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    Guide to doing Spoke B as a Swashbuckler

    So you completed Spoke A, and ready to do Spoke B as a swashbuckler. This guide will explain how to do it.

    First of all, get to the sigil.
    Name:  Spoke  B sigil.PNG
Views: 373
Size:  597.9 KB
    I recommend you have full health and potions too. Go on in and enter. The dungeon warning will show up if you have it enabled. Press Go in.
    Walk up to the armada and the following dialogue will show up.
    Name:  Dialogue BH 1.PNG
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Size:  122.2 KB
    Name:  Monkey King Dialogue.PNG
Views: 705
Size:  153.6 KB
    Approach them to begin the fight. Attack the closest musketeer to you, make your companions attack him too. If there is any ranged companions in that battle, make them attack the closest marine to them. That is optional though. Attack that one until it is dead. Once he is dead, attack the other musketeer(s) if there is any until he is dead too. Once he/they are dead, attack the marine with the least amount of health until he is dead. Attack any other armada remaining, one at a time. Once every armada is dead, approach the other armada troop. This dialogue will appear.
    Name:  Armada musketeer SB.PNG
Views: 635
Size:  117.4 KB
    Same goes for the first battle. Don't be afraid if you die, go in the dungeon again.
    Once you defeated them, go ahead and do your job. Once you done that, there's some popup dialogue, which I didn't catch. Go to downstairs, the following dialogue will show up.
    Name:  RB lab.PNG
Views: 465
Size:  167.6 KB
    Name:  OS lab.PNG
Views: 446
Size:  170.4 KB
    Name:  GC lab.PNG
Views: 444
Size:  180.1 KB
    Name:  How did Bonnie get down there..PNG
Views: 301
Size:  1.14 MBHow did Bonnie get down there? Golden Wheel shown.

    Go and inspect the Golden Wheel. This dialogue will show up.
    Name:  GC lab 2.PNG
Views: 488
Size:  188.7 KB
    Name:  BA lab.PNG
Views: 310
Size:  209.2 KB
    Sorry image max, following dialogue:
    Ratbeard: But the Clockworks have it got bolted into some kind of machine. Why?
    El Toro: Excuse me, what precisely is this?
    Gracie Conrad: Don't touch that!
    Approach this machine, then this dialogue will appear.
    Gracie Conrad: This is a... well, it's a kind of camera, but instead of making a photograph, it can capture a moving image. Something's been recorded recently! The device is also a Magic Lantern - we can use it to see what they recorded.
    Ratbeard: Magic?
    Gracie Conrad: Not wizard magic. It involves refracted light spun through... oh never mind. Here - let's get it set up.
    Use this. Bishop will appear.
    El Toro: Gah! Who are you? Answer or feel the wrath of El Toro! (music)
    Gracie Conrad: It can't hear you! It's just a picture that moves. That's Bishop, Kane's mad tinkerer. Listen!
    Bishop: Supreme Commander Kane, greetings from Marleybone. General Rooke is, as you know, engaged elsewhere. Thus it falls to me to send this report.
    A puppet show appears, I suggest you watch it. It reveals the toymaker is human.
    Bishop: Working diligently toward total victory, I remain your loyal servant, Bishop. The Armada prevails.
    Real Bishop appears.
    Bishop: What is this? How did you get in here? Lay down your weapons - you are my prisoners!
    Ratbeard: Not a chance, Bird Beak! Ye're our prisoner!
    Bishop: Oh dear. Guards! Eradicate them!

    So it's battle. Destroy the machines first. Once you destroyed them, attack the musketeer until he is dead. Then attack the battle angel until she is dead next. Your marine is last.
    Once you defeated them, this dialogue will appear.
    Sarah Steele: We've seen enough - let's get out of here!
    Gracie Conrad: No! The job's not done. We've got two more Guns to sort out. The Clockworks? Bring them on - are you afraid?

    Congrats! You just completed Spoke B! Time to take on Spoke C!

    I did this when I had the quest for it, and it worked for me!

    This post contains 8 auto-link(s) to our wiki for your reference.
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