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    High Noon in the Mine- Defeating the Deacon

    You have saved multiple areas from gangs, brought peace the to spirits twice, helped local heroes save the day (*cough* did most of the work *cough*), and helped death himself stop Captain Blood (still would like to fix his gambling problem though....). You make your way into the gold mine and FINALLY have the map piece in your sites. But...
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    The Deacon and a small army of clockworks are blocking the exit! It is finally time to take out that evil clockwork once and for all! This battle is actually a lot easier than it sounds if you know a few tricks. Let me lay out a basic strategy.
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    • Notice the barrels highlighted in yellow. You want to break these on turn one because skeleton warrior allies will spawn where the barrels were.
    • Fire the cannon highlighted in white. It will fire traps near where the clockworks start and will deal decent damage to some of the enemy.
    • You have two major options.
      • You can follow the warriors up the path and have them be your shields on the way to deacon. With this tactic you need to kill the armada marines so you can move around more (hold the line can be a pain....).
      • You can use the warriors as a distraction for the clockworks, break the other barrels, then head straight for deacon. Just make sure the warriors have had enough time to deal damage so the new enemies that appear go for them.

    Video example

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    Captain! My Captain! Chain Theory Micromania

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    Re: High Noon in the Mine- Defeating the Deacon

    Nice reference to Star Wars 6 and nice guide!

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