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My dream of El Dorado.

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So last night while I was trying to get to sleep I ended up dreaming about El Dorado of all things from Pirate101. In my dream I saw El Dorado as this huge golden city filled with ancient mechanical devices and golden streets. The city was also surrounded by water with some canals being filled with water inside the actual city itself. This told me that the only way to access El Dorado was by sea. As I was going around the city Overwatch style I came to a point where I saw two Marleybonians preparing to enter a room. I went down to them and they invited me to join them. If I remember correctly they were Master and Apprentice with the master being named Gazpacho if I remember correctly. Inside the room was fairly big with dim lighting, and I saw that they even had a Red colored Sky Snake pet named Nala. I remember her following me around the room (probably not really trusting me fully) and I think she even tried to bite me at one point, but I just tried to pet her and let her know that everything was okay.

But yeah the El Dorado in my dreams was this big massive city with various alleyways, canals, you name it. Obviously everything was made of gold or at least colored that way, but the city strangely enough had a more mechanical sort of feel to it, hence the various gates and mechanical devices that I saw. If the El Dorado in Pirate101 is anything like it was in my dreams, then we're in for a big surprise once we get there (if we even go there anyways).

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