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    Pirate101 Abilities Guide (+ misc info)


    Today, I present a project I've been working on behind the scenes since 2017.
    This project has been made public for a while, but I haven't shown it here yet (although I did mention it once).

    It's a spreadsheet with information about how Powers and Epic Talents work (based on my investigations over several years).
    It includes details for many Powers / Epic Talents used in-game, including specifics like rounding and formulas used.
    (Some details are missing or incomplete because of lack of investigation, whether due to time or inaccessibility.)

    This also includes some additional combat information, from basic things like Armor / Resist and Damage / Critical rolls to more detailed things like how Epic Talent fire count works and how your Hold the Line 3 can activate after Repel Boarders 3.
    There's even a miscellaneous section for things I've planned to share at some point, but haven't (although the only significant thing in that section is companion order efficiency, maybe ship tokens and stitching as well).

    This sheet's gone through various revisions, changing whenever I learn something new (or when I wish to make it more readable).
    Now, I feel like it's mostly complete:

    I'm not sure how useful this will be to most players, as you only need a general level of understanding for effective gameplay.
    However, for those wishing to have a deeper understanding of these abilities, I hope you will find this useful.

    Special Thanks
    • Willowdreamer and Jester, for helping with spreadsheet embed permission on Pirate101Central (it's usually not allowed)
    • ultimatewizardx and SenorSpicyLogan, for helping spread awareness on this spreadsheet
    • Djyc21215, for intel regarding Vengeance Strike 3 + Blade Storm 3
    • You, for reading this short post

    If there are any further questions about this (or abilities you'd like to ask about), please comment below, and I'll try to answer to the best of my ability!
    Until next time, happy Piratin', and stay safe out there~
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    Re: Pirate101 Abilities Guide (+ misc info)

    @Cody Nightblade Upon my word, this is so well-researched and in-depth! Congratulations.

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