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    Illustrated Guide to The Pirate's Regatta

    You must be Nautical Level 45 to begin the quest for this Gauntlet.

    Visit Mickey Dugan and pick up his quest “The Pirate’s Regatta,” then head over to Wongo Woo and speak to The Skipper. He will give you access to the Transportal into the Regatta area. Once you are on the dock, you can do some greetings and get organized with your teammates. If you chose to do Team Up, you may want to verify whether they have Menu Chat or have been through the instance before, etc. You definitely want to have full Yum potions when entering, just in case.

    Goal 1 = Defeat five Bull Shark Ships: This first mob of ships isn’t too difficult if you have a full team of four, or even if you have three ships. Taking them all on at once is fairly quick and painless. However, with only two ships or attempting to solo them, you will definitely want to take some time to pick stragglers off one by one. This group appears near the ruins at the upper left area of the skyway.

    None of the mob ships in the instance will EVER board your ship for low health. They will pursue whichever ship they have engaged until it is sunk or they disengage to heal and return to their starting location, so if you get to low health, try not to drag that ship away from the group your teammates are fighting, as they will only have to chase you also. The mob ships may drop “Smuggled Goods” which are Wizard City housing items, in addition to Scrip and gold. Each successive group of mob ships will get more difficult and drop slightly better rewards than earlier groups.

    Goal 2 = Defeat Big Eye Bull: This is your first Boss ship. It cannot be sunk, and must be boarded. It’s better to get the ship’s health to the point where the players board and get first turn, but in the event one of the team gets boarded instead, it is not a difficult battle for a full team of four. There will be Cutthroats and possibly a shark, the Bull Pup. The Bull Pup is a pet that can be won from this boss, as well as the gold, scrip, pet snacks and housing items. A bonus can be some dropped ship equipment.

    Goal 3 = Defeat five Mutt Gang Ships: The second group of ships appears more toward the upper right corner of the area, and this group is much like the first.

    Goal 4 = Defeat Gnarly Mutt: This ship must be boarded, and the enemies are all Dog Pirates except for some skarakeets called Mutt Squawkers, which can be dropped as pets from this enemy. Once again, these enemies are not too difficult for a team of four.

    Goal 5 = Defeat five Shellfish Ships: This group is back up near the other side, where the Bull Sharks were, and they are going to be just a little bit tougher, so if you can avoid drawing agro from the entire group, so much the better. Still, a full team of four should have little trouble.

    Goal 6 = Defeat The Shellfisher: This enemy will be a Crab Hermit with several Crab Thugs and/or Prawns as minions, or Shellfish Crawlies, the pet that can possibly be won from him. The witchdoctor powers such as Readied Spell can be easy to underestimate, and all enemies have Pirate Rank 1 or Rank 2, so keeping them on their own ship and off of yours may be helpful.

    Goal 7 = Defeat five Sunny Beach Ships These mob ships are slightly more difficult, and they are back in the right-hand side, like the Mutt Gang group. They use the Efreet horn power with a half-time cool-down. Once again, drawing the whole group at once may cause problems for the weaker ships in your group, so drawing off a couple at a time could prove helpful.

    Goal 8 = Defeat Sand Castle Monkey: These Monquistans will be very hard-hitting, dropping lots of bombs and their attacks critical a LOT. Keeping them on their own deck is very helpful, so block the gangplanks early if you can. They also have the Sand Shark on their team, which can be obtained as a pet drop.

    Goal 9 = Defeat five Sea Foam Ships: This will be the hardest group of ships that needs to be defeated. They will use Ice Lord with abandon, attacking your whole team with it repeatedly. They can both bless themselves with Benediction and hit you with Sailor’s Hex. And they heal, often. You definitely want to avoid being swarmed unless your entire team is max level with the best Aquilan ship equipment.

    Goal 10 = The final Boss -- Defeat Spirit of the Sea Foam – The undead enemies aboard this ship critical often, and the boss can summon Shackled Souls. The rare Sea Foam Spectre is the pet drop from this boss, in addition to gold, scrip and possibly ship equipment.

    Congratulations on your victory!

    **Any additional tips or information I've forgotten are very welcome **

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    Re: Illustrated Guide to The Pirate's Regatta

    Great guide! I did it but lost it in 5th battle cause soloing is very hard when you aren't max.

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