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    Sticky: Re: Firsthand Observations Thread

    if blight/black anne aren't updated, they dropped all haywire weapons
  2. Re: Turn the Tide 5 Does Not Give Flat +25% Crit Chance

    yeah tide 5 is bugged- had tide 5 on my buck for a long time and there's no way it's giving an extra 25% (which idk might be good, an extra 25 crit chance for tide would probably be broken)
  3. Thread: 2020 Plan

    by ToonTown565

    Re: 2020 Plan

    they already said they had no plans to do anything with this game last year so are people actually surprised they just went and said the exact same thing?
  4. Re: Has anyone tried to farm with different pirates?

    if you're going for tower pieces you want to use the class you want the pieces on for the 4 lock chests but it doesn't change drop rates to get that specific set in haywire/blight or tower
  5. Re: What do you wanna be when you grow up or what are you doing now?

    Currently in my second year of college, majoring in criminal justice, hopefully afterwards law school.
  6. Re: Do you use two or more accounts to play Pirate101?

    I use 3 accounts to run things like kane and moo in general fast time and ease, as it's easier for myself to know what to do then to try and communicate with a team (specifically thinking of...
  7. Re: Next KI Live - Thursday, August 27 2020 4 pm US Central Time

    will they announce this week that they're finally shutting this game down /s
  8. Re: Kingsisle doesn't care about pirate101. Wizard101 Arc 4 confirmed.

    well they've had zero plans to update this game since cutting the game short in va2.

    i would very much prefer a toontown situation to happen to pirate101 at this point. it was obvious disney...
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    Re: Wiki Link issues

    it's been off and on for me

    was working fine looking up questions that some friends had, then when i looked for agrippa greatcoat got 404 again.
  10. Re: The Ship Cabin Glitch Could Be Costing Kingsisle $109,375.00 Per Day!

    are u okay
  11. Re: Next KI Live is Thursday, September 26, 2019

    - Producers Letter

    - Making the game easier.
    a. Tweaking enemy hp from levels 1-40 is very unnecessary, the game from level 1-70 is still a pushover, getting very easy from 34 and on (Scratch 2...
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    Re: September Producer's Letter

    (It's been a solid 4 months since I've visited anything KI related, y'know, busy summer, and college does that to ya, and ofc distancing yourself from the community, does that.)

    This really hasn't...
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    Re: leave kingsisle be please

    It's been nearly 6 years since we got real story content
    (No, Val2 doesn't count)
    So I say people have the right to be upset by this.
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    Poll: Re: How interested are you in PVP?

    not interested, mainly cause with my class (witch) i'd be better off going on a different class lol. also the pvp community being small puts a learning curve on the game in general, imo. when most...
  15. Thread: Bug Thread

    by ToonTown565

    Re: Bug Thread

    does this happen to you on a regular basis? my connection is fine in tower, could just be your connection coincidentally getting awful whenever you decide to do tower runs, but still something worth...
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    Re: 6 Range Staffy Weapons

    if you don't have either, farm for phules. much easier and better for a witch imo.
  17. Re: I can't believe I just did that moment

    Houdini is a fort robe basically, the witchdoctor robe if you don't have bloods jacket.

    I sold a musketeer VA (Valors Armor) ring once, thinking incould farm it back later no problems.
    It took a...
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    Re: Farming Miranda

    Same thing, but with Obsidian Blood (because that is a better alternative)
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    Re: Burst fire abilities needs update.

    Pet Grants (easiest way to get it)
    Prince of Illois Quiver (2 fights, repeat, kinda rare drop)
    Duck of Death's Deathdealers (I believe both give burst fire, obsidian gives 3 copies but the damage...
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    Re: 2018 Thanksgiving Gifts!

    From what I read, it looked like they didn't get a promotional email and post on message forums (though I did indeed see it on twitter.)
  21. Re: Falmea Thursday - Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

    Obsidian Blood in general, easier way to farm for that Jacket (looking at 3-5 min runs vs a full dungeon run)
    His Hook also is good for a htl3/repel5 Privateer set.
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    Re: 12 Days of the Spiral - 2018

    The 3 Pack Comps I have (Chilam Bak, Itzen Kaan, Haywire Musket) have all come from free packs. It's all random. I haven't spent crowns on a pack in most likely 5 years. I seriously doubt they go...
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    Re: 12 Days of the Spiral - 2018

    not gonna lie chief this new reskinned mount doesn't look good
  24. Re: 2018 Pirate Plum Pudding Plunder Guess How Many Contest

    139 total from ya boi
  25. Re: The Krampus Nutcracker Minion Is Now Named Cruncher

    the only time I've even heard of cracker be used as an insult is as a joke. it isn't like other certain words with historical context to make them offensive. it was a pointless thing to change, I...
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