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    Brass Monkey Rematch - Illustrated Guide to Obsidian Count Brastillo de Brass.

    Hello and welcome to my Illustrated Guide to fighting the Obsidian Skeleton Key version of Count Brastillo de Brass. This is one of the four Skeleton Key Bosses introduced with the 2018 Pirate101 update. Each of these bosses are enhanced Epic Battle versions of some we've faced before, and for this article we're gonna be looking at none other than the Brass Monkey himself, Count Brastillo de Brass.

    This fight is pretty straightforward in that your only victory condition is to defeat the Count. The Count himself is a lv.78 Musketeer with True Grit 2, Double Tap 1 and Quick Draw 2. He can also use the various Musketeer Bomb powers as well so keep that in mind.

    Now you may be thinking "oh this is easy" and you're right, it is. However, this fight is all about speed and damage control. If you've fought the Uber Crok Stephan in Marleybone then you know what to expect here, but for those that haven't every round 8 enemies (Crazy Water Mole Witchdoctors and Berserker Cats) will spawn in each of the four corners of the Battleboard in groups of 2. They have very low health and can be taken down in one or two attacks, but don't be fooled as they can still hit hard and quickly overwhelm you if you're not careful.

    Strategy: Focus all your efforts on taking the Count down, but don't be afraid to have one or two units focused on the reinforcements so they don't overwhelm you.

    Once the Count falls he yells his iconic line "I shall have my vengeance!".

    Here are some of the rewards you can get for defeating him.

    If you're wondering why the list is so big well there's a good reason for that. If you remember I mentioned the Uber Crok Stephan earlier in this guide, and that's because both fights are essentially identical to each other: both require you to defeat the boss to win and both drop chests for each enemy defeated, including the reinforcements. If you have a surplus of Obsidian Keys then you can easily farm Brastillo for gold time and time again. The best part? This fight is easily soloable, so you don't have to worry about finding a group to help you face him.

    NOTE: Ignore the Obsidian Skeleton Key in the first picture of drops. I received that from starting Old Scratch's lv.70 promotion quest and not from the Count himself.

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