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    Pirate101 Coming to Steam!

    Pirate101 Coming to Steam!

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    The Spiral’s skyways are so full of wonder, and we want even more people to experience them! As part of our 10th Anniversary Sail-ebration, we’re very happy to announce that Pirate101 will be launching on Steam in early 2023!

    Learn More »

    (scheduled for early 2023, and you need to make a new account via Steam, old accounts cannot transfer)
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    Re: Pirate101 Coming to Steam!

    As a former Wizard101 Steam player, here is what to expect:

    The Good:

    - Can't find Wiz or Pirate game cards in your area to purchase with cash or online delivery? Steam cards are more widely available and are a good alternative option

    - You generate Steam currency via other games or trading and can spend Steam currency on Pirate for membership/Crowns without spending any "real" cash.

    - Pirate101 should be available to play via Steam Deck (Pirate101 mobile / on the go option)

    The Bad:

    - You cannot link Steam accounts to desktop/client accounts. So if you or your family already have Pirate101 accounts you cannot transfer Crowns or receive membership discount by linking the accounts.

    - You cannot "officially" play your old Pirate101 account on Steam. There are folder manipulation or launch general game workarounds, but your official Steam Pirate101 stats will not reflect (only brand new accounts created on Steam are supported).

    - No Steam trading cards

    - No Steam achievements


    If you are Steam user regularly and have never tried Pirate101 before, waiting for the Steam account process might be better. For everyone else, I recommend just creating or keeping your regular client account.

    Who knows how long the partnership with Steam will even last, since KI interactions on Wizard101 Steam forums and announcements has dramatically dropped. For example, the recent 14th Wiz anniversary was not mentioned or even linked on the Steam Announcement section. Interaction between Wiz players on the community hub is basically non-existent and is worse than the Pirate101 Central forums in terms of activity. I don't see Pirate101 Steam reviving player online interaction or providing new players any decent onboarding experience.
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