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    My guide to pet training

    Alright I've got to admit this isn't something I ever dreamed I would do but I want the pet system to improve, so here goes:
    NOTE: the pet system in this game, without tips like these, can be a real hassle. By which I mean impossible, seriously its tough so I recommend taking into account what little knowledge I've accumulated

    1) always use the first training exercises you get, don't move on to the others unless you plan to level up your pet. The first training exercises your pet will be able to do cost the least amount of energy and take as little time as possible. You can get them to level up by feeding them high ranking pet snacks you can buy in bestia. This strategy is used mostly if not solely on pets you don't plan to level to the max... which brings me to my next column.

    2) level pets one page at a time, this concept is new to me, so I can't vouch totally for it but it seemed to be a great asset almost all expert pet trainers use, so do it. This means that you basically morph multiple pets again and again until you have a whole page worth that all have the same talent or power you want. Then you level them all to levels 10-30 if you so wish, hoping for them to manifest said talent, I seriously suggest only leveling beyond 10 if they manifest the talent you want, saves on gold and energy, which will be gone by the time you work your way through this

    3) have pets train in special exercises like pull ups, mizzen lunge, downward horse, and long John jump. These will sometimes grant you special pet gear That will allow you to do exercises that give way higher xp at lower time and energy costs. Have you pets doing this 24/7 so when your ready to morph the best pet you can you can go for it with the fewest amount of hinderances.

    4) have your companions doing pet wrangling ALL THE TIME this is probably the most important thing on this list because it really does make everything better when your training your pets.

    5) hold out, I think the average time When waiting to get a great pet is around a couple of months? If that's true then you need to hold out for as long as possible to make this happen

    6) this is something a lot of people don't seem to know, so LISTEN UP there is a timer after each time you morph a pet that last for 10 minutes, it's a cash grab by kingsisle, and it just stinks. There is a way to get around it-the timer only applies to the character you morph on, if you switch players and trade your pet the timer doesn't appear and you can morph straight away! To all those who have ever spent a dime on removing said timer, I am sorry I didn't post about this sooner.

    7) get your pet snacks it loves, there is a system to find out which snacks your pet will always love but I have no recollection of what it was, I do know where to find it in a second but I'm afraid that will count as advertising, snacks your pet loves give it higher xp and pet energy, which is the equivalent of a pets base talent, like will to witch, strength to bucc, blah blah blah, and trust me. It makes a difference.
    Alright that is all I have for now, if anyone has anything else to say post it and I'll copy it onto this list. REMEMBER- what I have put on this list isn't so much a bunch of suggestions as they are a real game changer, without them training your pet can (and most likely will be) a huge struggle. So I urge you to use all of them as much as possible!

    8) There is a way to guarantee yourself the pet you want, it takes a ton of gold, but if you can morph 2 pets you know have the talents you want, and do it a lot, until you have entire characters with nothing but pets that have the two talents your looking for, this is like getting the talent you want by the same method, since you can't control what pets get what, just create so many pets at least one of them will grant you the talent your looking for, this gets harder the higher level the pets get as it becomes more and more unlikely they'll manifest what you want, that said its still a pretty good system that's probably gonna get you the pet you want most.

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