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    Pet Leveling and Size Ratio.

    Hi I have some questions if anyone wants to help answer them that would be heaps good.

    1.) Some pets physically grow marginally larger every 10 levels. Some don't. How do we discern which ones physically grow and which ones don't? I personally enjoy my pet growing larger, and can't wait for my bullrog to be the size of a dragoon, however, I was disappointed when my collosus pet was... well let's just say it should not be called a colossus...

    2.) This one is the one I really want an answer too. I have a Cheerful Tinsel Owl. I believe this pet has shrunk it's size at level 60, reverting to its level 30-39 growth size (I checked with a friend who has a level 30 tinsel owl). At level 50-59 I believe it was much larger- the same as my level 50 Mechanical Owl. Can someone confirm if I am hallucinating or not?
    Note: The level 50 mechanical owl is clearly bigger than my level 60 tinsel owl. I would post pics but can't be bothered.

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    Re: Pet Leveling and Size Ratio.

    Hoping this helps some:

    1) They're pets that, for now, Decius and the rest of the KI choice makers have left as smaller than you (not the minotaur ones), whether intentionally or not. You can check what Decius has said about pet sizes on the main forums. I remember he said something to the effect of 'I don't want them to get too big too fast' or the like.

    2) You are talking about a mechanical creature, so the habits of organism growth don't apply to it. ( Just kidding, it's probably a missing part of code, or an intentional change that hasn't been implemented to every kind of pet.)

    I personally wouldn't mind a few of my pets getting larger than a house cat, but others understandably would look unnaturally large and a bit disturbing (not including the ones design for that purpose in this explanation ).

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