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Basic:Creating a Character

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Creating a character for Pirate101 takes place at the start of the in-game tutorial.

Boochbeard and Mr. Gandry come to break you out of the brig, and in determining whether or not you are the pirate they are looking for, they ask a series of questions tied to who you are.

Be sure about your choices, as they can never be changed.

Note: Questions 2, 3, and 4 can be skipped and the results manually chosen by clicking Skip in the top right.


(Quest) Tutorial Dialogue 1.png

(Quest) Tutorial Dialogue 2.png

In selecting whether you are a boy or a girl, you get a randomly generated pirate character. You will get to specifically choose your appearance later (see below). However, if you really don't like the random appearance, click on 'Boy' or 'Girl' again to change the appearance as many times as you want.

(Basic) Gender.png


(Quest) Tutorial Dialogue 3.png

Next, you get to select your name. You can generate a name by picking from three lists: adjective, first name, and last name.

You have to have a first name, but the other two can be blank. See Character Names for a full list of options.

(Basic) Name Generator.png

How'd You Lose Your Parents?

(Quest) Tutorial Dialogue 6.png

This question determines which Companion later joins your crew. This companion will be your fourth in game and you find them while raiding The Presidio for the quest Quid Pro Quo.

(Basic) Lose Your Parents.png
Orphaned By
  1. Mutiny!
  2. Shipwrecked!
  3. Armada!
  4. Storm!
  5. Squid Attack!
  1. Dead Mike (Undead Pirate)
  2. Lucky Jack Russel (Dog Pirate)
  3. Gaspard de Vole (Guinea Pig Guard)
  4. Milo Graytail (Rat Brigand)
  5. Birgus Latro (Crab Thug)

Where'd Ye Grow Up?

(Quest) Tutorial Dialogue 7.png

This question determines your natural talents in the game, which give you a specific permanent bonus to your Pirate.

(Basic) Grow Up.png
  1. Skull Island
  2. Grizzleheim
  3. Krokotopia
  4. Marleybone
  5. MooShu
  1. Born Sneak
  2. Naturally Tough
  3. Naturally Spooky
  4. Keen Eyes
  5. Born Warrior
  1. +5 to Dodge
  2. +5% to Health
  3. +5% to Spell Power
  4. +5 to Accuracy
  5. +5 to Weapon Power

What Crime Were Ye Arrested For?

(Quest) Tutorial Dialogue 8.png

This question determines which class your pirate is. Visit the Classes page to learn more about the different Pirate classes.

(Basic) Arrest.png
Crime Class Starting Ability Starting Weapon Starting Companion
1) Brawling
1) Buccaneer Class (Icon) Buccaneer.png
1) Mighty Charge 1) Battleworn Spear 1) Kobe Yojimbo (Bull Ronin)
2) Smuggling
2) Musketeer Class (Icon) Musketeer.png
2) Grape Shot 2) Archaic Sparquebus 2) Wing Chun (Crane Student)
3) Treason
3) Privateer Class (Icon) Privateer.png
3) Gunnery 3) Unlucky Buckler 3) Egg Shen (Goose Student)
4) Dueling
4) Swashbuckler Class (Icon) Swashbuckler.png
4) Sneak Attack 4) Pirate Daggers 4) Subodai (Horse Barbarian)
5) Hoodoo
5) Witchdoctor Class (Icon) Witchdoctor.png
5) Ghostwail 5) Feathered Staff 5) Kan Po (Goat Student)


(Quest) Tutorial Dialogue 9.png
(Basic) Face Hair.png
(Quest) Tutorial Dialogue 10.png
(Basic) Clothes.png


If at any time during your adventures in Pirate101 you would like to modify your Flag or Ship Emblem, you can visit Major Flagstaff in the Skull Island Bazaar and pay a fee of 100 Crowns to make changes to the Color, Decal, or Field of your Flag.

(Quest) Tutorial Dialogue 11.png
(Quest) Tutorial Dialogue 12.png
(Basic) Flag Icon.png
(Quest) Tutorial Dialogue 13.png
(Quest) Tutorial Dialogue 14.png
(Basic) Flag Background.png

Starting Play

After creating your very first Pirate, he/she will be taken to the Tutorial, which goes over the basics of the game. If you have already completed the tutorial on another character, you will have the option to repeat the Tutorial or skip it. Either option will eventually land your new Pirate in Captain Avery's Office for the start of your pirating adventure alongside your starting Companion.

Your newly created Pirate will be visible on the Character Selection screen along with any other characters you have created. Each time you play, you choose which Pirate to adventure with by clicking them on this screen.

    • If you want to make another Pirate, press the NEW button in the bottom right of this screen.
    • Click PLAY to join your selected Pirate in the Spiral.
    • All new Pirates begin the game by creating a character, and then taking the Tutorial.
    • To delete a Pirate you aren't happy with, click the DELETE button and follow the instructions by typing YOHOHO! to confirm the deletion.

Tutorial Tips will appear for new pirates as they progress through the game, to help them learn.

Please visit the Basic Game Information Wiki Portal if you need more Basic Game Information.

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