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    Blade Storm with a ranged weapon....


    As some of you might've already known, Blade Storm can activate with a ranged weapon.

    I'd think the usual response to this would probably be either of the following....
    ー "Oh, it's because of Fix Bayonets!" (if you already know)
    ー "...wait, how's that possible?"
      (yeah, the Power "Fix Bayonets!" can cause Blade Storm to activate, as it is a guaranteed melee critical hit....)

    However, I've recently found another way to activate Blade Storm on a ranged weapon......

    It seems to happen when you critical or defeat an enemy while using a Shooty/Smashy weapon.
    (a.k.a. the same method for activating Blade Storm normally, except with a different weapon type)

    Here are some videos that show this:

    Note: You must be adjacent to an enemy for Blade Storm to activate in this manner.
    [Note #2: Blade Storm may or may not activate; reason(s) currently unknown.]

    Odd thing here, Blade Storm seems to be the only melee Epic Talent that works with ranged weapons like this.
    (I have yet to witness bonus attacks from Relentless, First Strike, or Repel Boarders work, and I doubt Riposte's bonus attack would work with this.)

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