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    Weasel Gambler Guide

    Today I have another guide for you guys. This another one of those "useless" companions you find in Cool Ranch, I'm of course talking about: Weasel Gambler. But in this guide I will continue to prove to you that in the right hands any companion can be good. So let's get right into it!

    Background: You Get Weasel Gambler on a side quest behind a water fall where you have to fight... Bees. Just bees, well giant bees. Weasel Gambler is so happy you saved him that he's like "Oh wow you saved me from bees, and gave me the antidote so I am gonna join you, and be really garbage!"

    Range: his range is garbage in theory, but you would be surprised how often he has the option to hit somebody and they can't get him.

    Talents: his highest talents are; accuracy, dodge, weapon power, and... Spell power? Which doesn't help him at all, at least to my knowledge. His armor and resistance are his lowest. A max level Weasel Gambler should look like this (talent wise): rough(rank 2), accurate(rank 2)
    , armor (rank 1), and (resistance rank 1)

    Epics: Even though he has high dodge don't get return fire (guns barely ever miss) but you should get double tap, and burst fire because of high accuracy an ideal max level Weasel Gambler (epic wise) should look like this: burst fire 2, double tap, and quick adjust, or alternatively: burst fire, double tap 2, and quick adjust.

    This post contains 2 auto-link(s) to our wiki for your reference.

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