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Basic:Basic Gameplay

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This is a Stub; please help us to expand it by providing expansion of the Tutorial Tip and training information.


Navigating Around the Game

Basic Movement

To move your pirate or ship through the world of Pirate101, you will have to learn a few moves.
  • ‘W’ or Up Arrow – Move forward
  • ‘A’ or Left Arrow – Turn left
  • ‘D’ or Right Arrow – Turn right
  • ‘S’ or Down Arrow – Move back
  • Space Bar – Jump if you are running or mounted, or Stop if sailing your Ship
  • Home – Teleport Home
  • Control + End – Teleport to your last Life Fountain
  • '[' or ']' to target an enemy ship in the skyways
  • 'X' to interact with an item or character
  • 'Z' to use your ship's Boost and speed up

You can also move forward by pushing down both mouse buttons at the same time, then directing your pirate with your mouse.

Navigation Aids

(Icon) Quest Helper.png As you journey through the fantastic places of The Spiral, you may need some help locating things. Thankfully, you have your useful Quest Helper, and your personal map.

Place Names: If you press "N", you will be directed to any and all important structures in the area. To turn it off, press "N" again.
Map: If you prefer a more planned out travel style, by pressing M you can open your navigation map for any Location you are in. Alternatively you can press the Map icon at the bottom left corner of your screen.
Quest Helper: Additionally, most Quests provide a helper arrow which shows you which way to go for your next Quest goal. Just click on the Quest on your Quests page to select which Quest you want giving you the Helper arrow. Note that some Quests do not arrow help, and the game will tell you if you attempt to select one of these Quests.
Note:If this isn't working, go in to "Options" (In drop-down menu) and select Adjust Gameplay Options (the joystick in the middle). Make sure that your Quest Helper is set to on.


There are also several different ways Pirates can teleport around the Spiral to save time!

  • You can teleport to your friends (if their settings currently accept teleports and they aren't in a no-teleport area) if you have a membership or have paid for the area they are in.
  • You can teleport to your Bunk House or your currently equipped House. (If you teleport home from an equipped House, you will go to your Bunk House)
  • You can teleport to Avery's Court at any time by pressing the Skull icon at the bottom left corner.
  • You can teleport to your last bound Life Fountain.
  • NOTE: Teleporting Home, to Avery's Court, or to your last bound Life Fountain has a 30 second delay before you can do either one again.
  • You can use the "Mark and Recall" feature in the bottom left corner. You can mark your spot in any location around the spiral outside of an instance and "Recall" or return to that mark at any given point, unless that mark is moved.
  • You can use a Transportalator to have a quick way to go back and forth between every world you have been to on ship. You can choose one of the following destinations:

Skull Island (Zone) in Skull Island (The transportalator is on the beach)

St. Bonobo's Abbey in Monquista (The transportalator is just outside the back gate of the abbey)

Sivella in Valencia (The transportalator is on the docks)

Cooper's Roost in Cool Ranch (The transportalator is on the hill above the town)

Hamamitsu Garden in MooShu (The transportalator is in the gardens)

The Isle of Dogs in Marleybone (The transportalator is in Barkeley Square)

Nova Aquila in Aquila (The transportalator is near the pool)

Florenza in Valencia (The transportalator is on the docks)

Some of these locations will avoid bonding to the area's Life Fountain, and so may be preferable to actually sailing to or porting to the area. For those with a membership subscription, it costs 1,000 Gold per use and for others it costs 100 Crowns per use with the exception of Skull Island (Zone) which is free for all.

A newer feature added to the sprawling wilds of Cool Ranch are the Stage Coaches. These allow a pirate to teleport to a major town they have already accessed, either via questing or by porting to a friend, for only 15 Gold per trip. Look for the red Coaches in the dock area, hitched up to their Buffaloons, with a friendly Buffalo driver ready to take you where you need to go in a hurry.



In Pirate101, you will complete Quests for Non-Player Characters (known as NPCs).

Wizbangs indicate your pirate's status with various NPCs in regards to Questing. Below are the three wizbangs that you will come across throughout your journeys in Pirate101.

Yellow Exclamation Point.png Grey Question Mark.png Yellow Question Mark.png
This NPC has a quest available to you. Walk up to the NPC and Press X to receive instructions. You are currently completing a quest for this NPC. All quests can be viewed in your quest log. Walk up and Press X to have your instructions repeated - oftentimes accompanied by an amusing remark. You have completed a Quest Goal or a Quest for this NPC and must talk to the NPC in order to continue the quest.

NPC's that have different Wizbang Icons will be found in many places, indicating that they will interact with your pirate to sell or buy Gear, Housing Items, Mounts, etc. These NPC's are known as Vendors.


Many Quests send a pirate to find or talk to an NPC, find or examine an item in the game, discover an area, or defeat Creatures or Ships, which involves Combat.

Simply put, Combat involves clicking on an enemy, and using a power or basic attack against the enemy. Your base attack will deal a certain amount of damage depending on your weapon, damage, and boosts via Strength, Agility, or Will.

Each Ability has certain effects. Powers tend to be either a Buff (e.g. Espirit De Corps), a Heal (e.g. Rally), a Magical Power (e.g. Ghostwail), or a Physical Power (e.g. Sneak Attack). As you progress through the game you will acquire even more powers and talents from Trainers or from items of Gear.

Starting Combat is easy. In fact, it's so easy you will likely find it happens even when you don't want it to! You will be pulled into battle, and the combat will commence. Some enemies or bosses will automatically drag you once you speak to them, so be prepared!

Also as Mr. Gandry warns all pirates, the color of the Enemy's name indicates its difficulty. Grey means weaker than you. Yellow means about as strong as you. Orange means somewhat tougher than you -- and Purple means that the enemies will be extremely difficult for your pirate.

Broadside Combat involves clicking on an enemy ship, and using cannons, horns, and figureheads to damage it. Your cannons will fire automatically, but to use your other powers, you must click the icons on the bottom right corner of the screen or press the "1", "2", "3" and "4" hotkeys. Once using a power, there will be a countdown timer until you will be able to use it again.

Experience and Advancement

To advance in the game, you will need to complete quests and gain levels. The good thing is that these two usually go hand in hand. Every time you turn in a quest or you defeat monsters in battle, you will gain Experience Points (also known as "xp"). The amount of Experience points needed to progress to the next level increases with every level your pirate gains.

You can track your experience on the green experience bar on the bottom center of the screen, or from your Character screen by pushing ‘C’. As you gain more levels, you will be granted access to more powers and talents in your class, either from Trainers, or from certain rare pieces of Gear. Also, you can train powers or talents from other classes by earning Practice Points by doing certain quests or leveling up.

Nautical Experience is earned from many quests and sinking enemy ships. It is important to keep your Nautical Level in line with your pirate's overall level. The higher your nautical level, the better the ships and equipment you can buy and equip, and the easier sinking enemy ships will become. Nautical Experience is tracked on the Blue experience bar just above the Green bar. Nautical level can exceed the pirate's overall level, however, having a high nautical level reduces the amount of Nautical experience gained from sinking lower-level ships.

This Level Chart provides information on stat and point advancements throughout each level based on class and this Experience Chart provides information on the amount of experience needed to achieve each level, including Nautical Experience.

Tutorial Tips

As your pirate advances in the game, Boochbeard and Gandry will occasionally popup with information helpful to learning game play and what features may have just become available to the pirate. In the Options menu, players can decide whether they receive all Tutorial Tips or Critical-Only. Once the character has received the Tutorial Tips, they are recorded in a history which can be accessed using the Help & Options menu.

Training Abilities and Practice Points

As your pirate gains levels, or completes Prospector Zeke's quests, you will earn Practice Points for your pirate. These Points can be used with the other Class trainers to learn abilities not available from the pirate's main class trainer. Also, there are Clandestine Trainers that can be found in Devilfish Hollow for extra training. It is a good idea for new pirates to visit all of the available trainers to plan which abilities will be trained for maximum benefit to game play.

When you hit the "P" key, you will be able to see several different screens. First, you will see your current powers list. At the bottom right corner of the screen, you will see how many Practice Points you have available. Click on the little arrow with the star at the upper right corner to take you to the Talents screen, and clicking once once more will take you to the Doubloons screen.

To retrain your Practice Points, go to any trainer and interact. Now, at the bottom right corner, you will see a green Reset button. Click on that and you will get a popup confirmation window asking if you really want to reset ALL of your Practice Points. You cannot retrain individual points, doing a reset will remove all trained abilities, so you will have to go around to the various trainers to retrain what you need.

Member Benefits

A "Member" is a player who has purchased a subscription for some length of time, as opposed to buying the Kingsisle currency known as Crowns and using those to purchase the game area by area.

As a Pirate101 game Member, you get:

  • Access to ALL game worlds
  • 50% Larger Backpack Inventory (120 items vs 80 items)
  • 20% Larger Friends List (120 friends vs 100 friends)
  • Faster Energy Regeneration
  • Player Housing
  • Reset Your Companions Skills for Gold (non-members pay Crowns)
  • Ability to Post on Pirate101 Message Boards
  • More Chat Options (18+ or "Open" chat)

Beginning in the Fall of 2018 for Pirate101's sixth anniversary, Subscribers will occasionally be given the following short-term benefits:

1. Double rewards from Companion Tasks

2. Double experience from pet training tasks and snacks

3. Free Companion Respec (re-training abilities for your crew for free)

4. Free Practice Point resets (re-training abilities for your pirate for free)

While the member benefit is active, members will see an icon in the upper left corner of the screen, and can mouse-over the icon to see details.

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