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The Guardians of the Functuons of the Universe- An Explanation

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Guardians of the Functions of the Universe

As some of you likely are aware, The Guardians of the Functions of the Universe are a key point in Maelstrom of the Measureless, my most current roleplay in the forums. While I'm pretty certain I wasn't too ridiculously vague with my information about them, I've decided to write a full blog post explaining their purposes, their relations, some of their history, and how they and their duties play a part in keeping the Spiral functioning and in balance, along with how severely the Spiral would be affected if their duties were not fulfilled or abandoned.

A Brief Summary

The Guardians' purpose is to ascertain that the Spiral is constantly working the way it's supposed to- that everything follows the line of fate, as foreseen by the Guardian of Time. Even one premature or late occurrence could completely throw off the fabric of fate, likely causing a chain reaction that would only result in disaster for everyone involved. Thus, the elementals (Fire, Earth, Water, Air, and to an extent, Ice and Electricity) keep natural disasters and geographical occurrences in check, the spirituals (Life and Death) ascertain that each death occurs when it's meant to and no earlier or later, the psychologicals (Nightmares and Dreams) keep the minds of many as they're supposed to be, and the universals (Space and Time) keep the fabric of Fate flowing as it is meant to, ensuring that there are no rifts in the fragile fabric of space and time.

Each of their responsibilities correspond- though each segment (elemental, spiritual, psychological, and universal) has its strongest effects within its circle. For example, if something were to happen with the current Guardian of Death, it would affect Life's duties the most strongly, and only remotely affect the elementals or psychologicals. Regardless of what circle it happens in, though, Time and Space will be heavily affected, and measures will have to be made to repair any damage in the flow of time and space and to prevent further damage.

The successors to the previous guardians are chosen when the Guardian of Time dictates as such- for Time will have access to the flow of Fate, and will foresee when the deaths of their comrades will arrive. Being a Guardian is a lifelong task, and that must be accepted by the successors- if they are not willing to serve as a Guardian until death, then they have little right to claim the position. Successors are typically chosen in enough time for the previous Guardian to educate the successor on the tasks of whatever role they are taking on, and teach them how to manage their abilities and work with the others.

There are specific requirements of Guardians, some of which cannot be helped- their lifespan, as dictated by Fate, must surpass fifty years, giving them a chance to have at least five to ten years to teach their successors, and they must be willing to work as a Guardian for life and live isolated from the rest of the Spiral. They must be compatible, and already have an understanding and often abilities that relate to the role they are fulfilling.

To list them once more, in a more organized manner-

1. In order to allow Guardians to teach their successors the ways of the roles and already have gained experience and an understanding of their role, the Guardians must have a lifespan that surpasses fifty years, as dictated by Fate.
2. They must be fully willing to work in isolation from society and to work till death claims them.
3. They must be compatible and willing to work with other Guardians, lest they wish to throw off the fabric and dictations of Fate.
4. It is required of one wanting to take on the role of a Guardian to have a deep, complex understanding of the qualities of the roles they are taking on- for example, the next Guardian of Space likely should have an understanding of astrology.
5. It is recommended for the Guardian to be below thirteen years of age before entering training, and for them to already have abilities correlating to the role they are taking on, but it is not required. The first is heavily recommended, but the second will not be as much of an issue- for abilities can be given.
6. Relationships are something of a rule-bender- romantic relationships may interfere with the duties of Guardians, thus why they are not recommended. However, if two individuals can keep their love secondary to their problems, there is no issue.

Unfortunately, Fate does not recognize rifts in time and space- so, as a result, if one Guardian were to die prematurely and not be saved by Life, it would cause major complications and chaos, as no one would be properly trained to take on the role. It would likely cause a chain reaction of sorts, which could tear apart the universe- thus why rifts in Fate are VERY bad.

The Roles and Their Purposes


Water (Current Guardian: Coventina Orabel)

The Guardians of Water date all the way back to the very beginning of the Spiral, when Bartleby wove it into existence. They, along with most of the other elementals and universals, were the first of the Guardians- starting with Meredith, the first Guardian of water, and followed by Nadia, Vivien, Araxie, Tynu, Talia, Ceto, Kai, and several more, up to Coventina, the current Guardian of water at 19 years of age. Most Water Guardians have been female.

The purpose of Water Guardians is to keep any form of water that manifests in the Spiral in check, including the seas, oceans, lakes, rivers, rain, and otherwise. They must survey the cycle of evaporation, tides, and storms- if Fate dictates it, they must aid in forming natural disasters with their fellow elemental guardians.

If if their duties are not fulfilled, the waters will likely get wilder, and storms will be more difficult to manage, and far more commonplace. Their absence will throw off the other elementals, as well as Space- for they work together to manage the tides, and without Water to bring the tides in and out, Space cannot manage the moon's position as well.

Water Guardians work with the Guardians of Air, Electricity, Earth, Ice, and Space the most- working with the first four to manage the weather, natural disasters and otherwise, and Space to keep the tides correlating with the moon's position.

Air (Current Guardian: Aeolius Anemos)

The Guardians of Air date back to the beginning of the Spiral as well, having been the first of the Guardians along with Fire, Water, Earth, Time, and Space. The first Guardian of Air was Gale, and he was followed by Aria, Zephyr, Vane, Arwen, Ilmatar, Mei-Feng, Ammon, and several more, up to Aeolius, the current Guardian of Air. Most Air Guardians have been male.

The purpose of Air Guardians is to keep the atmosphere functioning properly- they must watch what gases compose the layers of the atmosphere, and how the wind moves. They are the key leader in natural disasters, aiding in tornadoes, hurricanes, and blizzards, all of which are some of their most notable responsibilities.

If their duties are not fulfilled, they are likely to cause the most turmoil- which is why Air guardians specifically must be willing to work hard. The atmosphere in itself could collapse without their surveillance, and breathing would be literally dangerous to human beings because of it.

They tend to work with Water, Fire, Earth, Electricity, and Ice the most, aiding the others when they must form natural disasters. They rarely have to work with anyone other than elementals, and their role is highly significant.

Earth (Current Guardian: Lucius Adamnos)

The Guardians of Earth also date back to the Spiral's beginning, being one of the six originals, before the new six followed after over the years. The first Guardian of Earth was Adam, and he was followed by George, Gaia, Jorgen, Avani, Lagina, Tlaloc, Terra, Hermia, with several more resulting in Lucius. No gender has specifically dominated the role as Earth Guardians.

The purpose of Earth Guardians has been to keep geology in check- minerals, rocks, and various geological features factor into their abilities. Unlike what most believe, trees and those sorts of things do NOT fall under Earth's powers- those would fall under Life.

If Earth's duties are not fulfilled, earthquakes would become more frequent, and worlds would likely begin to collapse from within- making the Guardian of Earth's duties VERY significant and stressful. The worlds could split and shatter if their duties are not completed.

They tend to work with Life, Air, Fire, and Water the most frequently- aiding Life in the creation of things like forests and other features, and the last three in certain disasters and natural occurrences.

Fire (Current Guardian: Serafina Xipilas)

The Guardians of Fire date back to the Spiral's origin, along with Air, Earth, Water, Space, and Time. The very first Guardian of Fire was Vulcan, and he was followed by Adenah, Titaia, Pyrros, Nina, Uriah, Kenneth, Fiametta, and several more, leading up to Serafina. There has been a pretty equal amount of both genders as Fire Guardians.

The purpose of the Fire Guardians is to keep heat and flame persisting- they manage the hotter climates and create wildfires when necessary, as well as involving themselves in natural reactions to certain chemical combinations. They work with Ice pretty frequently to pass on the climate job, and the two roles have shared a notable rivalry for a long time.

If a Fire Guardian neglects their duties, heat could get out of control, throwing the Spiral into an age of ice or completely burning out everything. Entire worlds could burn out of existence due to negligence, thus why Fire Guardians have to strive very hard to ascertain that the climate remains manageable.

They tend to work with Ice, Water, Earth, and Air the most- they must pass on the climate management to Ice, and they aid the last three in chemical reactions and basic disasters.

(Current Guardian: Soyala Polarisa)

The Guardians of Ice were brought into being after managing climates and winter weather became far too stressful for Water Guardians, which nearly threw off balance in all. The first Ice Guardian was Stella-Maris, and she was followed by Neve, Aquilo, Glacia, Aurora, Boreas, Isolde, and more- all leading up to Soyala, the current Guardian of Ice. The majority of Ice Guardians have been female.

Ice Guardians tend to come in around late autumn, winter, and early spring- when their duties are most prominent. They are responsible for the creation of snow and managing the colder climates, a job which they pass between themselves and the Fire Guardians. They have a longtime rivalry with the Fire Guardians, and it's mostly mutual.

If Ice Guardians neglect their duties, it won't be as severe as some of the others- but it could certainly throw off the climate, either pushing the Spiral into an ice age or burning the worlds out. Entire worlds could freeze over due to their negligence, and snow would dominate the universe.

They work with Fire, Earth, and Air the most, though they occasionally work with Water Guardians. They pass the climate job between themselves and Fire, which can be rather stressful. They work with the latter two to create blizzards and snowstorms.

Electricity (Current Guardian: Candelas Auramas)

The Guardians of Electricity are the most recent addition to the Guardian list, having come into being when electricity was discovered and Fire was having difficulties managing lightning. The first Electricity Guardian was Abednego, and he passed on the role to Alesea, Fai, Eleonora, Jaivyn, Lucero, and a few more, leading up to Candelas. Most Guardians of Electricity have been male.

Electricity Guardians manage things like lightning and power, often aiding Air Guardians in the creation of various storms. It's easier for them to be a bit more leisurely, seeing as their duties are not as major, but they cannot be neglectful. They must survey the flow of electricity, currents, and the management of circuits, lest people be without electricity in general.

If Electricity Guardians neglect their duties, the results may vary- sometimes, the results are more mild, leading to few shortages or occurrences, but other times, the flow of electricity could fail and harm a lot of people. Thunderstorms could not come into being, and it would throw off Fate just as much.

Electricity Guardians work the most with Air and Water Guardians, seeing as the three work together to create thunderstorms. However, they also tend to aid Earth, Fire, and Ice Guardians, as they tend to disconnect electricity from certain people when snowstorms get too severe, or when wildfires or earthquakes affect power lines and throw off electricity.


(Current Guardian: Demetrius Vitalos)

Life Guardians came into being after the first generation of Guardians, when the First Time Guardian realized that they could not manage the cycle of life and death on their own. The first Life Guardian was Andronicus, and he passed his role down to Eve, Flavius, Gwidon, Galatea, Hail, Damiano, Azia, and more until Demetrius took the role. No gender has dominated the role as Life Guardians.

Life Guardians aid Death Guardians and Time Guardians in managing the cycle of life- they survey the occurrences that happen to people, and prevent deaths if a person were to nearly die in a way that Fate did not predict. They replenish the Life Hourglasses with things like healing and benefits, and they aid plants and the like in growing. Their responsibilities are vast, and they cannot afford to slack off.

If a Life Guardian were to be negligent, horrible things would be imminent- they could not prevent deaths, which would throw off Fate and ruin the entire cycle of life and death. This could lead to universal destruction or death, which would obviously be horrible. These Life Guardians CANNOT slack off, lest they wish to cause a chain reaction of horrible events.

Life Guardians work the most with Death, Space, and Time Guardians, aiding Death in managing the cycle of life, and watching the Life Hourglasses with both them and Time. They aid Space in ascertaining that their duties do not cause a rip in the fabric of Time, Space, or Fate.

(Current Guardian: Morana Necromos)

Death Guardians came into being with Life Guardians, when the first Time Guardian realized toward the end of their duration that they could not successfully manage the cycle of Life and Death, and allowed them to join once the second generation came into being. The first Death Guardian was Aerona, and she was followed by Mortimer, Thanatos, Libitina, Valdis, Waldeburg, Necrana, and several more up until Morana stepped into the role. Males have dominated the role as Death Guardians.

Death Guardians duties correspond the most with Time and Life Guardians, and they aid in managing the cycle of life- burning out lives when they're supposed to, and bringing death upon those when Fate declares it. They tarnish the Life Hourglasses with sickness and darkness, a job which can be...emotionally painful for some Death Guardians. They also must end the lives of plants and other living beings when Fate dictates as such. They have grave responsibilities and must not slack off.

If Death Guardians were to be negligent...oh god. Death would fall late and early on several, and the lack of life cycle management could lead to entire worlds dying out or being overrun by excess plants. This could also lead to the destruction of the universe or the death of everything in it. Death Guardians must NOT be negligent, unless they wish to cause universal death.

Death Guardians work the most with Life, Time, and Space Guardians, aiding Life and Time in managing the cycle of life and death, as well as watching the Life Hourglasses with Time. They aid Space in ensuring that no deaths tear apart the fabric of Space, Time, or Fate.


(Current Guardian: Pasithea Lourdes)

Dream Guardians came into being with Nightmare Guardians when Space Guardians realized that there was no Guardian to aid in the management of the minds of several humans, and she split the duty in two. The first Dream Guardian was Marzena, and she passed her role onto Aislin, Arman, Ialu, Narcissus, and several more, up until Pasithea took on the role. No gender has specifically dominated the Dream Guardian role.

Dream Guardians work with Nightmare Guardians to bestow mental images upon the denizens of the Spiral in sleep, whether they be meaningful and guiding or just simple projections of the mind. They weave more positive or neutral images, and they ensure that if a message needs to be sent through sleep, it gets sent. Unlike what most would believe, their duties are not solely night-based- they have to project dreams when people fall asleep during the day as well.

If a Dream Guardian does not fulfill their duties, it could throw off the mentality of a person in whole- messages could not be sent, and the more positive happenings that keep a person's mental state balanced would be absent, creating holes in Fate in full. They would affect people more than the state of the universe.

Dream Guardians work the most with Nightmare Guardians, Time Guardians, and Space Guardians. They manage the cycle of dreams and psychosis with Nightmare Guardians, passing on warnings and messages through dreams. They bestow certain dreams upon certain people when Time Guardians tell them to, and they ensure with Space Guardians that no dreams factor in too early or too late.

Their existences are VERY fragile, to the point where an error in Fate could cause them to fade away in whole.

(Current Guardian: Ramiel Arrats)

Nightmare Guardians came into being with Dream Guardians, when one of the first few Space Guardians decided that managing the images a person's mind created needed to be done. The first Nightmare Guardian was Orfeo, and he passed his role onto Layla, Samara, Orpheus, Lilith, and many more up until Ramiel stepped into the role. Females have dominated the role as Nightmare Guardians.

Nightmare Guardians work with Dream Guardians to manage the cycle of dreams- they are responsible for creating night terrors and hallucinations that serve as warnings for the person they send these to. They weave dark, often terrifying images in order to send warnings through sleep. They also must work frequently, much like Dream Guardians, in order to bring dreams and nightmares upon those who sleep outside of the basic hours.

If a Nightmare Guardian does not fulfill their duties, it also could throw off a person's mentality and ruin the fabric of Fate. If warnings are not sent with night terrors, there are only a few other, much more complicated and less meaningful ways to send them. The negative images that help to balance a person's mind would be absent, perhaps lulling a person into an oddly blissful loss of sanity, as well as damaging Fate in full.

Nightmare Guardians work with Dream Guardians, Space Guardians, and Time Guardians the most- managing the cycle of mentality with Dreams, ascertaining that no warning is sent too early or too late with Space, and to ascertain that no nightmare damages Fate with Time.

Their existences are EXTREMELY fragile, so one error in Fate could cause them to fade away.


(Current Guardian: Aeon Tempusina)

Time Guardians were the first Guardians to come into being- they were one of the first six Guardians, with Space, Air, Earth, Fire, and Water, and they once managed the cycle of Life and Death until the task became too stressful and mind-damaging. The first Time Guardian was Jikan, and she passed her duties onto Verdandi, Eilian, Zaman, Skuld, Shi-Jian, Kronos, Minna, and countless more until Aeon stepped up to take on the most stressful role. Most Time Guardians have been female.

Time Guardians have the heaviest duties- they must watch what Fate intends and carry it out, no matter how much it hurts. They often have to watch former friends and family die or face horrible events, and it's often very diminishing of their sanity. They must be serious and hardworking in order to survey the Life Hourglasses- hourglasses reminiscent of a person's lifespan. Their life ends when the sand runs to the bottom glass, and tarnishing these hourglasses (in Death's case) speeds up the falling sand, while repairing the hourglasses (in Life's case) slows the falling sand.

If a Time Guardian is negligent, the whole universe will suffer from it- people will die and stay alive much earlier or later than they're meant to, and storms could strike too early or too late to be manageable. Messages and warnings could not be sent through the mind, and the entire universe would likely die for their negligence. Thus, a Time Guardian must invest in their duties, unless they'd like to watch the universe die around them.

Time Guardians work with all Guardians in order to manage everything- the cycle of life and death, the cycle of mentality, the elemental cycle, and Fate in its whole. They work with Space Guardians to repair rips in time, space, and Fate, and they also work to prevent these tears.

(Current Guardian: Bellatrix Nebulae [she prefers to be known as Nebula])

Space Guardians were the second Guardians to come into being- after Time and before the elementals. They have managed Space in its whole ever since the beginning of the Spiral. The first Space Guardian was Sirius, and he was followed by Andromeda, Alioth, Cosmos, Mercury, Celeste, Stella, and Gemini, all leading up to Bellatrix, or as she prefers, Nebula, the current Guardian of Space. No gender has dominated the role of Space Guardians.

Space Guardians have dire duties- they must hold the Stormgates and passages between worlds in order, as well as ascertaining that the Spiral flows as intended. They must ensure that there are no rips in the fabric of space and time, and they must keep the skies constantly interchanging. They also watch the positions of the sun and moon and ensure that they are changing as they're meant to- no faster, no slower, only as they're meant to. They have very stressful duties as well, but they tend to manage their duties very well.

If a Space Guardian were to be negligent, the entire Spiral would collapse in whole. The Stormgates would fail, passages between worlds would collapse, and the cycle of night and day would be horribly thrown off, to the point where the universe would fail in all, causing death and destruction everywhere. Space Guardians CANNOT be negligent, because the denizens of the Spiral count on them.

Space Guardians work with all the Guardians- especially Time, Water, and Air. They manage Fate with Time Guardians, ensuring that no rips are created and that if any are, they are fixed. They work with Water Guardians to manage the tide, and Air Guardians to keep the atmosphere in check.


If there are any questions regarding this information, please let me know.

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  1. The Hoodoo Master's Avatar
    I must say,I am VERY interested on this topic and VERY happy that you've posted this.

    1.Who,or what is Fate?The Will of the Divine(of the Creator)?The Will of Bartleby and Lady Nightstar?The Fates of Aquila(Clotho,Lachesis and Athropos)

    2.How do the Guardians of the Functions of the Universe interact with the Keepers(a la darkdoombro:HERE)?

    3.What are the interactions of the GotFotU(worst initialism ever) with the Templars,and their adversary,the Void?Obviously,they're neutral in such frivolous conflicts of good & evil,but they certainly may abide to the will of Khaos and the Nameless God.

    4.Why are they at war now?Also,wouldn't having Aeon one one's team make be an insane favor,because of the Time Guardian's nigh-omniscience?

    5.Tell me a disaster story that started with a Guardian slacking off.

    I'll think of more questions...
  2. Sakura no Miko's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by The Hoodoo Master
    I must say,I am VERY interested on this topic and VERY happy that you've posted this.

    1.Who,or what is Fate?The Will of the Divine(of the Creator)?The Will of Bartleby and Lady Nightstar?The Fates of Aquila(Clotho,Lachesis and Athropos)

    2.How do the Guardians of the Functions of the Universe interact with the Keepers(a la darkdoombro:HERE)?

    3.What are the interactions of the GotFotU(worst initialism ever) with the Templars,and their adversary,the Void?Obviously,they're neutral in such frivolous conflicts of good & evil,but they certainly may abide to the will of Khaos and the Nameless God.

    4.Why are they at war now?Also,wouldn't having Aeon one one's team make be an insane favor,because of the Time Guardian's nigh-omniscience?

    5.Tell me a disaster story that started with a Guardian slacking off.

    I'll think of more questions...
    Well, you're very welcome then, Felix.

    1. Fate is the way things are scripted- though no one knows who exactly writes them. I always intended it to be the Will of the Omniscient and Omnipotent.

    2. O_o Hm, I actually am not certain. I didn't even really realize the Keepers existed (my bad). Though if they were to interact, I imagine Aeon would definitely keep her eye on them, because she'd have to patch up any rips in time before they caused a horrible accident.

    3. Of course, the Guardians are neutral- their concerns are keeping Fate in line. However, since Khaos is a being inducing chaos in the Spiral, I believe it's obvious where they stand- they'd definitely oppose her and how she's tearing the Spiral apart, when their duties are to keep it intact.

    4. (Glad you asked) They are at war due to the disappearance of the Stave of Universality, which aids them in keeping their abilities balanced. Long story short, Serafina and Soyala started arguing about two different points, and the others took sides. The brother and sister of Life and Death were separated in the process, which causes HUGE trouble. The elementals and psychologicals were split too, which could lead to insane least the universals are on the same side. As for Aeon, it's not as much of an unfair advantage as you'd think- while yes, she has permission to view the script of Fate, once she does her job of ensuring everything is in its place, she has to drink an elixir that blurs her memories of what she saw, unless there's an upcoming death or something is out of line.

    5. With pleasure! Actually, in the original story that inspired MotM, Nebula became so deeply hopeless that she neglected her duties for an hour, which lead to the onset of Spiral destruction and the deaths of Pasithea and Ramiel. Their deaths led her to drown herself, which Coventina attempted to prevent, but she failed miserably and they both died. Serafina and Soyala got into a severe argument and killed each other. Since the world was beginning to unravel, Lucius and Demetrius decided that if they had to die, they'd do it together. The loss of her brother kind of messed with Morana's mind, which led to her death, Aeolius's death, and Candelas's death, which led Aeon to watch the world destroy itself with nothing she could really do but accept her fate of death.