first if you can get a buccaneer who's about or over your level, he will need to protect nelson he can take the hits stop them from getting to him and fight back to. if you don't have a buccaneer a privateer will work to but try to get one anyways. here's what you need to know and how you can use some of it to your advantage
1 rooke has over protection when you get close to him he pushes you back and damages you. if your the hitter go in second or third get the person who went first to put a companion in front of the spot where you'll move but be warned he will still use knockback and if you don't put the companion in the right place you might have to be pushed back. also make rooke come to you by getting close to him, try to save your special moves for him

2 nelsons men heal him, also they usually don't go for nelson, only his men. you can use this to your advantage by getting a little "loose" with your companions by not putting them all by him. but leave a little with him just in case

3 no musketeers or witchdoctors, he also has steely resolve but in this case he cant get hurt by it

4 don't worry about castle, it doesn't really do anything from what I observed over the countless times farming him

5 try to take out some of the minions, if you don't they might eventually be the end of you, and nelson

6 counter gambit is basically the same as relentless, he keeps on attacking

7 if your a musketeer set traps, I was surprised when he stepped on it first turn, some general he fell straight into my trap (allot of his men died that day, he died of bleeding in that dungeon... twice)

8 if your a witchdoctor you can summon minions and do some juju, focus on the minions and let your best companions do the work

9 if use Gracie remember put the mine about 2 squares away no less, he has to take at least one step near it to work.

10 this is the most important one, if you don't think you can make it get someone to help. don't worry if you think it will ruin your image or honor or whatever. the wisest man (or woman) knows to ask for help when he needs it. because it wouldn't feel to good going all that way just to lose because you didn't ask for help, by the time you got back there you could have been in Aquila by the time your in Aquila you could have been done with the first couple quests in Aquila.

-jack nightgale lvl 65 buccaneer

live long and prosper

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