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    My poem, "The Mask"

    Hey guys, long time no see. I've missed playing and being with the community, but due to life circumstances, I've become almost completely inactive. But I still have lots of great memories from you guys that I still cherish.

    Anyway, I wrote a poem today, inspired by the Armada (primarily referencing Kane's mask, as you can see from the title) for my English class. It's kind of dark, but I hope you'll enjoy it (and I hope I get a good grade on it hahah).

    And before you ask, no, none of what I say about myself isn't true. Luckily, I'm not insane; I was inspired by Edward Allen Poe's works.

    The Mask
    Who am I?
    Am I a student?
    Am I a daughter?
    Am I a friend?
    Am I a sister?
    What if I’m neither?

    What if it is all an illusion

    Of titles, of names, of labels, of misconceptions
    A charade of false emotions, a masquerade of faces
    A farce of life stories, experiences, narratives, and tragedies
    That never existed?

    What if it is all a dream

    That no matter how hard you tried
    No matter how desperate you strived
    No matter what you did to change your dire circumstances
    In the end, it was never worth it?

    What if it was all a hallucination

    Spurred by trauma, prompted by horror, driven by agony
    Seeing invisible wonders
    Hearing horrible voices
    Feeling strange sensations
    All to realize
    Was it never there in the first place?

    Who am I

    To believe that I wear the face of another
    To hear the devils in my mind
    To be withering away at the soul
    To be decaying at the body
    To believe that joy was artificial and fantastical
    From the beginning of time?

    I am a clockwork

    That only lives because I was made to
    Whose heartbeat is merely the sound of gears clinking
    Whose muscles work only because of the key on my back
    That someone turned to prolong my suffering
    Whose thoughts are as nonexistent
    As the flesh that covers my body
    Or the blood that pumps through my veins
    Or the eyes that allow me to see
    The mouth I can speak and taste from
    And the ears I can hear others.

    I am soulless

    I am feelingless
    I am thoughtless
    I am empty
    I am broken
    I am heartless
    I am a nobody.

    And when I put on the mask

    I become a student
    A daughter
    A friend
    A sister
    Who is but an allusion, a dream, a hallucination.

    The titles, names, labels, misconceptions come back

    The emotions well up
    The mask bears the face
    Of a pleasant, kind, intelligent teenager girl
    Who has lived life’s stories, experiences, narratives, and tragedies.

    I try

    I strive
    I wish to change
    But how can I
    When trauma, horror, and agony haunts me
    Like the dead spirit clinging lifelessly
    To the side of my waking body?

    But you can’t tell

    Through my mask of shame, guilt, despair, and terror
    Because if you tried to peel it off me
    You wouldn’t find anything underneath
    But a shadowy abyss.
    And you would stare into it.

    Don’t beg for mercy

    Because I wouldn’t hear it
    But it would kill you
    Because I am a clockwork
    Desolate, barren, and lifeless
    Like my spirit that lays by my feet.

    And when I pick up the mask

    I put it back on
    Because I know not better
    Than to discard it
    Because it is as much part of me
    As it is my body's now impassive heart.

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    Re: My poem, "The Mask"

    Wow, that's awesome! I can definitely see the inspiration from Poe.

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    Re: My poem, "The Mask"

    truly a work of art

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