This guide is for all of the quests starting with when you enter Valencia and goes until you enter Cool Ranch. All of this information was pulled from the fabulous Pirate101 Wiki - I just went through, collected it and put it in order so the ultimate credit for this information goes to everyone who contributed to the Wiki.

The guide is organized with all of the Storyline quests first (in order), followed by all of the Side Quests (in order). If you see any errors or omissions, PLEASE let me know and I will correct it right away. I hope this helps you out if you're trying to keep track of where you are in the storyline, and feel free to comment or send me a message if you have any questions/suggestion. Thanks!

Note: I will be posting all of the guides I've created but here's the full list of what I have: Aquila Quests, Cool Ranch Quests, Marleybone Quests, Monquista Quests, Mooshu Quests, Skull Island Quests, Valencia Quests, Companion Promotion Quests, Class-Specific Quests. If there's a guide you'd like me to make that isn't listed here, let me know and I'll see what I can do.

Valencia Quests

To Avernus, and Beyond!
Given By: Queen Eleanor
Location: Zenda
Reward: 205 XP

  • Talk to Gortez
  • Defeat 6 Royal Squadron or Monquistan Navy ships in Tierra Primata Skyway
  • Talk to Queen Eleanor
  • Explore Stormgate to Avernus in Tierra Primata Skyway
  • Explore Stormgate to Valencia in Avernus Skyway
  • Explore Aragon Skyway in Valencia
  • Talk to Steed at Captain Steed’s Villa

In The Belly of the Beast
Given By: Steed
Location: Captain Steed’s Villa
Reward: 290 XP

  • Defeat Armada Ships and collect 6 Clockwork Pieces in Aragon Skyway
  • Talk to Steed in Captain Steed’s Villa
  • Explore Sivella Academy in Sivella
  • Talk to Scholar Thaddeus in Sivella

In The Shadows
Given By: Scholar Thaddeus
Location: Sivella
Reward: 60 XP

Paper Chase
Given By: Historian Gonzago
Location: Sivella
Reward: 155 XP

  • Find Gonzago’s Books in Armada Fortress
  • Defeat Armada Marksman in Armada Fortress
  • Search Crates in Armada Fortress
  • Talk to Historian Gonzago in Sivella
  • Talk to Magdelena Vendelino in Sivells
  • Talk to Scholar Aldomar in Sivella

The Tomb of Marco Pollo
Given By: Scholar Aldomar
Location: Sivella
Reward: 175 XP

  • Explore the ancient village in Granchia
  • Talk to Scholar Lorenzo in Granchia
  • Explore The Chapel in Granchia
  • Talk to Scholar Lorenzo in Granchia
  • Explore Tunnel Entrance in Granchia
  • Collect another Map Piece in Bruno Chapel (complete “Phule’s Errand”)
  • Talk to Steed in Captain Steed’s Villa

Phule’s Errand (Instance)
Given By: Starts automatically when you enter Bruno Chapel
Location: Granchia Catacombs
Reward: None

  • Dig up some clues in Bruno Chapel
  • Collect another Map Piece in Bruno Chapel (defeat Servus Albus and Servus Carbo)

Go West, Young Pirate!
Given By: Steed
Location: Captain Steed’s Villa
Reward: 60 XP

  • Talk to Brother Varo in Queen’s Tower
  • Explore Stormgate to Cool Ranch in Flotsam Skyway
  • Explore Cooper’s Roost Docks in Cooper’s Roost Skyway
  • Talk to Deputy Fowler in Cooper’s Roost Docks

Side Quests:

Saving What Remains
Given By: Historian Constanza
Location: Granchia
Reward: 15 XP; 75 Gold; Crab Hermit Companion (Swashbuckler)

  • Collect 10 Art Objects
  • Talk to Historian Constanza
  • Talk to Steed in Captain Steed’s Villa

A Flock of Seagulls
Given By: Prospector Zeke
Location: Sivella Docks
Reward: 1 Practice Point

  • Search for the Seagulls in:
    • Armada Fortress
    • Captain Steed’s Villa
    • Granchia
    • Granchia Catacombs
    • Sivella
    • The Laurentine Library

The Resistance Lives On!
Given By: Simoneto Caresini
Location: Sivella
Reward: 30 XP; 150 Gold; 1 Companion Training Point

The Curious Birds
Given By: Catarina Girardo
Location: Sivella
Reward: 25 XP; 125 Gold

  • Collect 5 Mechanical Birds
  • Talk to Uberto Capello
  • Collect Uberto’s Tools
  • Talk to Uberto Capella
  • Talk to Magdelena Vendelino
  • Talk to Librarian Grassi in The Laurentine Library
  • Collect the Lexicons
  • Talk to Magdelena Vendelino
  • Talk to Catarina Girardo

The Halls of Learning
Given By: Bianca Francesco
Location: Sivella
Reward: 20 XP; 100 Gold

  • Study the:
    • Aquila Plaque
    • Marleybone Plaque
    • Mooshu Plaque
    • Polaris Plaque

  • Talk to Bianca Francesco

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