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Roleplay Universe: Dragonlords of the Spiral

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The Dragonlords of the Spiral are an ancient group of some of the most powerful dragons in existence. Formed not long after the creation of the Spiral after the Elemental Titan War, they consist of five dragons - no more, no less - that are chosen whenever a previous one dies. The Dragonlords are powerful - it is thought that, at their peak, they may even be near the level of their predecessors, the Fire Titans, in power. However, even when they aren't at that peak, they are still dangerous, powerful beings that are best not trifled with lightly.

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Becoming a Dragonlord

There are certain requirements a dragon must meet to be named a Dragonlord. First and foremost, they must possess a certain amount of power, and be willing to become one. Second, they must be a True Dragon - one untainted by any non-draconic bloodline, and not transformed in any way to a non-draconic creature (such as Ascended Dragon, undead, or Daemonic Dragon). Third, they cannot be a pure Fire Titan - while Fire Titans are dragons, they are in truth forerunners for True Dragons, rather than one themselves. However, a dragon with Fire Titan blood will still qualify. Finally, they must be initiated into Dragonlord status by one or more exsiting Dragonlord(s).

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What it Means

Being a Dragonlord confers certain abilities upon a dragon, in addition to the status. One of the biggest is a pseudo-immortality - while all dragons are long-lived, they are still mortal creatures, and will still evemntually die of natural causes. A Dragonlord, however, is not subject to this, and will live for as long as they aren't killed in battle. Other abilities include keener senses than normal, increased magical abilities, and complete immunity to their breath weapon's energy type (if they didn't possess that already).

Dragonlords also must follow a restriction - they are forbidden from direct conflict with one another, by the ancient magical laws that the first Dragonlords laid down for all to follow. Dragonlords don't always get along, however, so they must have a way to settle disputes. This way is known as Xorvintaal, or The Great Game. A complex game, often played with lives of "lesser" creatures as their pawns, one with plans and moves that span decades or even centuries in advance. While some of the Dragonlords prefer to take a more direct approach with some of their plans, they all participate in this game. Other dragons also play Xorvintaal, but they mainly do so for power and prestige, wagering their hoards and sometimes even their lives in the process.

* * * * *

The five current Dragonlords are as follows:

Scythar: A Dragonlord who prefers direct physical confrontation as opposed to manipulation. Still willing to plan far in advance, however. A fire-breather and the physically largest and strongest Dragonlord (and possibly dragon) in the Spiral.

Jekzaki: The strongest magic-user of the Dragonlords. He has a good heart, but is not above using manipulation and misdirection to his advantage. An ice-breather and leader of a monastery he founded.

Noxum: A somewhat psychotic swamp dragon infused with elements of Shadow magic. The youngest of the Dragonlords, and the sneakiest and most underhanded. And acid- and shadow-breather and the only one with known half-dragon children.

(More to follow)

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