The Hoodoo Master

The Mind in Objects:How May-Cast Spells Work.

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All things have mind.As Source vibrates on an infinite level,and such a vibration is lost in the Universe below,there is a degree of resonance in all things.Just because inanimate objects barely resonate,does not mean they have no life to them.They lack perception,thought,and any similar skill,but they still exist.

When the magician,projects into a vase,he ceases to see,because vases do not see.He ceases to hear,because vases do not hear.He ceases to think because vases do not think.But he understands his body of porcelain,and how it hails from an eternal earth.

Shadow Magic bends reality in powerful ways.When applied into these items,it takes their pseudo-intelligence,and gives the thought.It makes them capable of thinking,to a degree.While golems,elementals,and a long list of creatures have the same element,the ''jump'' made by Shadow to increase energy vibrations,and bring animation to the inanimate is astounding.

This shadow magic is infused in weapons,that are magical in nature.Those weapons understand a certain current of power,and know how to control it.Their thoughts,then,work magic.It is disastrously powerful,how the thoughts of inanimate objects can bring change.

The magician's mind will bond to this mind,while the two become intertwined,letting him trigger.However,merging with other minds is the work of the mystic,not the magician.The magician seeks the anti-transmigrational experience,not the escapism and merging into the All,but a supreme materialization into the physical.

He seeks to alter the world around him,he seeks power,freedom,and individuality.Individuality,being the key concept here,so the mind of the weapon and mind of the magician will separate soon after merging.However,the weapon will act,on behalf of the unconscious Soul of the magician.

This marriage is truly a powerful relation.The weapon will also be able to tell the magician wehre it is,and act as a gateway of consciousness.But beyond this,the shadow-infused relic's magic is Shadow.It harnesses the essence of enthropy and the forbidden backbone of reality,and as such knows how to operate on a forbidden level.

If the weapon's mind becomes an overwhelming force,it will use it's magic against it's master.To prevent this,the magician must have mastery and discipline over himself,before they purchase and use these weapons.In Hoodoo,such weapons are power vessels of the Loa,as possession extends to places and items,not just people.

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