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Ahoy! Welcome to my second blog entry!
Owl Eyes here, to talk about basically anything that happens!
I have a little story to tell, so read on, or go back to whatever you were doing before this! Whichever, really..
Anyways, I think this story will be starting from when I woke up to one of the strangest days ever, and yes, that day was today.
I woke up at 5:00 a.m. (My normal time, for me) And I walked to the kitchen,
(I hope you will forgive me, but I WAS very tired..)
Anyways, I mistakenly poured milk and cereal on a plate instead of a bowl, I poured half a gallon of orange juice INTO THE SINK, and I stepped on my cat's tail, who continued complaining loudly for the next hour.
After these few mistakes in the morning, I expected a great day. But, of course, that wasn't going to happen.
After an uneventful morning/afternoon/late afternoon at school, I came back with a scale model of Mt. Everest collection of homework. (Which I still haven't gotten around to finishing.)
Of course, I tripped on the doorstep and basically made a fool of myself before coming inside.
After this point, I was ready for the day to be over, but I calmed myself down and used my computer for about 30 minutes.
Of course, I didn't remember that I had left the front door open and that my cat escaped the house.
The next hour that I will never get back in my life, were spent searching the entire street for my cat. (Which I found on my doorstep when I returned to the house.)
This time, I was rather incapable of calming myself down, so I stormed into the house and ranted to the cat for a few minutes before returning to the computer, MOMENTS before our entire internet connection failed.

So, this concludes my story,
I would like to mention that afterwards, my day was fairly good, and I didn't have anything more than a few problems after this. And yes, the internet was fixed, since I am posting this and all.
I hope you guys had a great day, and that all days following will be brilliant!

From an Alaska that's definitely colder than ice itself,
- Owl Eyes out.

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  1. Owl Eyes's Avatar
    It was, but in a good way, somewhat.

    - Owl Eyes out.
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