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  1. Re: Is some of Pirate101 free or did I just buy some chapters?

    That is correct, some of Skull Island and its skyway is free. If you are able to access anywhere else without a membership, you likely did purchase the zone.
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    Re: Who still plays this game?

    There are still lots of active players but it may not seem very obvious. We're never that far away.:par-ty::wavarr:

    If you you ever need assistance with anything just let us know!
  3. Re: Can somebody confirm something about this piece of gear?

    While I don't have a fanatic's hitatare just lying in the storage to reference, it is in fact probably a mix-up and might need to be edited. Whoever added the information likely just confused the...
  4. Re: Is Pirate101 better off for NOT having all the activities that Wizard101 has?

    Pirate101 for me has become more of a medium than anything else, where I can talk with other people that have played for years (we have that in common, for starters). It's still so enjoyable to come...
  5. Re: Turn the Tide 5 Does Not Give Flat +25% Crit Chance

    Very provocative investigation! I've always assumed it was a straight 25% like the rest.

    It could somehow scale with the natural bonus, which might've resulted in the very low numbers having...
  6. Thread: 2020 Plan

    by RealDux

    Re: 2020 Plan

    There have been a number of vague and unfruitful statements precedent to this one, so unfortunately, it just gets added to that pile.
  7. Re: Which class can I beat this game with while using only my fist?

    I don't know the full extent of the rules; are spell power and/or weapon power based abilities allowed? Are companions allowed to carry?
  8. Re: What is your favorite pve build for a musketeer?

    Below is my usual set for most PVE encounters. Overwatch 5 is very handy for PVE since mobs' AI disregards all obstacles, traps, and epics.


    Melee is another interesting build. I don't...
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    Re: Are all dungeons included in the team kiosk?

    Curious, that bug could have been introduced with Florenza skyway back in 2016. Of course I miss it, having only level 70 pirates for ages.
  10. Re: Do you like the difficulty setting in Valencia part 2?

    They've been bullied by our power-loaded crews since day 1, so yes, I think it's justified they get some powers of their own. Battling alone can be challenging, but trivial with 3 others.
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    Re: Are all dungeons included in the team kiosk?

    Yes, all dungeons that your pirate has unlocked through quests/questing.
  12. Re: Does anyone want to farm Captain Blood (Obsidian Dungeon)?

    You might find other players faster and more easily if you seek help in-game; they're already online and available for time.

    Albeit the context implies Scrimshaw Docks, stating a definite...
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    Re: How hard is it to inherit pet traits?

    It's just what we call the list of possible talents, depicted below.


    A hatched pet's pool is based on the parents'.
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    Re: How hard is it to inherit pet traits?

    In my own 6+ years of experience, the only thing that appears to matter is the pool. Unlike Wizard101, talents that the parents have manifested, hardly seems to influence what the offspring learns....
  15. Re: I think there are only no lock or two-lock chests in the final floor of moo manch

    If you're talking about ones rewarded in battle, it may take a couple tries. Those are not guaranteed and sometimes it can even be a double instead, despite there being 4 players.
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    Re: What are the chances of getting Baar?

    I've spent a considerable amount of crowns on some of the packs throughout my time playing, mainly the grizzly beast and armada. It's definitely lower than other rare items you can get since the...
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    Re: Arrrgust Random Reward Revelry

    Since our pirate's arrival, Bison Village has seen amicable changes in the local mystic spirits. The chief shaman has acknowledged the many benevolent deeds and has graced us the gift of many cats! ...
  18. Re: What is your favorite interactable housing item?

    I honestly can't choose just one, I like a lot of the adorable pet-themed items from the grizzly beast booster pack.
  19. Re: Does will boost the chance of bombs having a critical hit?

    Will doesn't effect the damage at all (Its numbers are boosted only by spell power and agility). However if will were to be your highest stat you might yield a decent crit chance vs a buccaneer or...
  20. Re: How long does energy regenerate for non-subscribers?

    1 every 15 minutes, just like Wizard101.
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    Re: Perhaps there hope after all....

    For the longest time some of Egg Shen's dialogue was Wu Tang's voice, and that has been fixed recently. There are likely plenty of other improvements that I am forgetting at the immediate moment or...
  22. Re: KI Live set for Jan 30, 2020 at 4 pm Central US

    Did anyone else notice that they had a tier 1 Carcarius Grimtooth, a witchdoctor-exclusive companion, on a swashbuckler?

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    What Pirate101 has that Wizard101 doesn't

    I was looking into some of the developers' thoughts on how they want to adjust a few of Wizard101's flawed aspects and would like to take this time to humbly brag about the nicer things only in...
  24. Re: Some changes that have been on my mind a while

    Stole the words right out of me! While my preference lies with the older way, there's nothing wrong with what we have now (Which is why it's marked as an opinion).
  25. Some changes that have been on my mind a while

    Wounded Companions (opinion)

    When a few companions become wounded after farming and you can't afford to cure all of them, that's pretty much a reason to not do other things such as PVP, and just...
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