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Basic:Creating New Pages

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Starting a New Page

New pages can be started in a couple ways. Each one needs the appropriate Template loaded into them before information is added; the article templates load the format and style used by that type of article in this wiki.

  • You can select the "Create New Page" option from the Sidebar.
  • You can start a new article by selecting a red link: press the appropriate button at the top of the edit screen and it will load the template for you.

Below is Template information and links to the Template Instructions. Please follow the instructions on these pages! Not creating a page properly generally means that it does not have the right links and categories and is therefore lost in the wiki. A list of templates can also be found on the sidebar.


Every page has a namespace (a prefix on the page title), so please use the right namespace :)

Using the "Create New Page" function from the Sidebar will create the namespace for you
Creature: - For all creatures
House: - For all Housing items, including castles and gardening seeds/pests
Item: - For all hats, robes, boots, weapons, totems, charms, rings, and treasures
Ability: - For all Abilities and Ship Powers
Location: - For all locations
Companion: - For all Companions
Mount: - For all Mounts
NPC: - For all Non-Player Characters (that you don't fight) found in the game
Pet: - For all pets
Snack: - For all Snacks
PetGear: - For for all Pet Gear
PetAbility: - For all Pet Abilities
Ship: - For all Ship Items, Enemy Ships, and NPC Ships
Quest: - For all quests
Doubloon: - For all Doubloons
Henchman: - For all Henchman

What are Infobox Templates?

Nearly all pages now use the Infobox Templates. They allow you to enter the basic information about a creature, item, ability, or pet on the page, and the Template will do the rest of the work for you! It will format the information for you so that it looks nice and it will create all the categories that the page needs! They also make it very easy to enter new information later, all you have to do is fill in the line.

Making a New Page with an Infobox Template

1) Create a New Page and load in the appropriate template as described above.

2) Enter the appropriate information in the lines. If you aren’t sure what they are for, read the instructions below your editing window or on the template page first! Every Infobox Template has instructions on its page, make sure you understand what they are all for first, otherwise you may miss important pieces of information.

3) Enter in all the information that you can! A page with only half the needed information is harder to get completed later than a page with no information. For that reason, incomplete stubs are sometimes deleted, because without enough information the pages are not useful. If you really can't fill in all the information, add {{Stub|Explanation of what is missing}} to the top of the page. Also, don't use [[brackets]] except maybe for links in a description, the template will turn everything into links for you. An example of a link would be [[NPC:Captain Ahab|Captain Ahab]].

4) Preview your changes using the "Show preview" button at the bottom of the page next to the "Save page" button. Make sure words all spelled right, and properly capitalized. Note, that in something like Legend of the Ring, “of” and “the” are NOT capitalized. Also make sure that the links work; more often than not (except for housing items and clothing items in newer worlds) if you have a link that doesn’t work you might have typed the name in wrong or the base page is spelled wrong. Use the search function to look for relevant pages if you aren’t sure.

List of Infobox Template pages

For Outfits, Hats, Boots, Charms, Rings, Totems and Weapons:


For Housing Items:


For Pets:


For Locations:


For Quests:


For NPCs:

Template:Vendor/doc (this is an add-on for the NPC Template)
Template:Trainer/doc (this is an add-on for the NPC Template)

For Creatures:


For Ship Enemies and NPCs:


For Ship Items:


For Abilities:


For Companions:


For Elixirs:


For Mounts:


For Treasure:



If you have any further questions, please contact one of the Wiki Masters.


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