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    Snack Attack 2 (Back for Seconds) - A Pet Feeding Cheat Sheet

    Ahoy everyone! Here is an updated version of the Snack Cheat Sheet that I created many Spiral moons ago. I will be attempting to add other pets as I learn their world origins and/or snack preferences, and as new ones are discovered and/or added to the game

    To use the chart simply do the following:

    1] Find the pet you wish to feed in one of the 3 red columns (ordered alphabetically) listed below the Snack Listings. Each 'pet column' is listed directly below the pets' snack type preference: ie, Main Course, Side Dish, Dessert.
    2] Note the 2 uppercase letters (in parenthesis) directly following the desired pet. This indicates the world origin of the pets.
    3] Scroll up and find a snack in the corresponding Snack Type Column. To produce a 'LOVED' result (+8 EXP/+2 pet Power), feed your pet a snack from the column that also has the same 2, world letters. To produce a 'LIKED' result (+4 EXP/+1 pet Power) feed your pet any snack from the 'Snack Type' column that has a different world origin...OR feed it any snack with the same world origin, from one of the other two columns. So all pets listed under the Main Course column will at least 'LIKE' each and every snack listed under Main Course Snacks.
    4] Receive snuggly thanks from your little critter!!

    *** NOTES ***

    1] All pets 'LOVE' the rank 10 snack El Doreeto!
    2] All pets will 'LIKE' all Universal Snacks that don't share the same world origin. All pets will 'LOVE' any Universal Snacks that do share the same world origin.
    3] The number in brackets [x] that follows the snacks' world origin is the rank of the snack.
    4] I will be posting a list of all current pets that I still need, to date. If any happen to have the world origin and/or snack type preference, please feel free to post them here in this thread. Thank you.

    5] This 'guide' didn't turn out quite as "pretty" as the first I may redo it at some point in time-- in which case I will update this thread.

    The Snack Attack Cheat Sheet


    Fish Fingers (SI) [1] Scrimshaw Swiss (SI) [1] Golden Pineapple (SI) [1] Banana Soup (MQ) [3]
    Banana and Potatoes (MQ) [3] Mystery Nuggets (SI) [2] Coconutella (SI) [2] Sasperilla (CR) [4]
    Banana Creole (MQ) [3] Banana Kabobs (MQ) [3] Jelly Rogers (SI) [2] Farm Fresh Yum (MS) [5]
    Banana Gumbo (MQ) [3] Banana Salad (MQ) [3] Molten Lava Cake (SI) [2] Moolong Tea (MS) [5]
    Banana Stew (MQ) [3] Pan Fried Banana (MQ) [3] Troggy Taffy (SI) [2] Ryan’s All Natural Yum-N-Ade (SI) [8]
    Banana Burger (MQ) [4] Stir Fried Banana (MQ) [3] Watermolen (SI) [2] Hot Buttered Yum (SI) [10]
    Banana Sandwich (MQ) [4] Junction Jerky (CR) [4] Deep Fried Banana (MQ) [3]
    Breakfast Tacos (CR) [4] Wholly Frijoles (CR) [4] Buffaloon Patties (CR) [4] *** El Doreeto (Loved by all) [10] ***
    Cactopus (CR) [4] Albion Eggs (MB) [5] Cupcake (MB) [5]
    Chilly Con Queso (CR) [4] Haggis Crisps (MB) [5] Fortune Cookies (MS) [5]
    Lemon Pepper Banana (MQ) [4] Stymphalian Birdseed (AQ) [5] Minotarts (AQ) [5]
    Miranda Migas (CR) [4] Wild Rice (MS) [5] Yum Trifle (MB) [5] (SI)- Skull Island
    Tumbleweed Toast (CR) [4] Decimatoes (AQ) [6] BanditO’s (CR) [6] (MQ)- Monquista
    Hero Sandwich (AQ) [5] Despertatoes (CR) [6] Gears N Granola (UN) [6] (CR)- Cool Ranch
    Kippers (MB) [5] Tabooleh Salad (SI) [6] Licicles (MB) [6] (MS)- MooShu
    Stargazy Pie (MB) [5] Oyster Shooters (CR) [7] Monster Island Mochi (MS) [6] (MB)- Marleybone
    Wondercud (MS) [5] Skull & Crossbuns (SI) [7] Eye Candy (AQ) [7] (AQ)- Aquila
    BBQ Banana (MQ) [6] Toast Soldiers (MB) [7] Juju Fruits (SI) [7] (UN)- Unknown
    Beast Wellington (MB) [6] Valencian Oranges (UN) [7] Manticoreos (AQ) [7]
    PB&J (SI) [6] Marble Samu-Rye (MS) [8] Tinfoil Stars (CR) [7]
    Satyr Chow (AQ) [6] Marleymelade (MB) [8] Dark S’moors (UN) [8]
    Boiled Banana (MQ) [7] Quesadillo (CR) [8] Frojan Mousse (AQ) [8]
    Fish Fingers & Custard (MB) [7] Secret Recipe Kernels (CR) [8] Mecha Monster Island Mochi (MS) [8]
    Yakatori (MS) [7] Baked Banana (MQ) [9] Haki Sticks (MS) [9]
    Broiled Banana (MQ) [8] Bluecumber Sandwiches (MB) [9] Krakenjacks (AQ) [9]
    Glam Chowder (SI) [8] Pistachios with Moustachios (CR) [9] Subata Roll (MS) [9]
    Marleymite Sandwich (MB) [8] Pollycrackers (SI) [9] Sugar Skulls (SI) [9]
    Omelettin (AQ) [8] Potatoes Polaris (UN) [9] The Twelve Flavors of Hawkules (AQ) [9]
    True Grits (CR) [9] Stilted Cheese (MB) [9] Jammy Babies (MB) [10]
    Chalupacabra (CR) [10] Amazonions (AQ) [10] Jiggy Pudding (MB) [10]
    Jellied Pork (MS) [10] Ships & Queso (CR) [10] Sauteed Banana (MQ) [10]
    Kim’choo (MS) [10]
    Zeus Newton (AQ) [10]
    Shark Sandwich (SI) [10]

    Armadillo Verde (CR) Autumn Yeti (UN) Adorabilis (SI) (SI)- Skull Island
    Black Mambo (MQ) Avalanche Yeti (UN) Anansi (MQ) (MQ)- Monquista
    Black Tiger (MB) Batik Eggaloon (CR) Ballon Puffer (AQ) (CR)- Cool Ranch
    Blizard (MB) Blue Chocolope (CR) Beetle My Valentine (MB) (MS)- MooShu
    Blue Lion Fish (MQ) Blue Ringed Walktopus (UN) Birthday Cake Crawlie (SI) (MB)- Marleybone
    Buccaneer Apex Shark (SI) Buccaneer Raptor (SI) Black Market Tarantula (SI) (AQ)- Aquila
    Buccaneer Grudgehog (MB) Buddy Budgie (SI) Bunnicorn (MS) (UN)- Unknown
    Buccaneer Maxotaur (AQ) Bull Pup (SI) Bunny Hug (MS)
    Bullrog (UN) Caroling Budgie (SI) Cheerful Tinsel Owl (MB)
    Candy Cane Dragon (UN) Celebration Turtle (MS) Clock-O-Gator Contender (SI)
    Cat Thug Contender (MB) Cloudy Spirit (MS) Clocktopus (UN)
    Celestial Dragon (MS) Coconut Crawlie (SI) Clown Fish (SI)
    Clockwork Spider (MB) Deathstalker Scorpion (CR) Coral Widow (SI)
    Cloudburst Crawlie (MS) Dinolizard (SI) Corrupted Celestial Dragon (MS)
    Concord Buffaloon (CR) Dreamy Blue Turtle (MS) Corrupted Imperial Lion (MS)
    Confetti Dragon (MS) Ebon Spectre (MS) Crimson Crawlie (SI)
    Crokagator (MB) Emerald Budgie (SI) Cutie Chameleon (SI)
    Dimetrosaur (CR) Emusaur (SI) Dire Crab (AQ)
    Dimetrosaur Phantasm (CR) Epic Turtle (MS) Fennec Fox Contender (CR)
    Durango Buffaloon (CR) Everest Yeti (UN) Festive Candy Dragon (MS)
    Faunfawn (MB) Fandango (MB) Festive Dimetrosaur (CR)
    Fire Fish (MQ) Festive Grouper (MS) Fire Lizard (MQ)
    Flamango (MB) Festive Yeti (UN) Flying Cobra (CR)
    Frog (MS) Fire Toad (CR) Friendship Oni (MS)
    Frostbiter (MS) Friendship Grouper (MS) Grimtooth Reaper (SI)
    Frosty Snow Lion (MS) Ghost of Yuletide Present (MS) Hawk (UN)
    Ginger Cat Cub (MB) Ghosts of Days to Come (MS) Heck Scarab (MB)
    Golden Sky Dragon (MS) Glowfish (MS) Hoggle (SI)
    Golden Sky Rattler (MS) Golden Stingtail (CR) Horned Toad (MS)
    Goodbye Kitty (MB) Green Baubleloon (UN) Huggle Hoggle (SI)
    Grabthar's Hammerhead (MQ) Grouper (MS) Ice Scarab (MS)
    Habanero Tiger Shark (SI) Grouper of the Deep (MS) Iguana (SI)
    Hammerhead Shark (MQ) Hans Grouper (MB) Karma Chamaleon (SI)
    Heck Kitty (UN) Hinterland Turtle (MS) Lil' Labor Golem (MB)
    Hedgehog (MB) Hoggle Contender (SI) Majestic Ibis (SI)
    Hunny-Bunny (MS) Inky Octopus (SI) Orchid Chameleon (SI)
    Imperial Lion (MS) Karma Paper Dragon (MS) Ostrich in a Pear Tree (UN)
    Jungle Toad (SI) Lavalanchula (MS) Paper Chain Snake (MQ)
    Kloudnine (MS) Mechanical Owl (CR) Pork U Pine (MB)
    Lion Fish (MQ) Mistletoad (SI) Punk Fish (SI)
    Maraca Rattler (MQ) Mistletoe Turtle (MS) Quackosaurus (CR)
    Midnight Cat Cub (MB) Mountain Yeti (UN) Questing Crawlie (SI)
    Mini-Minotaur (AQ) Music Box Budgie (SI) Razorback Hoggle (SI)
    Monocorn (MS) Musketeer Raptor (SI) Rime Jackalope (CR)
    Musketeer Apex Shark (SI) Mutt Squawker (UN) Rouged Puffer (AQ)
    Musketeer Grudgehog (MB) Noel Claward (CR) Sabretoothed Bunny (MS)
    Musketeer Maxotaur (AQ) Not so Great White Shark (SI) Scarab (MB)
    New Years Dragon (MS) Octoberpus (SI) Seymour (MQ)
    North Wind Lion (MS) Ostrich (Blue) (MB) Snuggle Bunny (MS)
    Primeval Dragon (MS) Ostrich (MB) Spooktooth (MS)
    Privateer Apex Shark (SI) Painted Party Turtle (MS) Stardust Chameleon (SI)
    Privateer Grudgehog (MB) Paper Dragon (MS) Sundango (MB)
    Privateer Maxotaur (AQ) Party Spirit (MS) Tarantula (MQ)
    Ranchero Buffaloon (CR) Phantasm Pagona (SI) Tidepool Crawlie (SI)
    Roundup Rattler (MQ) Pink Chocolope (CR) Verdant Tinsel Owl (?)
    Sandy Cat Cub (MB) Pink Marshadillow (CR) White Tailed Jackalope (CR)
    Sarlac Scylla (AQ) Privateer Raptor (SI) Winter Jackalope (CR)
    Scrimshaw Drake (UN) Purple Polkaloon (CR) Yuletide Banded Iguana (SI)
    Scylla Spawn (AQ) Rain Forest Budgie (SI)

    Severus Snake (SI) Ram-a-Lam (MS)

    Silver Dollar Dillo (CR) Red Baubleloon (UN)

    Sky Dragon Candy Cane (UN) Reddrum (MS)

    Skyrime Minotaur (UN) Rock Crab (SI)

    Snow Lionfish (MQ) Royal Ibis (SI)

    Snowfall Fawn (MB) Sand Shark (SI)

    Spiny Serpent (AQ) Santa Claws (UN)

    Storm Rattler (MQ) Sea Foam Spectre (MS)

    Stormtiger Shark (SI) Seeking Spirit (MS)

    Swashbuckler Apex Shark (SI) Shrieking Eel (AQ)

    Swashbuckler Grudgehog (MB) Silver Buffaloon (CR)

    Swashbuckler Maxotaur (AQ) Skarakeet (SI)

    Tabby Cat Cub (MB) Skull Island Macaw (SI)

    Tempest Dragon (MS) Spring Grouper (MS)

    Terrorloon (CR) Spring Yeti (UN)

    Thresher Shark (SI) Squall Budgie (SI)

    Tiger Shark (MQ) Swashbuckler Raptor (SI)

    Timber Rattler (MQ) Tawny Sky Turtle (MS)

    Vermillion Dragon (MS) Thorny Toad (MQ)

    Witchdoctor Apex Shark (SI) Tropical Sky Snake (CR)

    Witchdoctor Grudgehog (MB) Unrestrained Spirit (MS)

    Witchdoctor Maxotaur (AQ) Valencian Delicacy (SI)

    Yuletide Crawler (SI) Violet Pufferfish (SI)

    Yuletide Ibis (AQ) Wildling Walktopus (UN)

    Yuletide Paper Dragon (MS) Witchdoctor Raptor (SI)

    Yellow Marshadillow (CR)

    Yuletide Shark (MQ)

    *** NEEDED PETS *** (origins/snack preferences)

    Blue Skies Puffer Grey Tabby Cat Resolute Turtle West Wind Dragon
    Blues Crab Happiness Lion Roving Waltopus Zebra Lion Fish
    Bogeo Blowfish Heck Fish Salsadillo
    Bouquet Buffaloon Hurricane Lion Seaweed Spirit *** NOTE ***
    Butterfly Cod Jingle Rattler Shellfish Crawlie Have only contender
    Chocolate Cat Cub Lilac Cat Cub Snow Scarab variants of PvP pets.
    Cordial Dragon Monsoon Turtle Spicy Ostrich Not sure if others ranks
    Cuddle Fish Nimbus Puffer Spirit of Friendship all have same snack
    Disco Toad Noble Ibis Star Walktopus preferences and world
    Embracing Rattler Pecos Buffaloon Stingaloon origins. If all the same,
    Festive Lion Pinwheel Walktopus Sunshine Tarantula I will add (ALL) to the
    Friendly Hugtopus Pitfall Puffer Tawny Cat Cub contender listings.
    Ghostly Cat Cub Porcupine Fish Thundering Buffaloon
    Gilded Ibis Raiding Budgie Typhoon Lion
    Grey Grouper Raindance Walktopus Wandering Lion

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    Re: Snack Attack 2 (Back for Seconds) - A Pet Feeding Cheat Sheet

    This is awesome! Thanks many bunches!!

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    Re: Snack Attack 2 (Back for Seconds) - A Pet Feeding Cheat Sheet

    Nice work! I wonder how long that must've took to put together...

    Black Wolf Bowman Level 70/Dashing Seamus Bowman Level 70/Gruesome Sergio Bowman Level 70/Loyal Zane Bowman Level 70/India Bowman Level 70/Able Anna Urswick Level 70

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    Re: Snack Attack 2 (Back for Seconds) - A Pet Feeding Cheat Sheet

    Very cool reference guide. Thx for all your work.

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    Re: Snack Attack 2 (Back for Seconds) - A Pet Feeding Cheat Sheet

    Quote Originally Posted by Willowdreamer View Post
    This is awesome! Thanks many bunches!!

    Why thank you, Willow...and you're welcome in bushels!!

    I had been meaning to get a new snack guide up and running for a long time now (along with maaaaaaaaany other by-the-wayside thing). That nudging on the Message Boards finally got me to put aside the time needed to do so. I had hoped to just edit the original but every attempt to do so, just created a big ol' mess. I think my original was just no longer compatible with Central's coding -- I even tried just deleting it and replacing with the new...but no such luck. So, if any moderators wish to delete that original thread/guide, it won't hurt my feelings at all

    I had also hoped to use my original, more condensed, format (for printing purposes & to reduce scrolling/clutter) but it always reverted to what you see in the new guide, upon previewing. On a side note, I'm still deciding what to do with the pet listings. Because of the auto links, the color scheme kind of becomes useless (where the links are auto inserted/converted). I'm not sure if I can turn off auto links...and I'm not even sure I want to because I know that some players would like to check out the snack/pet pages in the wiki to find out where they drop from or how to acquire the pets. So the auto links come in handy for those that would like to use them.

    And thank you @monkeypoos and @kaosxtech , I appreciate the thanks and support. The guide is a culmination of the hard work of many pirates/players out there. Some of the info came from the wiki, a mega ton from my in-game morphing/verifying/testing, some from other P101 sites and some just from players passing on the info to me. So, all credit goes to the P101 Community as a whole. I just wanted to create an easy to use, condensed, and low clutter reference guide that made getting the most out of our pirates' pets a tad bit easier. Some prefer a spreadsheet format but I went with what I thought would be the fastest, easiest and smallest reference material (that included as much info as possible, in regards to pets/snacks) that I could come up with. After using it a few times, it's pretty simple to use and you can easily print it for quick referencing. Hope it helps get those 100's of critters trained up to become something(s) special.

    NOTE: I will be posting a list of "NEEDED PETS" at the bottom of the Cheat Sheet (original post) to add to the guide. Any who have the snack preferences or any other useful info can feel free to post in the thread and I will add them as I am able to. Big THANKS in advance to any that provide needed info and huge THANKS to the Wiki Masters, wiki contributors and all those that make the wonderful guides here on Central and on other P101 sites, as well. Your hard work and dedication is, and always will be, greatly appreciated!

    This post contains 1 auto-link(s) to our wiki for your reference.

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    Re: Snack Attack 2 (Back for Seconds) - A Pet Feeding Cheat Sheet

    Heckhound Hero(MS) (yellow Grey)Mooshoo Desert***cellent guide I use it everyday
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