Shadow's Guide to RolePlay Lore: People.

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Court of Miracles (The Undead Obeah):
The Court of Miracles is a loose-knit organization who's members range from rogues, ruffians, gypsies, wizards, nobles, hermits, and supernatural beings to name a few. Though many people are secretly protected by them and several hold sanctuary within their ranks, those who are considered true members of this organization are the Court's Truands, the miracle workers who are it's driving force. These Truands each possess a unique niche where their talents are put to use by those who call to them. Whenever someone asks for a Miracle, it is the job of the Truands to perform these feats and assure their end of the deal is met. From these deals, the Court holds a subtle influence over many affairs of the Spiral, though rarely are they used as a collective whole.

Beginning in Polaris as a collection of criminals and beggars, the introduction of true Miracles slowly brought certain individuals together and with their efforts they slowly created a Court that overshadowed the lesser courts and lasted long after the streets were cleaned up by the Law. Soon, they held sway through all the classes and walks of life in Polaris, accepting offers from those who asked and sometimes taking a little of this or that during their escapades. Eventually, the Court began to branch into other worlds, where they filled a somewhat similar role, yet they also grew identities. Each Court began to have a unique tone and feel to them, the Valencian Court organized almost like a double-dealing carnival of Mischief while Marleybone's Court of Shadows became interracially tied with political intrigues and criminal activity, becoming part black market and part secret society. Nowadays, they work in a somewhat discordant concert with each other, relying on each other to survive, but having little else to do with each other.

However, things have begun to change. Both the Valencian and Shadowmoor Courts were wiped out in the Polarian War and are trying to recover. Meanwhile, Courts have begun to be sown in other potential worlds like Skull Island and Mooshu, all the while trying to figure out their place in the grand web of the Courts. And now that the Fallen Cities have begun to rear their head, certain eyes have turned their gaze to the potential in those twisted city states. Nevertheless, if someone is in need of an almost impossible task, the Court is still ready to perform Miracles to those willing to pay and, more importantly, ask.

The Deathless (The Hoodoo Master):
The Deathless refers to the denizens of Shadowmoor.Their bodies remain preserved in the Necropolis of Shadowmoor,which is one of the most important places in the entire city.The Deathless are basically ghosts,though differ from them in many ways.For one thing,they are highly material.They can touch things,pull on ropes,push things,drink,eat,revel,and such.But they can still phase through walls,and perform other ghostly things,and manipulate their level of materialization.

Since Shadowmoor is already between the Material and Spirit World,it really doesn't matter how materialized they are.Not all denizens of Shadowmoor are dead,of course,but the dead ones walk among the living.The Deathless can be eliminated if their bodies are salted and burned,or if a bigger fish(read more powerful spirit) eats them,or kills them.In fact,many of the bodies that were desecrated in the Battle of the Necropolis,were indeed the anchors of spirits that perished.

The Deathless are ruled by a High Council,known as the Obzedat.The Obzedat are some of Shadowmoor's founders,who are apotheosized as the Deathless,and are the most powerful of the lot.

The Magjistare Order (Alohi34779):
A top secret group of Witchhunters, led by a missing person known simply as the Zombie, or Alduin the Horror. The Magjistare Order has reapers, dragons, undead, and living residing both in the Void and Templar Order. Their true purpose (Whether it be destroying magical beings, artifacts, etc) is unknown. This order is infamous for it's habit of making certain wizards dead, certain pirates missing. The Magjistare Order is more powerful than the wizards, more brutal than the pirates and unafraid of discerning the elements of the unknown.

The Mongers (The Hoodoo Master):
the Mongers, they might just be the closest thing to a villain in the Fallen Cities. They're a rather cryptic sort, managing the many, many dealings within the markets of the Cities. Unlike other merchants, however, they're rather unnatural in both the extent of their reach and the powers they wield. Not only that but they are also major influences in the affairs of the denizens, to the point where they have power equal to that of the Archons and almost as much as the Masters. Not too terrible, maybe. However, they are also responsible for permeating the vices and misery that forever plague these cities, almost as if they make sure that there's always something... interesting going on.

For example, it's no secret that the Warmonger has been pivotal in most of the upheavals that keep Tenebrous on it's feet. Since the rise of Shadowmoor, a Spiritmonger has arrived and within a year has taken hold of most aspects of the infamous Soul Trade. the Sailmonger has the entire business of travel between the Cities and the Spiral under his thumb. Word has begun to spread of a Squallmonger who has begun to stir within the Azalca Project.

That's the thing: there independent in almost all ways save for their name. Each has their own area of influence that they know better than to cross each other. Well, at least, the Mongers keep away from each other's domains. the Denizens, not so much. There almost like primordial manifestations of the Vices of the City's denizens.

The Mongers walk a fine line between being a necessary evil and a parasite of the Fallen Cities. It is said that they are the Master's tool for keeping the Cities from becoming Utopias, an extreme that many denizens would reject for being too perfect. They keep the Machine of trade turning and make sure that the twisted immortality of the Fallen Denizens never become bored of monotonous and bleak lives down here. Through their machinations, they keep it's players on edge.
It's a strange description. the Warmonger is described as a minotaur yet has more creatures spliced into it's being than a chimera. His horns are that of a ram, his tail is that of a scorpion's, he's grown porcupine needles at times... It can get pretty monstrous. On the other hand, he's also been seen as a human with many battle scars and with black hair, no monstrous signs to be seen. Then you notice his red eyes, his scruffy body-hair, his claw-like nails.

They are almost eldritch in nature, shifting their form and augmenting it to the point of abomination and being almost-human. However, when you come across a Monger, a deep feeling of dread will let you know exactly what it is.

At the end of the day, the Mongers seem to be a culmination of vices and sins that the Cities brought with them when they Fell. However, in their own twisted way, they both disrupt the lives of the Cities' Denizens and help it at once. The Warmonger makes sure that Tenebrous knows no peace, but by doing so, he helps foster strength and determination in it's people, one thing that all denizens of that city covet. The Soul Trade is in many ways a terrible thing, but it is far better for this trade to be overseen and regulated than being a rampant and unchecked market where no one's soul is safe. The Sailmonger may be incredibly paranoid about anything and anyone going from City to City to the point where he inadvertently is the prime reason why Smugglers exist down there, but he has also been able to keep the Imperial Powers from worming their way down here to slowly take control from the Cities and it's inhabitants.

There's the Warmonger,Spiritmonger,Sailmonger,Squallmonger,and Scandalmonger.There's also a famine-monger who's name has yet to be revealed to most.

Pentanthera (Xylamara):
The Pentanthera Organization was formed around 300 years ago by a man known only as Ralakan. He was a brilliant scientist and sorcerer, and he had been a major researcher in a facility conducting experiments involving blending magic and technology. But after a series of events where he was wronged, discredited, betrayed, and eventually cast out, he formed the Organization to pursue his goals on his terms. He created a set of beliefs he called The Ideals, and began working to spread them across the Spiral. Nowadays the Organization has grown enormous and in some ways cult-like - there are many devoted members who follow the ideals religiously. They have taken multiple worlds on the edges of the Spiral, and are slowly moving inward. They call this movement the Idealization, and Pentanthera views it as spreading their beliefs in order to create an ideal world. Pentanthera is known for superior technology and powerful magic, as well as ruthlessness and cunning. Ralakan himself has never been seen outside of the Pentanthera Compound for more than a century, but his daughter Sinthea is second in command, and has been spotted in several corners of the Spiral, following some sort of mysterious agenda to further the Pentanthera Organization's goals.

Templar Order (ShadowStrikeV2):
The Templar Order was created nearly at the beginning of Time, by Raion. The purpose of this Order was to be a continuation of the Lord of Light's army, based in the Spiral, instead of Heaven. They are to protect his creation, the Spiral at all costs, from the influence of Khaos and her servants. The Order takes members from any nation and any species, as long as they are pure-hearted, and strive to follow Raion's commands to their fullest. The Templars are responsible for the practice of Lumancy within the Spiral, by beings other than angels. They have bases set up all over the Spiral, in every thread, though Avalon is widely considered their home world.

Void (ShadowStrikeV2, Alohi34779, and The Hoodoo Master):


Ceridwen (The Hoodoo Master):
Ceridwen is an ancient Avalonian sorceress,who had recently become a goddess in her own right,through true mastery of magic,and mysticism.She was a mother,with a daughter,the fairest of the land,Creirwy,and with a son,the most hideous,Morfran.She felt sorry for her son,knowing that in this time not being physically attractive would call much issues,and she sought to make him wise to compensate.

She sought out ways of brewing a potion for this and found it,in a place named Dinas Emrys.When she returned,she made the potion and left two people to care for it.The potion needed to be tended for for a year and one day.Gwion Bach,the innocent young boy,and Morda,the blind old man,were charged with the work.Gwion would stir the cauldron for that one year,whereas Morda would tend the fire,and make sure that it didn't burn out.

The first three drops of the brew granted wisdom,mastery over magic and science,and philosophy,etc.Beyond that,it is all poisonous.It's a fatal potion.When Morda fell asleep,Gwion spilled three drops on his finger,and feeling its heat,instincitely put it in his mouth.He then gained the power,to see,and to know.

Feeling Ceridwen would be really angry,he resolved to flee.When Ceridwen came back,the sorceress was beyond angry,her lips curled in rage,feeling as though Gwion had betrayed her and her only son,and decided to hunt him down.She went after Gwion,and when Gwion saw her approaching,he turned into a hare with his newfound magical powers.

Ceridwen was not fooled,and turned into a greyhound,and went after him,deciding she would devour the hare.He became a salmon,and jumped into the water,hoping the current would take him away from his angry mistress.She was not fooled,and turned into an otter,and chased after the salmon.When she caught it,though,the salmon turned into a wren,and ran into the skies.She followed,in the form of a hawk,until the wren turned into a seed.

THe seed mingled among a whole palette of seeds that had been laid on the floor,and she could never find which one.So,Ceridwen turned into great black hen,and ate each seed.Having eaten Gwion as the seed,she had hoped that that was done with.However,nine moons later,she would give birth to a child.

She resolved to kill the child,knowing all too well that it was Gwion reincarnating.But,when she saw the child,she couldn't,for she was a mother,before anything else.Instead,she abandonned the babe,and he would grow up to be Taliesin,one of the greatest bards of the land.

Cernunnos (The Hoodoo Master):
Cernunnos is an Immortal from Avalon,though he also has a degree of power in Albion,because while Marleybone and Avalon aren't close,and rarely interact,they do have the same source,and thus the same currnts of energy pervading their lands,Cernunnos being an entity who inhabits both.

Cernunnos is known in Albion as Herne the Hunter,and dwells in its forests.He manifests as a deer,with great antlers on his head.His attire consists of leaves,and twigs,for he is one with nature.He is the essence and the mouthpiece of the Earth.He can bring one into connection with the Earth,allowing you to align yourself with the Earth.

He can teach all forms of Theurgy,and how to speak with animals,for he speaks the language of all Earth-bound beasts,and all obey his sacred laws.He is also the supreme hunter,and can teach one to become a great hunter,too.He knows all the secrets of herbology,and can show one how to attain even a laser focus.

He considers all nature sacred,and considers it sacrilege to pollute it.Those who do invoke his ire.


The Moodha (The Hoodoo Master):
While the word ''Moodha'' means ''the enlightened one'',and many different people occupy the title of a Moodha,we will all recognize the figure that we identify as the Moodha.The Cowtama Moodha is a sage,who's teachings are the basis of Moodhism.The Moodha was born a prince,in Mooshu,sometime when it was first founded.His mother dreamt that she met an elephant in her dreams,and had a child several months later.A prophecy foretold that if this prince stayed within the confines of the palace for all his life,he would become a great king,but should he escape,he would become a great sage,and the family will lose the kingdom.

So his father kept him locked within the palace,and with their immense wealth,they gave the child everything,decadence in every degree,because his every desire would be satisfied.Despite this,and his father's attempts to hide the fact that suffering even existed in the world,the Moodha felt that there was more to the world,and so snuck out several times.On these trips he encountered an old man,a sick man,and a corpse.Seeing the nature and existence of suffering in the world,the Moodha vowed to rid himself of the cycle.

He escaped the palace ,and spent much time traveling,before becoming an ascetic and meditating,beneath a tree,for several months.At the end of it,he achieved enlightenement and earned the title of ''Moodha'',before he decided to travel all over Mooshu,and the Spiral,to spread his teachings,Moodhism,the basis of which was that suffering stemmed from attachment and from desire,and that by embracing various virtues,and paths,one may be rid of such temptations.

After death,the Moodha became an ascendant master.

Raion (ShadowStrikeV2):

Santa Clause (The Hoodoo Master):
Santa Claus is an old wizard,a thaumaturge,and a supernatural being in his own right.Santa Claus is ancient,as he was born in the First World,so many long years ago.He was left as a baby in a mystical forest,and was nearly eaten by a lioness,before he was saved by the Master Woodsman of the Spiral,a supernatural guardian of woods and forests.He provided the baby with food and water,and left him where others may find him.When the woodsman told his exploits to the Fairy Queen Mab,Necile,one of her courtesans,decided that she would go and see the baby.Upon beholding the mortal child,Necile instantly made the decision that she would take him in and raise him,something that was forbidden to fairies,safe for their royalty(who could take changelings as they pleased).She kept the baby hidden,until Mab found her,and saw pity on her,and the woodsman reluctantly agreed to let her keep the child.
Santa Claus was,thus,raised in the Forest of Burzee,by the fay within it,until he was too old to be kept within it,and had to leave.Santa traveled across the First World with the woodsman.They saw many children,who the woodsman has a special sympathy towards,and then and there,Santa Claus vowed to forever do what he can to please the little ones.He made his settlement in the Laughing Valley,and in his small hut,he lived a happy life,with no care.He had food,he had friends,everything about his life was as merry as can be.At some point,he found a child nearly frozen to death,and saved him,after which he made a toy for him from wood;the first toy the Spiral would ever see,in fact.
Santa Claus took up a full-time hobby of making toys for children and gathered an incredible group of followers.He created his own system of magic,that mingled ancient arts and sciences like Artifice,Winter Magic,and Thaumaturgy,into a set of spells that tapped into the Yuletide spirit,and funneled the joy of it into a specific kind of magic.It is at this time,that he made many enemies,malevolent creatures that benefited from fear,or disobedience in children,among other things.However,the fairies waged war on these evil spirits,and drove them back,into a completely different place.
He eventually decided to make Yule,or Christmas Eve,his night,in which he would deliver his gifts to all the children of the world,who's faith in him drove every spell of his magic.He also found a wife,at some point,though the two never had any children of their own(at least,according to most sources,the Clauses are a mysterious bunch).So,he's been delivering gifts to all the children of the world,for years,until finally,Death came for Claus.
However,the Council of the Immortals deemed him a very important figure and granted him immortality.Thus,he will continue to do his thing for the rest of time.
He embraced it wholeheartedly.


Ardetha (The Hoodoo Master):
The word ardetha is a very foreign term to most,because there are so few of them in existence.An ardetha,is a vampire,who became a vampire willingly,ritualistically,and without the voluntary help of another vampire.The individual would hunt down a vampire and subdue it with light magic,at which point,they would drink the creature's blood,and commit utter blasphemy against the same entity that they used to subdue the fiend.Some macabre ritualism after even that,the person would simply kill themselves,and wait to be buried.They would rise from the grave,as an ardetha.

Very little is known about the ritual in question,but by that time,their soul and spirit would be so heavily intertwined that they would become one,all black and corrupt,unlike with most vampires that lose their soul,and are spirit alone.It truly is one of the most sordid magical actions,especially since vampirism can be accomplished with the consent and help of a vampire,though the ardetha's path seems more rewarding,because they've done all the work themselves.

The Ardetha has several qualities the ordinary vampire does not.Most vampires have weak skin,and are not fond of the sun,but they will not burn under it.Being in daylight does prevent most vampires from using their skills,but not the Ardetha.To compensate,the Ardetha does,truly burn up in sunlight,whereas most vampires are simply slightly uncomfortable in direct sunlight,and incapable of using their powers.For the Ardetha,the sun is truly fatal.

However,they are also much harder to kill,with a stake through the heart or a quick beheading,neither of which would work,unless blessed by Raion.And they also exhibit an increased abiltiy to see and to know,things hidden and unknowable.But is the price of such a transformation really worth it?

(Ezio Atore):
Canisapiens, commonly mistaken for werewolves, are a species of humanoids that have the unique ability to turn into large wolves. The size of the average full-grown Canisapien, while in wolf form, is around twelve feet long from the tip of their tail to the end of their snout, and a shoulder height of six feet. Canisapiens not only have much better hearing and smelling than humans, but they're also much better than actual canines, and these are not restricted to their wolf form. They are also known to be much stronger than humans and much faster. Canisapiens often have many of the same personality aspects of canines, such as being easily distracted and having a strong taste for meat. Canisapiens are an uncommon species, due to multiple reasons. One of which being the Hunters, who hunt down Canisapiens for their hide.
Affiliated Characters: Fenrir, Rith Archer, and Jacobus Archer.

Deathless (The Hoodoo Master):
The Deathless refers to the denizens of Shadowmoor.Their bodies remain preserved in the Necropolis of Shadowmoor,which is one of the most important places in the entire city.The Deathless are basically ghosts,though differ from them in many ways.For one thing,they are highly material.They can touch things,pull on ropes,push things,drink,eat,revel,and such.But they can still phase through walls,and perform other ghostly things,and manipulate their level of materialization.

Since Shadowmoor is already between the Material and Spirit World,it really doesn't matter how materialized they are.Not all denizens of Shadowmoor are dead,of course,but the dead ones walk among the living.The Deathless can be eliminated if their bodies are salted and burned,or if a bigger fish(read more powerful spirit) eats them,or kills them.In fact,many of the bodies that were desecrated in the Battle of the Necropolis,were indeed the anchors of spirits that perished.

The Deathless are ruled by a High Council,known as the Obzedat.The Obzedat are some of Shadowmoor's founders,who are apotheosized as the Deathless,and are the most powerful of the lot.

Draugr (The Hoodoo Master):
The Draugr are half-matter spirits that come from Grizzleheim.The draugr look like misshapen horrors.Thought they vary,based on the person who died,many of them have been pushed past healing.Their skulls lie exposed,with orange orbs glowing from their eyes.They have sparse and sharp teeth.Their skin is dark-blue,and black,with a gaping hole between their heart and stomach,where there sometimes lies an open pit,but more often,there are shadowy tendrils.THey speak in eerie and creepy voices.Their hands have sharp,knife-like claws,and they are supernaturally fast.

Their names when derived,mean ''again-walker''.They can move through walls,fly,and run at superb speeds,as well as having amazing senses,even for undead.They can change their sizes at will,and have superhuman strength.There is a distinction between sea-draugr,and land-draugr,they all carry an odour of death and decay,and they are ruled by a king,but besides that,they are a very anarchic and inconsistent bunch.

Some devour the flesh of mortals,some don't.Some drink the blood of mortals,some don't.Some drive animals feeding around their graves insane,some don't.Some practice magic,and can control the weather,shapeshift and see into the future,some don't.

Many who rise as Draugr do so because of an impious life,or because a necromancer summoned them,or because the king of the draugr(known as Duh Scare),or because someone died envious,jealous or greedy,or was driven insane prior to dying.This trait of jealousy,envy and greed is universal among the draugr,as they envy the living,and will attack them viciously.

Their graves are frequently decorated,sometimes with spoils of war.They also bring disease wherever they walk,and carry a gloomy aura.They can be dispelled with light.

Grigori angels
Grigori angels are a transmundane phenomenon. They existed during the beginning of the shattered first world as the guardians and watchers of whatever lived and died. However, they went corrupt when mankind discovered Khaos, the Grigori Angels began to feed on the souls of humans and anthropomorphic creatures, both good and bad. Each Grigori has a sword with their own name scribbled in enochian, the local language of heaven. They are a more powerful and cunning race than the normal and much more common Seraph angel. The Grigori were hunted almost to extinction, but some of them went into hiding, taking human names, bodies, and identities. There are potentially still hundreds left, instead of the hundreds of thousands there were at one time.

(The Hoodoo Master):
Tulpas are "magic formations generated by a powerful concentration of thought."Among the Moodhist monks,it is a powerful siddhi,that brings tulpas into real physical materialization,but they can exist as ghosts in pretty much any World.They start out as imaginary friends,concepts,or hallucinations made by the mad,but the more concentration and belief in them is applied,the more real the collective group consciousness becomes,until it becomes as real as a lesser spirit and eventually,as real as the Immortals.

The egregore's symbiotic relationship with its group is undeniable,because fueling the thoughtform gives it all of its power.Because stories tend to change,if the tulpa was made by more than one person,and the story changes,it will too.That's why it's so hard to kill.Egregores will often be immune to most anti-spirit means of attack,as they are not spirits per say,and as soon as you discover their weaknesses,it may change.

Egregores are made on a near-constant base,and can be made into golems,if given vessels.

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