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Drakon's Standard Roleplay Rules

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I recently realized that most, if not all, of my roleplays have several of their guiding rules in common, no matter what the roleplay is about. So, I decided that I would compile these rules into a blog post, so that rather than copying them out every time, I could simply link to this post, and focus more on writing out the rules specific to each individual roleplay.

These rules primarily apply to IC (In-Character) roleplays, which take place in the Spiral. OOC (Out-Of-Character) roleplays will use most of these rules as well, but depending on the specific roleplay, some may not apply.

If anyone wants to use these for their own roleplays, please, feel free!

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1. No godmodding or power play, and no overpowered characters - all must have a healthy dose of credible flaws.

Godmodding refers to the practice of having a character be capable of very nearly anything, without limitations or boundries. It is a form of overpowered character, though it is possible for a character to be too powerful without resorting to godmodding. Godmodding is also linked to power play, which is taking control of another's character, or otherwise dictating the actions of someone else's character without their permission. Finally, by credible flaws, I refer to flaws that could realistically come up in any roleplay - no "the only way to defeat [my character] is to throw them into the sun" or anything like that.

2. All forum rules apply to these roleplays.

Along with the basic forum rules, the rules specifically applying to roleplays (or, rather, violence in roleplays) can be found here, courtesy of @Milt

3. Artistic license is allowed, so feel free to describe scenery, add subplots, whatever! Just try not to overshadow the main story.

As stated, roleplayers aside from the OP (Original Poster [of the roleplay]) are allowed to describe detailed about the scenery, such as smells, colors, feelings, etc., within reason - don't describe something as the exact opposite of how the OP described it, for instance. They are also allowed to add in their own storyline for their characters in the roleplay, on the condition that this subplot does not become more important than the original, central plot.

4. If a player begins an event, such as a meeting, do not interrupt, end, and otherwise change the event without permission.

This is one of my more recently-created rules. During the original Age of Dragons roleplay, an event I had created was interrupted by a fighting scene that seemed to come out of nowhere. While it wasn't necessarily bad by itself, I found that was about the point the roleplay started to get off track, which eventually led to it dying. As a result, I added in this rule, so that an event cannot be changed/interrupted/ended before the player that began the event wants it to.

5. Please do not turn the roleplay into a series of running fights, or a similar series of situations.

While most of my roleplays will have action in them, a series of fighting scenes, one after the other, whithout cohesion or reason does not a fun roleplay make. While this rule explicitly calles out fighting, it can also apply to any sort of scene (dramatic, horrific, tear-jerking, etc.) that could get old if done to many times in a row, without a break or any specific connection between them.

6. I reserve the right to ask anyone to leave the roleplay if I feel their characters are being disruptive to the overall tone or feel of the roleplay.

Another recent addition, I added this in because certain characters are meant to be played in a certain style. While these are not bad characters by any means, somethines, they do not mesh with the overall tone of the game. For instance, if the OP is attempting to run a darker, more serious campaign, and you play a character who is extremely over-the-top and goofy, the overall mood of the game will be ruined. I hope this rule does not have to come into play very often, though.

7. You are allowed to make references from outside the Spiral (or whatever universe the roleplay takes place in), but please, no crossovers. If you do make a reference, have it make sense with the current plot.

(Credit to @The Hoodoo Master ) While this rule is not one I have personally used, I feel that it makes sense in most roleplays. Taking a character from, say, Doctor Who and putting them into an otherwise Spiral-centric roleplay doesn't make a lot of sense. Of course, this is highly situational - some roleplays are created specifically to serve as a crossover, after all.

8. New rules will be added, or existing rules will be changed, as needed.

Sometimes there might be an oversight when you first write up the rules. This rule serves as more of a warning that the rules are not set in stone - if the need to be changed, or a new rule needs to be added, for any reason, it will be.

9. Make sure you enjoy the roleplay!

Exactly what it says. Roleplays are created to entertain, and they're meant to be fun. If you're not having fun, feel free to talk to the OP, and see what you can do to change that.

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In addition, there are some rules that are usually present, but the specifics of the rule change depending on the roleplay.

* * * * *


This rule is usually added in as a way for the OP to be sure that the other players read the rules. Usually, a rule-proof is added in to the character's application post. It can be anything, from a emote to a specific word to a reference of some sort.

Character Limit

Depending on the roleplay, you may want to limit the number of characters a single player can use. The character limit tells the players the maximum amount of characters they can apply with, from a single character, to any number (no limit). Of course, they are always welcome to apply will less than the maximum.


Some roleplays are completely open, and as such, the players can add more characters, or new players can join, at any point. However, other roleplays are not like this. This rule will tell you when people are no longer allowed to join. Usually, roleplays will have one of three options - can be joined at any point, must be joined before it starts, or will stop accepting new applications at a predetermined point in the roleplay.

* * * * *

Credit to those people I have mentioned for their posts/rules used in this blog.

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