Shadow's Guide to RolePlay Lore: Substances.

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Dragonfire (Drakon):Dragonfire is, as the name suggests, the flames a dragon can produce with their breath. While this can also occasionally refer to other draconic breaths, it is primarily used to refer to actual dragon's fire. Dragonfire is recognized as one of the most dangerous, volatile, and destructive substances that exists. In fact, Dragonfire has certain special properties - the main one being that it can overcome resistance and even immunity to fire. However, it's only a partial overpowering, and how much the fire can overcome depends on the strength of the dragon who produced it.

In addition, other dragons are far more resistant to this than other creatures. Oftentimes, the two dragons in question must have a wide difference in power in order for these effects to even apply to the weaker. And Fire Titans are completely immune to this, as they are both the source of all Pyromancy and the forerunners of dragonkind.

Hungry Grass
(The Hoodoo Master):
Hungry Grass is a patch of grass,that was cursed through several necromantic fairy spells.Anyone who walked across it was doomed with unsatiable hunger.Best not get into how exactly it is made namely because it involves starving phantoms and cursing grass,but the result is a patch of grass in a slightly darker color,with it's...gruesome effects.It's secrets are not widely known outside the Unseelie Court.

Hellfire (ShadowStrikeV2):
Hellfire is an extremely dangerous substance. It is only found in the underworlds, but can be summoned through a mixture of Necromantic and Pyromantic magic. Hellfire does not burn physical things, only the spirit. Physical shields are useless if they're not magical. The burn of Hellfire is almost like a purging of the spirit. If one is more "good" than "bad" they will become even better. If they're more bad than good, then they'll become worse. It purifies the spirit, cleansing it from the mixture and forcing the victim to choose a side. This is, of course, only assuming the victim survives. Most spirits are not strong enough to withstand the pain of Hellfire, and are destroyed by it if exposed for too long.

Holy Water (ShadowStrikeV2):
Holy Water is considered by many to be the "anti-Hellfire." It's effects, however, vary greatly depending on who it is being used on. For Raion's followers and innocents, Holy Water has a healing effect. It also protects from spiritual harm and comforts. An effect strictly for Raion's chosen is that it augments their physical abilities. Its effect on the criminal, but not necessarily evil, is that it begins to wash away the darkness within them and comforts. It also heals, but to a lesser extent than it would one who strives follow Raion's moral standard. Against creatures of darkness and demons, and generally any monster who follows a selfish or "evil" nature, Holy Water will burn them. It is extremely useful in exorcisms. Holy Water varies in power, any Lumancer can create Holy Water, but the more powerful the Lumancer, the more powerful the Holy Water they produce.

Liquid Fire (Alohi34779):
This is like poison, but the effects are only known if it has been ingested or if one attempts to swim in Liquid fire, which would result in a dramatic catastrophe, either for the person who tries to swim in the water, or the water, itself, depending on the power level of the person swimming.

(The Hoodoo Master):

Salt is the sustaining element of the alchemical trinity.Also known as halite in its mineral form,salt absorbs energy,pulling it into itself and trapping it within its crystalline structure.Salt,like all crystals,is hard to destroy,even with absurd amounts of heat and pressure,yet dissolve in water,given enough time.Salt pulls all energy near it,and though its white color releases energy,the ancient magics of the East(Krokotopia,Mirage,Aquila...) all demand salt to be used to attract energy.Sometimes,it could be used as an apotropaic,pulling all of the energy out of a curse,until all that's left is the negativity,which without energy to move it, can't do anything,and thus rots away.
Salt preserves the essence of all things,neither rising to the upper planes,nor descending to the lower ones,but permeating both and remaining within all things as the axis of the balance of existence.It is pure and clean,and used for benevolent and white magics,though when charcoal,and/or saltpeter,the salt will assume a black color.This will greatly magnify its power to attract energies and spirits,but will also open it up,setting ablaze the desires of the dark magician.Black Salt,is still the great balance,the neutralizing force in the universe.Black Salt is the passive receiver of darkness,and the funnel through which it flows.It is the calm that precedes the war,and the silence that heralds death.Ordinary white salt can be used as a protective method,as many spirits will not cross a line of salt,or as a method of slowing spirits down,sending salt at them,to pull energy out of them,thus slowing down the materialization of half-matter spirits.
Salt is Vishnu,the preserver,the nexion through which forces benevolent or malign may flow.Salt is also identified with the physical body of the individual.

Sulfur[Alchemy] (The Hoodoo Master):
The final element of the alchemical trinity is Sulphur.Also known as brimstone,it is perhaps the darkest of the base elements of Prima Materia,though like mercury and salt,sulphur is in no way evil,but can be used as a vessel of both good and evil.Some of the first to use Salt were the tiger alchemists known as the Rasa Shastras,who noticed that it was by a union of mercury and white sulphur that creation took place.
Mooshu discovered sulphur's flammability,and applied it into gunpowder,and fireworks.This fiery nature of sulphur also tells us a bit about its supernatural use,as the innate heat in the heart of perdition,in the heart of mortals and immortals alike.It appeared in three different forms,white,red,and black.It is the raw catalyst,and the material element of the great works,the mover,the supernatural,the divine.
White sulphur is that which is thought to be within the sun,at the very least parts of it.The combination of white sulphur and mercury is supposed to be the building block of creation,that which Raion made,was thought to have been made by the union of those two elements in varying degrees,bound by the eternal song.Thus,this form of sulphur is more easily used in Lumacy and Theurgy,magics that involve creation and the beauty within the world around.
Red Sulphur is the violent and diabolical side if Sulphur.It is the fiery destruction of things,and at the same time,the uncontrollable heat in which all things are forged.Alchemists think that red sulphur is at the beginning of the Great Work,while the white sulphur is the purified form that is at the end result of the Great Work.It is power and destruction,the waves of enthropy sweeping over existence.
Black Sulphur,then,is the whole of the process,the alchemical marriage between creation and destruction,the obliviation of the finite and the rise of the limitless and eternal.It is the raising up of a dying man into the glory of an ascedant master.It is the purity that is gained from the Lake of Fire(which can manifest either as pure evil,or pure good),and the neutral oblivion.It is Shiva,the destroyer.
These three aspects of Sulphur can be combined,into the singular compound,that personifies the oblivion before and after,both creation and destruction.It is also identified with the individual's Soul,which is eternal.

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