the Loa.Some of the most common kinds of Hoodoo are as follows:

-Obeah:This refers to Rapa Nui's Watermoles,and their forms of magic,which are mostly benevolent magics.They work with the Ghede Loa,which is to say Baron Samedi,and the Ancestors.Because of the ancient heritage of the Nui and the relative newness of Baron Samedi,he is oftentimes overlooked more as a supervisor of the Ancestors,who fuel the real works of the Obeah.

-Juju:This refers to the magic of the Waponi,and what one may look at more commonly.The Waponis,turned away from the Ancestors,considering the past a set of lessons,and the future of importance.In the volcano,they summon Agwe,who brings them many secrets and powers,and with the rest of the Petro Loa,they practice a slightly darker form of Hoodoo some may call Juju.Juju may improve one's strengths,exploit an enemy's weakness,or bombard them with harrowing curses and more.

-Palo: Palo is indubitably the most infamous form of Hoodoo.It is the Cthonic magic of the Katipo watermoles,and the field that Marinette and Carrefour look over sharpest.This kind of Hoodoo,is one that looks to the Earth magics as it's founders,and it's principles.But don't be fooled,the Earth isn't always phlegmatic and maternal.In fact,the Katipo have knowledge of powerful baneful magic,mind control spells,and even trapping souls.Few should mess with this magic...

-Trogkanda:Trogkanda is a kind of magic that starts and ends with the Troggies.When the Aztecosaurs first came to Skull Island,it was believed that they could move mountains and part seas.The magic of the Aztecosaurs was so amazing that when Troggies tried to use it,it all fizzled.This proved to them that the Aztecosaurs were indeed gods,with power over life and death itself.Trogkanda,looks at the Ancestors,ancient Troggies,and groups male and female Aztecosaurs as different kinds of gods.This high Troggy magic is one that juggles love and hate at it's core.

-Sea Witchery:Sea Witchery refers to any form of magic that associates with the tides,the sea,the skyway,ships,knots,etc. In a world of piracy,it had become a necessity,to include some of this.It was widely known by prawn and merfolk alike.The Sea Witch's craft,sadly,is one that is dying out these days.Rarely will you find it's powers from a master,and one has to learn it through trial-and-error,but the sea calls to those who will answer it's pleas...

Madame Vadima teaches an eclectic brand of Hoodoo whcih mixes ALL of this,on top of standard Wizardry,and her own experiences in magic,and so much more to it.Hoodoo really is a rabbit hole,of a path.

Blood Magic also known as Sangromancy is an ancient,forbidden,and powerful form of magic,that was first discovered by various vampires,and had been practiced in the form of sacrifice,by almost every culture in the Spiral.It is meant to liberate powers that when put into motion cannot be pulled away.Blood Magic,is a tool for the aeonic,and for the powerful.However,it has many other fields to it,that are less obscure...

-Liquid Blood Magic:This means any magic that actually involves blood spilled.Into this,we group war magic,AKA martian magic,the magic used to fuel weapons of war.Into this we group sacrificial magic,which employs the properties of death of some non-sapient entity in order to pull the world together.It means using the battlewounds and pain and suffering,as fuel in order to conquer one's enemies.It takes the energy that hails from the metallic elixir that incarnates life,and lays death in honor of those that die.

-Energivore Magic:This means transcending the physical need for blood,and simply using the chi contained in it,by pulling it directly out of the body.Energivores have fed and lived off of other people's chi for centuries.The things done with blood can also be done with chi,from that blood extracted in this magic,making this a field of immense potential.It can even be used to assimilate spirits into one's self.

Artifice Magic
is a kind of Low Magic I have already discussed about.Artifice, is the ability of imbuing and manipulating inanimate objects to create a variety of unique results. Though having it's roots in Alchemy, it branches from the mad fusion of science and Magic to create a more stable, complex art that sacrifices infinite change and renewal for beauteous creations and more permanent results.Due to the somewhat vague definition of Artifice, There are several different brands of the craft, such as:

-Enchanters: Better at manipulating and improving things than actually building them, the true power of Enchanters comes from their ability to imbue their creations with life and to bolster their abilities of any creation. With a touch of their magic, empty suits of armor become sentinels and ordinary swords can act as unexpected assassins. Also, their creations that are imbued with life can be enchanted to heal you for the damage they do, corrode all they touch, unravel the spells of foes, and increase the abilities of their own. They have also learned how to hide their magic and even destroy it to hide their tracks. In short, they manipulate the nature of what things are and what they can be used for.

-Scrap Savants: The greatest of these artificers boast that they can make everything from anything, and they have the abilities to prove it. When others see junk and trash, they see infinite potential. They are masters of destroying trinkets and trash to create muniments and treasures. Give them a junkyard of twisted wreckage and rusted scraps, and you'll get and army of dangerous machines or a gallery of priceless creations. They are also some of the more creative artificers since they must find ways to create value from the devalued. Aside from their creations, they are also dangerous for their uncanny knack for dismantling and blowing things up for their own use. This makes them slightly unpopular in the Artafice community, but is usually forgiven due to their ability to build creations from them.

-Clockmakers: For such masters, complexity is the true beauty of artifice. They make things of great complexity and function, from great clock towers to immaculate dancing figurines dancing with unparalleled poise. They are observant almost to a fault, taking in every detail and seeing things from every angle. However, this means that they react slowly to threats. Though delayed, their reactions and counterattacks are calculated, precise, and debating. In fact, their understanding on how things work and what makes them "tick" means they can create machines to cause disasters, create hallucinations, warp time, and many other ways to "make the ticking stop". They are, however, very vulnerable to fast action, uncertainty, and variables.

Spiritual Servitude AKA Pactmaking is a partially dead craft,that was practiced intensely in old times.It is a form of magic,that involves serving spirits,for a period of time,in exchange for supernatural gifts and teachings.The Spirits refers to any spirit,but are most commonly amortal spirits.The terms of the pact,and the services in question,follow the Book of Favors,and can be written or oral,and are usually decided by the operator and the Spirit.Sometimes,the Spirit may ask for nothing,safe for the assurance that the gifts will be used in their name,other times,a time of service(usually a century) may be required.A division of Spiritual Servitude may be in:

-Pantheon Pactmaking:Basically serving several spirits,all within only one pantheon,and having one gift,from that pantheon,that will unify the ability of all of those spirits.Offers most power,least diversity.

-Pathworker Pactmaking:Refers to eclectic much like Pathworking itself.Basically calling on many spirits,from a single pantheon,taking only part of the knowledge that they have,the knowledge that they readily offer,and unifying it into one Pathworking,before moving to another one.Offers both power and diversity,but in moderation.

-Gypsy Pactmaking:Means serving a whole variety of spirits,with no limitations on pantheon.Taking everything a spirit has to offer,before moving onto another,from a different pantheon.Offers most diversity,least power.

Isfet Magic is magic of the Chaos of Nothingness.There are two types of chaos.One is the primeval chaos from where all things come from.The nothing,the empty,the discordant,the Isfet.

Night Magic is a form of witchcraft,that takes on the properties of the night and uses it's beauties to the fullest.Like many on here,it is a rarely practiced art,only known to the Isfetian cults of Krokotopia,and the Oracles of Night in Aquila.In Aquila,it is an oppressive and powerful force,that taxes enemies for their every move,showing night's brutality.In Krokotopia,it is a mellifluous artform that builds obstacles.

Fay Magic is the Magic of the Fay.It is a magic of innocence,and clarity,but also strict tradition,and fervor.It is a beautiful craft,revolving around the variety in using life magics to it's benefit.It is a magic of immense variety,that ties into the natural world to a powerful degree.There are four kinds of fay magic.

-Spring Magic:Which revolves around creation,birth,beauty,and vitality.
-Summer Magic:Which revolves around culmination,expostulation,perfection and exaltation.
-Autumn Magic:Which revolves around passage,destruction,change,and atrophy.
-Winter Magic:Which revolves around closure,hope,truth,and survival.

Jinn Magic is magic that derives from the Jinn.Jinn can be in many groups,but some of them are good,some evil and most neutral.Thus,we group the magic of the Jinn in three groups
-Sihr:the magic of the wicked jinn,the shayteen.These Jinn demand violence,and are ravenously fed when they see the sorcerer,using their powers to destroy.These Jinn of destruction,then,will act fast,and well,and bring the sihirbaz whatever he wants,in exchange to just have the opportunity to kill.
-Ruqya:the magic tied strongly to light magic,that refers to the more benevolent Jinn.These like to see the growth of the magician and his surrounding,and like the shayteen,the Melek will anything readily if it helps the growth of society or the individual.Many have compared them to angels,but working with them will prove they are not thus.
-Charolya:The Magic of calling on Marid,Silat,Ghul,Efreet or really any Jinn that aren't so interested in what their work will do when it is unleashed but only how it is done.These are the classical wish-granting Jinn,and these kinds of sorcerers are the most common and powerful ones.

Technomagic is heavily tied to Storm Magic and well popularized by Bishop.It is not so much magic as it is science applied in a magical manner.These are the ones that may build machinery,or study the natural world.There is so much variety to this field,and so much to be said,though,that it is best left for another post.

Folk Magic
is without a doubt the most popular, and ubiquitous form of Low Magic around.It means taking the most basic understanding of a certain culture,and applying those most primitive characteristics of a tribe,into magical format.Thus,folk magic is unorganized,eclectic,and traditional.The people who study folk magic,write oral traditions down,and apply them into High Magic are called ethnomagicollogists.

Soul-Linking is a specific magical artform,worked by a Tengu cult in Mooshu that utilizes the properties of ancient rites that bind the souls together.It is a rare form of magic,and exchanges bits and pieces of two individual's souls.The practice,however,is a gruesome application of powerful rituals,and the sheer fragility of the soul ensures that only a fifth have souls strong enough to survive the operation.Only two fiftieths survive the operation,due to various external factors.If a linked person dies,then they are trapped within the mortal realm as Preta or Hungry Ghosts,with transient desires to feed,sleep and such.

With that in mind,we will remember that Low Magic is a plentiful field and that more of this magic will only keep coming and will only further be put into motion.One will always remember that there is a true beauty to both variety and power,when it comes to magic,and that Low and High Magic are ephemeral divisons put forth by magicians,and not magic itself.

(@the Undead Obeah I'm 100% sure I missed quite a few since not all forms of Low Magic could be integrated so please,do keep me in the loop when a new one pops up,so I can add it here!This is meant to be a glossary,not a strict essay!)

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