Shadow's Guide to RolePlay Lore: Relics.

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Athame of Dark Death (ShadowStrikeV2, The Hoodoo Master):
The Athame of Dark Death has a rather twisted history. It was once the Athame of Yule's Hope, but was corrupted by a master of Shadows, Death, and Blood, Parmenius Cirilio. This master of dark magics was stabbed with the Athame of Yule's Hope by Felix YellowFish, in a duel. This act had a devastating backfire. Parmenius wrenched the athame from himself, and created a weapon of destruction from it, using the Corruption of Shadowmancy, Decay of Necromancy, and the Power of Sangromancy. Through the shadow he infiltrated the very fibers of magic within the athame, throw death he gnawed at its power, and through blood he bound it to himself, and empowered it.
The Athame of Dark Death his a powerful weapon, capable of turning the living into undead minions. It commands the powers of Shadow and Death Essence, and passses that power to the wielder. It's corruption reversed its previous effects, now draining those around it of bravery and hope, creating within them despair and fear, and fueling its wielder with the very traits it deprives of others.
This athame is bound by blood to Parmenius Cirilio, which gives him power over the dagger, enabling him to wield its power without actually wielding it, though he has better control over the power when he has it on his person, and this has an innate weakness to it.
The Athame of Dark Death is extremely powerful in rituals of Necromancy, Shadowmancy, and Sangromancy, naturally enhancing and empowering the effects of such rituals.


Malitome (ShadowStrikeV2, Ezio Aditore):
This book has a startlingly hazy history. It came from a mysterious land, known only by a hand full of people, and and even fewer know how to find it. This land was a land of extreme darkness, where light never touched the earthen soil. The exact nature of Malitome's creation is unknown, but it was once a piece of Cain's treasure hoard. It was smuggled out by a mysterious Shadowmancer, who proceeded to wreak havoc, but only for a short while. He had chosen a bad place to begin his reign of terror, Monquista. At this time, the Monquistan government was extremely close to the Templar Order, so close in fact, that it was said Templar Knights guarded the king of Monquista. When word spread of a dark mage desecrating villages, the king sent the Knights, and they put an end to the mage's schemes. The Templars recognized the dark power of Malitome and sought out a worthy protector. They came to the conclusion that it must be put into the hands of the line of Cirilio, seeing that that particular line had a reputation for being outstandingly honorable and righteous individuals. Since then it has been kept safely hidden within the Cirilio library, until Parmenius came around.

Remedy of Fortune (The Hoodoo Master, Anne Radcliffe):
This is a very powerful music book,with spells meant to influence the mind.It comes in two books,a theory book and a music book.One has to know the theoritical side to use the spells inside it.The author who wrote the theory book looked at it merely with historic interest,not knowing it's true power.Ondine Semprina,self styled magus,found the theory book in the Marleybonean black market,and later,under the employement of Count Cesare Tori,got her hands on the music book.Omar,came across it in Dona Graziella's house and before the ball,it was stolen.Ondine played a confusion spell at the ball,and got caught in the end by the witch hunter Matthew Hopkins...

Sehelrus (The Hoodoo Master):
A sehelrus is a unique piece of magical technology,used by many serious wizards,especially necromancers and others who work with darker energies and things that could easily kill them.A sehelrus can be physical and non-physical.The physical one has a non-physical backbone,whereas the physical item acts as a vessel and nothing more.The non-physical sehelrus is easier to make,but harder to activate,and easier to undo.In contrast,the physical one is harder to undo,since the vessel has to be destroyed,but takes longer to make.

A sehelrus is an energetic hazmat suit of sorts.It covers the caster's physical and non-physical bodies(though not the aura!) in a small bubble.It is usually airtight about what it will let out(the caster's personal will and energy) and what it won't let in(Death essence,or other harmful energy).The sehelrus was invented by Halston Balestrom,who pioneered several such magical devices.A sehelrus is made by taking the energy that is present around the person,and molding it into a thick bubble of elastic energy,and covering the body in it,until the energy fades into invisibility.

To make it physical,the energy needs to be flowing,and then the ''bumps'' that manifest during that have to be dragged into one clump of magical energy,and connected to the sigil.The sehelrus sigil,should be carved on a piece of iron,in red.When the sigil is opened,the sehelrus is activate.When the sigil is closed,the sehelrus is closed.

The sehelrus will not protect the caster from other people's curses,or anything similar.It will only protect you from the harmful energies you are working with.Finally,a sehelrus,like most pieces of technology,magical or mundane,can be broken.
Seal of Salamon (The Hoodoo Master):
Before the Kroks came to Krokotopia,it was ruled by the Manders,who lived in harmony.One such Mander King was named Salamon.He was incredibly famous for his wealth and wisdom,one item of brass was his ring,his seal,known as the seal of Salamon.It could bind spirits,in Salamon's case 72 seraphs,demons and genies(but really,any spirit can be bound),allow it's user to speak to animals,and perform various miracles.(from making it rain bread to invisibility)It's current whereabouts are unknown.One tale speaks of a demonic king throwing it into a fish.another says they are in the legendary Temple of Salamon,which is considered a more or less mythic place.And this kind of power can cause real problems in the wrong hands...


Boots of Dominance (Alohi34779):
This pair of shoes allows one to walk on water, jump off mountains harmlessly, and walk on magma harmlessly.

Cup of Life (The Hoodoo Master):
The Cup cannot be destroyed,in any way,ever.Its magic is unbound by time or space,and it probably one of the most holy relics of the Old Way,blessed after years and years of clerics,druids,wizards,and hermits.Its true origins are a mystery.Some speculate it was made by Grandmother Raven,in the first world.Some speculate that like so many great Avalonian items,it was made by none other than the Dagda himself.And some attribute it to the druids.Whatever the case,the Cup of Life has been a holy relic among the druids and the Old Way for a long time.

The magic of the Old Way is versatile,perhaps the most versatile of magics since it can be tapped for a wide array of purposes,but also takes the longest to master.Perhaps the most volatile and powerful aspect of this magic,is that which is bound by the Cup,power over the very balance of life and death.The Cup represents the birthplace of creation,and the rising agony of destruction.It represents the cauldron that spews both forth and melts both down.

Drinking from the Cup has healing powers that are beyond wondrous,and can literally bring someone back from the brink of death,or even after they've been dead,though,this is limited to the first day after they die.It can also produce children,in those who otherwise would not have them.The children that come forth are blessed and healthy.All mortals have entire courts of spirits looking over them(even the most mundane people!),but these kids have the entire Old Way watching over them.

To create life,however,the Cup must kill.Sometimes,the Cup lets you choose who it will claim,other times it takes the life of someone around you,with no warning.The only criterion is that the person who is being healed or born,must be able to trace the existence of the person who is killed.The killing process is called ''Spilling from the Cup''.

The final great ability of the Cup was one employed by a great warthog warlord,from Grizzleheim a long time ago.He had gathered some of the finest soldiers of the Spiral,and set out to conquer the world.His soldiers,fiercely loyal to him,each shed a drop of their blood into the Cup.The Cup was placed upon a pedestal,and the enchantements,that remain secret to most were cast.The army became invulnerable and immortal,at the price of the fact that they were tainted,barbarous,and profane.

They caused unimaginable carnage,yet each soldier died when the Cup was spilled.The Cup made its way to the druids of Grizzleheim,was taken back to Avalon by the High Priestesses during the Myrrur escapade,and now lies in the possession of Noble Felix Yellowfish,given to him by Anna the Fay,the High Priestess of the Old Way,who feared the relic might get into the wrong hands.

Fury's Box
This artifact is bigger on the inside, as it should be. The anger of a billion billion souls resides in this chest. It's location is presumably unknown, but the members of the Magjistare Order might be willing to impart on a few of their secrets. It is a simple object with a few designs. It looks as if it can be handheld, but it's only possible to do so by the angriest thing in that time.

Hand of Glory (The Hoodoo Master):

A Hand of Glory is a rather dark piece of work..Best not go into detail about how it's made because it requires a severed hand, but the finished product either holds a candle or or the fingers are lit as candles (The latter being more powerful). The light of the candle can cause whomever sees it to become paralyzed and rendered speechless,open locked doors,and pierce through supernatural darkness and Shadow. However, there are several old ways that can avert this dark artifact, but they are both nowadays considered old wive's tales (though Darkmoorans beg to differ).

The Scorpion Set (Alohi34779):
The armor in this set allows one to create quicksand out of dirt, gravel, sand, etc as well as allowing one to teleport through sand, if Sand magic is not known to the wearer. The weapons, (A mace, warhammer, knife, bow.) would poison a being with a toxin lethal to most creatures. They also strike much faster than other weapons of their type.

Staves and Wands:

Dijete Srca Magije [Dee-yet-eh Sir-tza Mah-gee-ye] (ShadowStrikeV2, The Hoodoo Master):
Dijete Srca magije, otherwise known as the "Child of the Heart of Magic," is a wand made from a fallen branch of Bartleby, the World Tree. Through Bartleby's connection to the Source, the wand absorbs all kinds of magical energies. Fire, Storm, Ice, Myth, Life, and Death, it is capable of absorbing Shadow as well, and Divine Love too, if Raion allows it. With nigh-unlimited power at its disposal, this wand is quite a powerful stick. It has great power over all magics, with the exception of Lumancy depending on who wields it. It is so powerful, in fact, that the wielder is capable of casting advanced spells from schools of magic They've never known, with only a mere thought.

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