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Notes on Initiations in Magic

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I haven't posted here in forever, but after getting some insight on a fairly misunderstood topic in ritualism, I figured I would simply write about it. This topic is about magical initiation. An initiation, is often seen as a ritual, to bring someone within a specific current of energy, or system of magic.

There seems to be a misunderstanding.

See, most think initiations can only be performed in the same room between the initiate and the initiator. Being in the presence of a physical entity giving you the keys to the city.

Well, first, let me distinguish between what an initiation is, and what it is not.

An initiation isn't a complex "introduction" for someone into a path that doesn't actually do anything on a spiritual level. A welcoming party is not an initiation. Not meant to fool them into believing they are part of the group until they officially become part of the group.

What an initiation does, no matter how simple or complex, is it bestows upon the initiated something they didn't have access to before. A handing off of ritual tools from an adept to a novice is an initiation. An energetic shift or modification is an initiation.In other words, initiations actually do something.The best give you tool kits and things of that like to work with, they set you on a path and give you the shoes to walk it in. An initiation is a key, given into a lock that is coded within you, and opens you up to certain energies and spirits, giving you various powers.

Now, a note on the rituals. Most people think it needs to be done physically. Rituals, ingredients, maneuvers, etc.- and that's true, to an extent. Some initiations are dependent on the ingredients, and the physical elements because that is how magic works. In subtle aspects of nature, tapped through the physical.

It doesn't need to be done physically. That is a mandatory of some spirits, and some magics, some powers, sometimes.
The Spiral is a world of energy, first and foremost, and then it is a world of matter. The Morphic and Spiritual Planes all exist parallel to the physical, the shadow, and others exist as its backbone, and all were sung by Bartleby, weaved by Grandmother Raven, created by the Lord of Light, altered by Khaos.

Energy makes matter. Magical energy makes physical energy, manifestation-wise.

In other words, physical forms are expressions of magical energy.s.

Initiations- we'll say specifically into currents, as most people register them as- pass on a spiritual "access code" or marker which, to make it as simple as possible, lets you unopposed into doors you wouldn't have been able to walk through before.

An initiation isn't a physical quality. Its not like height. Initiation is a spiritual thing. It is, in essence, a spell.

Now, arrogant spirits will demand certain things before the spell will be "accepted" among them. More intelligent beings usually don't care. Some will actually pat you on the back if you make your own key. Its like a club in some places, a cult in others, a working group in some... you get what I'm talking about. More advanced initiations into higher positions will naturally be more complex spells, and creating one that works just as well or actually acquiring a source initiation is more of an ordeal. An initiator is kind of like a guide. They tell you how to use the tools they just gave you, and then let you walk.


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