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    The End Game - An illustrated guide to Beachhead's Main Battery Hold

    Greeting's pirates and scallywags! This is a guide to the Main Battery Hold of Beachhead. Here you will cripple the armada's "big guns" and meet a new adversary! So without-a-do lets get started.

    Upon exiting the elevator an entire army of Clockworks will be awaiting for you, fortunately not all of them will engage you. Still, this battle is comprised of Battle Angels, Armada Muskateers and Armada Maine's. When you've cleaned there clocks [lol] make your way up to the Main Deck where none other than Bishop greets you again and tries to take vengeance upon you:

    Now the real fun begins! This is an Epic battle so I recommend you at least choose El Toro because of his Espirit de Corpse power which boosts your team's accuracy and dodge by 25%. This is the size of the entire battle board:

    Your main threat is Bishop:

    He has his own bag of tricks that are catastrophic if you're not careful:

    1. Bishop has an epic talent called "Retribution 2", what this means is that he will attack you if he's been hit with a Staffy attack. [Shooty attacks are still undermined]
    2. Bishop has a cheat called "Leech", when he takes a certain amount of damage Bishop will cast Jobu's Ruse that will drain a small amount of health from one of his allies and will gain a great amount of health. So it is highly recommended that you take out his minions before attacking Bishop.
    3. Every round for three rounds Bishop will summon something called an "Armada Device" that will shoot at you or your companions if you or them are in range. Where Bishop summons these devices is completely random and should not be approached if needed. Luckily they have a low amount of health and can be destroyed if needed:

    4. Finally Bishop has Witch Hunter 2 which is a Witchdoctor's worst nightmare. So Witchdoctors should be very careful with what attacks you use on Bishop.

    When you win "Bird Beak" flies the coop:

    Leaving you to explore the upper-section of the Main Battery. Simply go to the middle viewing platform to get direction as to where to go. When you're back at the elevator be sure to take it down to ENGINEERING. Once there the real headache begins; there are four switches that must be throw:

    However you have to fight to get to them. These battles consist of Battle Angel's, Armada Muskateers and Armada Maine's. How ever when you get to the fourth switch Bishop returns with a vengeance:

    Bishop still has his bag of tricks from the first encounter but with one difference:
    1. Every round for five rounds Bishop will summon the "Armada Device"!

    When Bishop is defeated he flees leaving the fourth lever vulnerable. When flipped the entire station begins to implode around you!

    This post contains 2 auto-link(s) to our wiki for your reference.

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