Shadow's Guide to RolePlay Lore: Magic&Mysticism.

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Notable Spells:


Soul Gazing (The Hoodoo Master):
Soul Gazing is an ancient power,that comes naturally to some and can be learned by others.It's origin is unknown,though,it is believed to come from the First World itself.It is employed by vampires,and healers alike,for seduction and teaching alike.Dragons in particular,tend to be some of the most natural soul gazers.It brings an incredible charisma to the Soul Gazer,and an immense advantage.

Soul Gazing is a magical skill that enables the soul gazer to look deep into the eyes of an individual,preferrably a mortal bound by attachment,and have their whole lives be unraveled piece by piece before the soul gazer.This directly lets the Soul Gazer literally see their soul,and their spirit,the eternal part of the immaterial subtle bodies,and the transient personality shackled by attachment.

It exposes the individual,as eyes are the windows to the soul,and unravels some of their deepest fears and secrets,if the soul gazer looks long enough and skillfully enough.It can be used to reach out into the deepest pits of the individual,where there is only blackness and channel that dark and atavistic evil,causing the person to be either consumed in their own darkness,or become really ill.

The soul gazer may easily do this with his own self,pushing his inner pestilence into the heart of the individual,and the sanguimancer may even drain the person dry,feeding not on the guck that the person is naturally radiating off,but on the pure quintessence of the individual.

Nevertheless,while soul gazing,the soul gazer remains exposed.His own soul and life is an open book for anyone else,even a non-soul gazer,his mind can be invaded,and his body can be torn down and destroyed with no negative consequences.He is left vulnerable,in every way.

Spirit Travel (The Hoodoo Master):

Words like OBE and Astral Projection float around a lot as synonyms.But they do not refer to the same things.OBEs are seldom conscious ones,whereas Spirit Travel is most definitively conscious.Astral Projection refers to projecting one's spirit(rarely soul!),and the accompanying subtle bodies out of one's physical body,and projecting solely onto the astral plane.
Astral Projection is limited to the Astral Plane.Mental Projection is limited to the Mental Plane.Shadow Projection is limited to the Shadow Realm,et cetera.The unification of all these different methods is Spirit Travel.By sinking into a trance,and separating the magical and mundane,the wanderer structures before him,a spiritual vessel,and simply pours his consciousness into it.
Where the mind goes,the Self follows,and the entire chain of subtle bodies assumes the newly formed spiritual body there,and the person is free to wander,both not restricted by space nor time.Indeed,a single step can move you leagues,and a single minute can be days.
It is possible to take this beyond the point of being a purely spiritual experience,of course,and physically journey to places such as the Shadow Realm,although that is slightly more advanced.


Binding of Reapers (The Hoodoo Master):
Reapers act as default psychopomps,and are better known as Angels of Death,and they serve the Nameless God,and due to ties with the Church of Shadowmoor,act as the psychopomps for most people who do not belong to any specific spiritual system,or are Templars or followers of light.They do not have any power over who dies,and when,but only manifest when a person dies,and only do so for certain people,and those who have no other psychopomp.
Nevertheless,if one were to bind them,which is to say,set themselves up to ritually be the Reaper's master,then the person would have an immediate ability to determine who lives,and who dies.This gives them the ability to trade a life for a life,by binding the reaper and commanding them to take a life,in order to heal someone of an otherwise incurable illness,or perform a miracle of the likes.The moment the ill are healed,the victims to be traded die.
Though the ritual uses Coptic crosses,it is not related to Lumacy in any way,and is in fact a very dark form of magic.The ritual is highly complex and dangerous,and involves making an altar,black in color,with skulls on each end of it,blood,chicken feet,and several Coptic crosses,and one huge black one at its center,and black candles scattered everywhere.
The necromancer would also have to wear such a Coptic cross around their neck.The cross is indeed a symbol of light,which is used to draw the angelic creature,and lure it,whereas it is then corrupted,to completely block out all of Raion's influence,at which point the skulls would be called to associate the angel of death alone,the blood acts as the gateway through which it would come,the chicken feet as that which is used to coerce it,and the cross now becomes the lamp through which the Reaper would bound,and commanded.
The ritual is delicate.A misstep or problem could set the Reaper free.And since the Reapers obey the Nameless God,Death,the natural order of things,etc. they would not be pleased with the exchanges of life.Nevertheless,even when infuriated,the Reapers still don't have the free will to claim the necromancer's life,but they will begin to loathe the person,and will do everything in their power to assure that they do get the person to die.
The earliest binders were ancient Monquistans.A Shadowmancer found the ritual in a book known as the Malitome,and then taught it to several ecclesiastics,who practiced some of the darkest magics.The clerics,then used it to kill sinners and heal people,claiming it was in honor of the Supreme Primate,even though the specific rite was an offense to the entity in question.
From then on,it had been kept hidden in archives,kept clandestine in specific bloodlines,and used by only a handful of people every century.

Rite of the Sacred Fire (The Hoodoo Master):
This is a ritual that was performed by the High Priestesses of the Old Way in Avalon,to any who personally offended them or the ways of magic.A mandrake root's screams can kill.A brew is made with a wide of herbs and the mandrake is bathed in it.The blasphemer is locked in a tower,with these muddy mandrakes.The effects of them,cause hallucinations in everyone in a room,hallucinations that invoke their darkest secrets and most forbidden fears and scar them.The person is kept there for four months,and their screams can be heard six leagues away.When the process of mentally scarring them to its fullest degree is done,the High Priestess offers bread,with her own blood within it,and words of comfort.When that happens,loyalty to her is the only loyalty the victim will have.The person is gone,and they are a slave to the will of the Priestess.

(The Hoodoo Master):
Artifact Magic, or Artifice, is the ability of imbuing and manipulating inanimate objects to create a variety of unique results. Though having it's roots in Alchemy, it branches from the mad fusion of science and Magic to create a more stable, complex art that sacrifices infinite change and renewal for beauteous creations and more permanent results.



Law (The Hoodoo Master, The Undead Obeah):
Law magic is bureaucracy.It is one of the more passive forms of magic.Law Magic basically revolves around the philosophy that if you enforce enough rules upon an opponent and their powers, they will have to submit. They will be focusing too much on trying to bend and loophole through the Law Mage's magic to be able to actually do anything. To this end, it can counter spells and even prevent any form of magic from occurring, providing they know how their magic works.They begin by invoking a variety of restrictions, regulations, bans, laws, and fail-safes. While they are putting these into effect, they are also making sure that their opponents are not truly causing them trouble. Oh, they'll lead you along for a while, but they go too far, the law mage simply counters it. There is always a Higher Power,or several,to enforce these laws.

Lumancy: (Created by ShadowStrikeV2, definition by The Hoodoo Master, edited by me.)
Also known as Light Magic, Charismata and Theomancy, Lumancy derives itself from the flow of Divine Love (Light Energy) emitted by Raion, the universal Extra-Primordial entity of good, and his earthly aspect, to use the supernatural to produce change upon the physical world. This magic is the most effective kind against Shadowmancy, and has a profound effect on its user, as a consequence of funneling Divine Love, which at its simplest would turn the user towards a side of moral "good." Raion controls this magic, and any effects created by it come solely by his permission and/or will.
Doomringing: Doomringing is a sub-sect of Necromancy. There is too much information on this subject for this particular post, but The Hoodoo Master has made a blog post all about it HERE.
Corpse Stitching: Corpse Stitching is another sub-sect of Necromancy. Like Doomringing, there is too much information for this blog post, (in fact it takes up an entire blog post on its own), but again, there is just that right HERE.

Old Way (The Hoodoo Master):
The Old Way,also known as the Old Religion, refers to a large plethora of ancient magics,originating in Avalon.The Old Way mingles Druid magic,Fay magic,Earth Magic,Life Magic,with Elemental Magic,Balance Magic,as well as Necromancy,Sangromancy,and a whole array of bizarre things,creating a uniquely versatile,but absurdly complex form of magic.

Many describe it,as a sister school to the school of Balance,albeit,the Old Way is not considered a school,technically.At the heart of it,lies a strong belief in Balance,and the followers of the Old Way are forbidden to practice Shadow Magic,and Light Magic.At the heart of this belief in the innate sanctity of all things and in the balance of all things,is the balance between life and death.

The magic of the Old Way tends to be a lot harder to master,as well,because of the way it operates.When a spell is cast,thoughts are pushed into the world to materialize.If something keeps them on higher planes for too long,though,those spells may develop into thoughtforms themselves.The Old Way tends to ''thicken'' a lot faster,and thus,its spells tend to be made into autonomous spiritual entities faster,and then disassembled.

You know how the classical golem scenario has a golem made,and then disassembled?Imagine the golem is a two-year-old,and you have the Old Religion's magic to kill it.

Moving on.

The magic of the Old Way is known for good ties to Hecate,as well.Along with strong ties to Hecate,they adore the Dagda,Ceridwen,and psychopomps like the Cailleach.Because of its diversity,there are few set clergies,however,the highest are three oracles,known as the Disir.Below them,are six priests,and nine priestesses,and below them those who didn't make it through the training and act as lesser entities.This includes the Blood Guards of the High Priestesses,who serve her with her life.

While volatile,and hard,the Old Way is incredibly useful,and powerful.

(The Hoodoo Master):
When one has mastered some of the most necessary practices in magic(Spirit Travel,Summoning,Spellcasting,and Scrying) there is a method by which limitations in learning are bypassed.This art is called Pathworking.It is a forgotten art,but it bypasses most limitation and pathworking from dabbling,through initation to mastery is an ancient artform,building real momentum throughout the form of magic.The Pathworker then is capable of assuming a form devoted to said magic,with which he may better be aligned to the currents of the Path.

Sand (Alohi34779):
This allows one to travel great distances through the use and knowledge of the element of sand, as well as creating objects, golems, etc with sand. An expert of sand magic would have the ability to slay their physical form, using sand for an unlimited time.
Sangromancy (The Hoodoo Master):
Sangromancy, also called Sanguimancy, is the magical art and science of using the atavistic force of passion,the innate power of life force energy,found flowing in the blood or other substances within one's circulatory system(bugs have hemolymph in the place of blood) to produce change within the world in accordance with the will of the operator.



These are a collection of mesmerizing collection of spells and abilities that can do a variety of things like fluidly move puppets without the need of strings, create living and static illusions, and even warp reality and breath life to the inanimate. On the stage it is a dazzling wonder to behold, but if one needs to defend themselves, what was at first pretty illusions become confusing and frightening images and dancing marionettes grow to giant bruisers. It feeds off of the confusion and the emotions of it's Audience and if you believe it to be real, it might become so. And if you don't then, the smart practitioner throws in the real thing whether you believe in it or not, causing more confusion.


Siddhis (The Hoodoo Master):
A siddhi is a supernatural power,that comes from a period of deep meditation,received from a greater part of the self and released onto the mystic.The path of the Vamachara,is a path that yields many siddhis.The thing that differentiates siddhis from most powers is that the root of a siddhi,is within everyone.Anyone can learn any siddhi,but they take lots of time to truly apply as second nature,and even more time to master.

The 8 most powerful secrets,the 8 most powerful siddhis,which few know,and no one has mastered are as follows:

Aṇimā: reducing one's body even to the size of an atom

In this siddhi,the ideal is to be able to shrink your size to the smallest unit that is possible,the atom at this point.No one has accomplished this,but many shrink their size to insectioid lengths

Mahima: expanding one's body to an infinitely large size

In this siddhi,the ideal is to be able to expand one's body and occupy the entirety of creation.None have mastered this siddhi,however,many are able to sink into the All,and become one with everything via Source,and bring that awareness of everything back to their day-to-day life.Of course,their reach is limited to their aura,which only increases after repetition.

Garima: becoming infinitely heavy

In this siddhi,the ideal is to become infinitely heavy.Once again,no one has ever done this,though there are those who are as heavy as mountains.

Prākāmya: realizing whatever one desires

In this siddhi,the ideal is to be able to achieve anything.It is not omnipotence,though,but refers to the idea of developing a single-minded focus,and an insane amount of determination,that may lead one to the ability to make anything happen,by attaining the focus that only a small amount of creatures can comprehend.

Prāpti: having unrestricted access to all place

In this siddhi,the ideal is to be able to teleport anywhere.Once again,no one has ever done this,though many have been able to conquer many kinds of magical enchantements that prevent teleportation,and gone in and out of places they normally shouldn't be able to,as well as not tiring themselves while teleporting,unlike most who find long distance teleportation a strain,a difference between magic and mysticism,powers and siddhis.

Iṣṭva: possessing absolute lordship

The ideal in this siddhi,is to be able to inspire intense admiration,respect or fear,and having achieved this,a title that all will honor and respect,or at the very least be impressed by.No one has achieved this,as they would be world-famous,but some have been known by all for wisdom and power,and greatness.

Vaśtva: the power to subjugate all

THe ideal in this siddhi,is to be able to control anyone or anything.This would be the powerful kind of thing most magicians are aimning for,hence why it is a common goal for the Vamachara.No one has achieved this,but many have come close,in their commanding of nature.

There are many other siddhis,like being able to instantly jump out of body,tolerance for immense heat or cold,to replicate or project images of oneself,to walk on water,to sink into solid ground,to touch the sun and moon with one hand,to make oneself completely insivible,invincibility,the ability to see various spirits,recollection of past lives and many many more.

Siddhis are sometimes known as rddhis,and are hard to learn and impossible to master,but they present ideals to be strived for.They are also the powers gained by the mystic as he ascends,and/or brings those things back with them here.

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