Piratical Lingo

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Ahoy, mateys! So, I be findin' meself with this grand new blog ta be writin', an' not a single blasted thing ta be writin' about, what with Pirate101 yet ta set sail. But I'm not the sort who lets havin' nothin' ta say get in tha way of sayin' it. So, I'll be writin' this entry 'pon tha subject of tha piratical idiom of speech, because I really have nothin' better ta be doin'. Oh, an' at this point I'll be droppin' tha piratey mode of writin', as if I have to do one more sentance like this I may very well keelhaul myself.

The first subject of our inquest will be the phrase "Shiver me timbers." I have no doubt whatsoever that you've heard it. My first thought upon hearing that has always been as to why the timbers were shivering. Were they cold or something? Following this tain of thought, I then usually picture a ship wearing earmuffs and burst out laughing, much to the consternation of anyone else around me at the time. Anyway, I digress. The phrase actually comes from something that would happen to ships during bad weather, when the waves would actually shake the ship in ways it probably wasn't supposed to be shaken. One thing I really love about this phrase is the use of the possessive "me" instead of "my". It makes me think of proto-Indo-Europeans. That's how long the word "me" has been around, virtually unchanged. It really says something about humanity that we've held onto that one so closely for so long, eh?

At this point I find myself out of time, so further phrase dissections and random musings will have to wait for my next entry. I'd like to thank Jester for generously giving these blogs to all of those who entered to create Pirate101 Central's new rank images.

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