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    New Party Pets & Mounts

    It's a parrrrty!

    Now through Sunday, March 13th, you can get three new pet and mount variations in the Crown Shop! If you want to throw an exciting party that's worthy of inviting the most majestic guests, then these are the pals for you!

    New Party Pets and Mounts:

    • Exciting Party Sky Dragon Pet (2,000 Crowns)
    • Worthy Party Sky Dragon Pet (2,000 Crowns)
    • Majestic Party Sky Dragon Pet (2,000 Crowns)
    • Party Lobster Mount (PERM) (4,500 Crowns)
    • Colorful Party Jaguar Mount (PERM) (5,000 Crowns)
    • Party Havox Mount (PERM) (9,000 Crowns)

    Take advantage while you can!

    See Items

    P.S. - I feel the pricing of the mounts is based on the fairly common availability of the jaguar and lobster mounts (rentals for free!), and those of us who don't PvP and still want a Havoc mount must pay more for this one, even though it is the least "party-looking" of the three.
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