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    Illustrated Guide To Castaway's Cove

    As you cannot preview the Castaway's Cove, or any home for that matter, (get on it KI! ) I decided to make a guide for this home, which is received from the Cutthroat bundle for 39$ at gamestop.

    Before I go on, I would like to mention that any flowers/plants/decoration in general was placed by me, excluding the mushrooms and green leaves found inside of the cove.

    The Docks

    This is where you go to when you first come in from the skyways. You have a good view of the two giant skulls.

    The Beach

    This isn't really a beach, but honestly, I don't know what to call it. The front yard? Anyways, this front yard has a shipwreck in the middle of it with tons of space for activities! It also has multiple entrances to places like the battle area and the entrance to the house.

    The Left Path

    This path is another way to exit the docks, the rest of the path is shown in the 2nd beach picture, under the arch.

    The Right Path

    This is the path to, you guessed it, the right portion of the gigantic island of yours (or mine in this case.) It leads to the battlegrounds/battle stations, whatever you call it! Also a great view of my llama's butt!
    The Area Around The Battlegrounds

    I'll be honest, I don't know what to call any of these areas, heh. This area has a great view of the skyway of Skull Islands. It leads to the battlegrounds (like the bolded words said) and the battlestations.

    The Battlegrounds

    No explanation should be needed for this forum, but this is the place where you clash swords/bullets with your buddies and hopefully win!


    This is the battlestations, which I most likely am wrong about. It looks like the battlegrounds on Skull Island so that's what I'll call it. It has a great view of the battlegrounds and the area around it (even though my decorations don't make it seem like it.) There's a path down to the beach. There's also a great view of the beach on the second battlestation. On the second battlestation there's also one of the many paths to the entrances inside, which will be shown more in the next pictures.

    Wooden Pathways

    These pathways all lead to the beach, two entrances, and the battlestations. Sadly, you can't place anything on them though. I'll be going through the top entrance as shown in the last picture. I feel the need to mention that under each skull is an entrance to the cove.

    The Main Entrance

    This is the main entrance, where you go through the inside of a skeleton of some creature (a whale according to some rat in scrimshaw.) It has tons of space for decorating, and a small pond.

    The Cave Place (1)

    Yeah, by this time, I give up on the names. This is the central area, which lets you have access to all of the inside portion of this house.

    The Rooms

    The room seen in the second picture of The Cave Place. (1)

    The room seen in the door frame of picture 2 of The Cave Place. (1)

    The stairs, oh boy!

    A hallway.

    A room from one of the entrances of the hallway.

    Another hallway view.

    Another room view.

    An awesome stage room that I adore.

    The room at the end of the hallway, along with a stairway to

    The Cave Place (2)

    A beautiful cavern area with a lake in the middle, this is where your bank is, with multiple exits to outside. This leads back to The Cave Place (1) once you are up the staircase.

    This concludes the tour of the Cove. Here's my opinion about it, if you're unsure whether or not you should buy the cutthroat bundle.
    I think that the cutthroat bundle is a great bundle and all, but definitely not worth 40$, sorry KI. Call me a hypocrite for that, since I spent the money to buy it anyways, but I love KI so I'll give them 40$ anyways. Anyways, the cutthroat companion is...okay to say the least, not a big fan of the buccaneer companions. The outfits and the ship are okay, but I ended up selling the ship in the end and am wearing the outfit right now. You have a choice of what level you want the outfit to be, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50. I chose 30, and I'm level 32 right now. The house, the best part (to me) of the bundle is probably my favourite of the houses out at the moment. It's so big and has so many cool things in it. I think my favourite area is the battlegrounds.

    Thanks for reading!

    (A note to mods: If my images are too big, I'll change them, just notify me.)
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