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Provided to all by The Collectors Guild, this archive serves as a rough substitute for the guide to all known unique boss gear. For the sake of conserving time and space, images will not be provided for each item listed below. The links provided for each item will redirect to the item's Pirate101 Wiki page, where images and drop sources are (mostly) provided. Members are welcome to comment about missing items, errors, or just anything related to this blog entry.

Note that some the items listed in this archive may also drop from certain world-restricted enemies, not just bosses. Therefore, some items will have more than one enemy, besides bosses, listed as sources. All items are listed in alphabetical order.


Buck's Brim
Captain Blood's Hat
Dreaded Headdress
Earth Guardian's Helm
Electromancer's Hat
English Bill's Hat
General Tso's Helm
General's Capello
Gortez' Grand Headdress (Buccaneer)
Gortez' Grand Headdress (Musketeer)
Gortez' Grand Headdress (Privateer)
Helm of the Colossus
Imperial Hat of Moo Manchu
Kane's Mask
Lo Pan's Helm
Luddite Topper
Metal Guardian's Helm
Moo Manchu's Hat
Ophidian Spine Crest
Phule's Mask
Plug Ugly Stovepipe
Rad Hat
Santa Rana's Hat
Shrimpy Shelmet
Suitor's Helmet
Turncoat's Cap


Battle Angel's Array
Buck's Britches
Captain Blood's Jacket
Dr. Noh's Tunic
English Bill's Jacket
General Tso's Kote
General's Armatura
Gortez' Buccaneer Plate
Gortez' Musketeer Plate
Gortez' Privateer Plate
Gortez' Swashbuckler Plate
Gortez' Witchdoctor Plate
Hooligan's Clobber
Imperial Robes of Moo Manchu
Lo Pan's Cloak
Luddite's Clobber
Metal Guardian's Armor
Moo Manchu's Robes
Radical Attire
Redcoat's Livery
Turncoat's Uniform


Armada Heavy Boots
Captain Blood's Boots
Crokagator's Boots
English Bill's Boots
General Tso's Boots
Hooligan's Boots
Houngan's Boots
Imperial Boots of Moo Manchu
Luddite's Spats
Metal Guardian's Boots
Moo Manchu's Boots
Rad Boots
Turncoat's Boots


Antinous' Blades
Antinous' Shield
Axe of the Minotaur Lords
Bishop's Gears of War
Blades of Shade
Blood's Reaver
Bobby Bones' Blade
Bobby Bones' Hand
Bound Oni's Bulwark
Buck's Blitzers
Captain Blood's Hook
Captain Kidd's Kit
Captain Swing's Slicers
Da Claw
Dragon-Axe of Doom
Earth Guardian's Mace
Ettin's Pauldron
Fin's Cunning Cutters
Fin's Cutters
Friar Sand's Unyielding Hirigana
General Tso's Blade
Gortez' Axe
Hammer of Anax
Haywire Armada Blade
Haywire Armada Cannon
Haywire Armada Greatsword
Haywire Armada Halberd
Haywire Armada Pistols
Haywire Armada Rifle
Haywire Fencer Set
Haywire Guardian Set
Haywire Heironymous Staff
Haywire Pirate Set
Haywire Pistoleer Set
Haywire Royal Greataxe
Haywire Royal Poignard
Haywire Swashbuckler Set
Haywire Technomancer Set
Haywire Thunder Rifle
Haywire Warmage Regalia
Hoodoo Wand
Hykssoss' Falchion
Medea's Crook
Medusa's Blades
Metal Guardian's Blade
Moo Manchu's Wand
Nefarious Knives
Nefarious Novablaster
Nefarious Staff
Phule's Wand
Primitive Greatsword
Ringo's Revolvers
Rooke's Axe
Rooke's Bulwark
Santa Rana's Scattergun
Staff of Power (Shooty/Staffy)
Staff of Power (Smashy/Staffy)
Staff of Power (Stabby/Staffy)
Staff of Power (Staffy)
Staff of Power (Staffy/Slashy)
Sword of Talos
Tiger Claws
Troll Chieftain's Club
Underdog's Cleaver
Water Guardian's Staff


Baron Samedi's Masque
Black Rain Shades
Cutthroat Eyepatch
Death's Bargain
Fin's Goggles
Masque of the Lotus
Technomage's Glasses

To be continued .....

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    UPDATE (4/27/2018)

    The class series of unique boss clothing have been split into their own individual links for classification purposes.