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    The Best Classes

    ~Best Pirate101 classes~

    It has bombs that can increase in power due to old scratch's mojo buff power and the bombs that remain on the ground have weapon damage, it also has great accuracy and power with melee abilities that chain combos into the win, very good AOEs to
    Specialty: Accuracy, Melee Capabilities and Abilities

    Purely magic ability based class that has low accuracy and dodge so it relies on abilities but old scratch's mojo buff can increase the power of it's abilities by a lot and cause serious damage not to mention if you get up too close that mojo blade is very deadly, the melee abilities are not reliable due to low accuracy and low dodge though, it's summon abilities are very good to
    Specialty: Abilities and Mojo

    It's really good but without old scratch's buff it really falls on the downside but great healing, shields, absorbs, AOEs but it also relies on companions for damage to outside of scratch because it has weak damage
    Specialty: Abilities

    Last 2 do not use Old Scratch's buff which is why I have put them also down the list..

    It has great melee capabilities but not as much as buccaneer but it can sneak, do DOTs but hybrid swashbuckler is really good with the combination of burst fire and relentless with the stat of agility that musketeer and swashbuckler share
    Specialty: Dodge and Melee Capabilities

    It has very great melee capabilities but it's hardly an match for someone boosted by mojo buffs that old scratch has and has lack of good AOEs, it also requires you put up some damage reduction up or your health will go down very fast when against an opponent
    Specialty:Melee Capabilities

    I use all classes and I can definitely go more in depth..
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    Re: The Best Classes

    Great thread, Joe; I like your analyses. Concise yet in-depth at the same time.

    As someone whose first "real" Pirate was a Swashbuckler, I've always thought that SBs were the best Class (still do, in many ways), and especially as I started working on both a Buccaneer and a Privateer, I found those two Classes much more frustrating because there was no sneaking around that gave the double damage to which I was already so accustomed. However, I have to admit, upon working on Musketeers, I was very impressed and might consider that tied with SBs for my favorite.

    Long live the agile Classes!

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    Re: The Best Classes

    I'm heavily biased towards swashbucklers because their stats and abilities make it easy to end a fight quickly without making it a cake walk, if you don't at least moderately strategize, you will get killed quickly.

    Buccaneers are a close second, they're more resilient with more chain potential but their damage isn't quite as impressive, while I really like the class fights generally last longer and that's not my cup of tea

    Witchdoctors are a great class as I like what they bring to the table but they are really bad in melee, too bad and I like the melee dynamic in this game.

    Privateers are a very strategic class with arguably the most mediocre damage output potential but make up for it with the best tools in the game in terms of tipping the odds and messing with your and others stats, I really appreciate what you can do with this class but the pace can be very slow and I don't really tend to do well with this class.

    I've honestly never gone far with my musketeer, I never got out of skull island before I dropped em, and I never had the time to really dedicate to a run with one. But I can say I've seen how dangerous they can be when used well.

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