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    What "Forbiddance" Does

    What "Forbiddance" Does

    Forbiddance is a PVP-only power available from the secret trainer Kurotadori. It searches the opponent's hand, randomly selects a card, and removes all copies of that card from both players' decks. Basically, it forbids that card for the rest of the match. For example, a swashbuckler could use it on a privateer and potentially remove all of the privateer's copies of Valor's Fortress. The buckler would also lose his or her own forts, but this still tilts the match in the buckler's favor because bucklers are more offensively built and have fewer forts.

    Here are some things to note about Forbiddance:

    • It has a range of 3. Witchdoctors and musketeers can have a longer range of 5 or 6 depending on their choice of weapon. (Thanks to @RealDux )
    • It is single-target, so it cannot target a player who is hidden.
    • It cannot target companions.
    • It does not trigger Witch Hunter. (Thanks again to @RealDux )
    • It can remove something from the opponent's deck that is not in your own deck. So, using Forbiddance doesn't always have to be a tradeoff. For example, a witchdoctor can remove a buccaneer's Reckless Frenzy. (Thanks to Angel, not sure what your Central name is if you're on Central)

    And here is a video of a match with Forbiddance in play! Click the "CC" button for subtitles.

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    Re: What "Forbiddance" Does

    Just an fyi so none of you are confused. I'm pretty sure the ability has to be in the opponents current hand to be removed from the entire deck. I've experimented a lot with this card myself.

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