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Basic:Training Pets

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This page covers basic information on Pet Training. Overall, Pirate101's system of Pet Training is fairly simple and takes little effort, however it does require patience in order to effectively manage and train a number of pets.


Basic Pet Information


This is the first of two numbers that appear in the Pet Management window, which can be accessed by pressing "I" on the keyboard to bring up the "My Pets" interface. Hover over the pet icon to reveal details about that pet, and to the right of the double helix in the pet's preview box is the Pedigree. A Pedigree is the sum of the values of the "rarity" of all Powers and Talents a pet can learn.

The number in parentheses next to the Pedigree is the current total of the rarity values of all discovered Powers and Talents the pet has through training, or how much of the total pedigree the pet has expressed at this point.

The Rarity Value of a Pet Ability determines how much it contributes to the Total Pedigree of a pet.

Rarity Value Contributed
Common 1
Uncommon 10
Rare 20
Ultra-Rare 30
Epic 40

It's important not to simply train pets based on having a large Pedigree, however. The content of a pet's ability make-up and how it relates to the pirate's class and play-style is much more important. That being said, a pirate is much more likely to come by a "rarer" talent on a pet with a higher pedigree.

Stats and Experience

Every pet has stats for Strength, Agility, Will, Power, Grit, Guts, Guile, Health and an experience bar. The pet's stats will improve and experience will be gained based on the Pet Training Activities completed and the snacks fed to the pet. These Stats are very important for both Pet Sparring in the Circus Maximus and the Pet's actions in combat.

The only way to increase a pet's Power attribute is through feeding snacks. If a pet "Likes" or "Loves" a snack, additional Power bonus is given.


Selection of the pet followed by clicking the "Train" button opens a window titled "Choose Activity Category" followed by the list of Pet Training Activities. When starting with a newly-hatched pet, only Skull Island activities will be available. As the pet ages, additional activities are unlocked.

Levels and Ages

Levels Age Experience
to next Age
Unlocked Abilities
1-9 Hatchling 270 270 None
10-19 Baby 390 660 1 Talent
20-29 Teen 490 1,150 1 Power
30-39 Adult 590 1,740 1 Talent
40-49 Ancient 690 2,430 1 Power
50-59 Epic 790 3,220 1 Talent
60-69 Mega 890 4,110 1 Power
70 Super N/A 5,000 1 Talent

A pet gains 1 Talent or 1 Power with each Age, so leveling up is very important. A pet's level can improve certain base stats in combat (Dodge, Accuracy, Weapon Power, Armor, Resistance) however, does not improve its default attributes, Talents or Powers directly. A new Age is reached when the experience bar is full. There are seven ages: Hatchling (starting level), Baby, Teen, Adult, Ancient, Epic, Mega and Super.

Level also helps determine the cost in Pet Energy to complete Pet Activities, as well as the length of the wait timer until the Activities are completed. As the pet levels, the Energy Cost and Wait Time for each individual activity increases. The experience rewards for higher level "world" training activities are also higher.

Pet Abilities

When the pet reaches a new age it will learn a new Pet Ability. There are many kinds of Pet Abilities, and they all have different effects based on their descriptions. All pets may gain a total of 3 Pet Powers and 4 Pet Talents at this time.

Power Abilities

Most Powers will provide the Pet with an attack Power that can be useful in combat, to be used on enemy creatures.

Talent Abilities

Many Talents will boost various maximum pet stats. All stats can contribute to the effectiveness of Powers and the pet's contributions should it join the Pirate in combat.

Pets will use Strength, Agility, or Will to boost their Weapon Power and effectiveness of Powers based on which stat is the highest. No Power is dependent on just one of these stats, so players may choose to make use of any of these stats to make their pet more effective.

Several exceptions are Talents that boost the three G's -- Grit, Guts, and Guile. These Talents will only benefit a pet while Pet Sparring.

"Grant" Power or Talent Abilities

The most highly-sought Pet Powers or Talents provide the Pirate with a Power or Epic Talent that can be useful in combat, from Heals or Curses to Attacks that can be used on enemy creatures to Epic Talents such as Relentless or Double Tap.

Training Efficiently

The great thing about training in Pirate101 is that multiple pets can be trained all at one time.Take advantage of this! While pets are completing their Pet Training Activities (Tasks) pirates are free to continue their adventures. When a pet finishes the assigned task, a notification icon will appear, and for each pet click the "Finish" button to feed a snack, if allowed.

A single Pirate can be taking multiple pets to Super while adventuring - and while waiting for certain activities to finish, you will be earning more Energy. Learn which Activities will improve wanted stats or talents, and which Activities will reward the pet with needed gear for higher level Activities -- or bonus gear that can be sold for larger amounts of Gold!

Managing Energy

The small globe with orange fluid represents your Energy, which will decrease quickly as you train your pets to higher levels. Regeneration of your energy occurs automatically, though this is a very slow process. For subscribers, it is one energy point every 8 minutes, for Crowns or Free-to-Play accounts, it takes longer. You can also refill your Energy by purchasing a Refill with Crowns, or using an Elixir which can be purchased through the Crowns Shop, or can sometimes be won in Contests or via codes.

Higher level pets do NOT need to use higher level training activities, although they will gain more experience overall on the highest activities. In order to train more pets at one time, a player may want to use lower leveled activities to stretch the available energy. This can also help the pirate to collect more rare pet gear that sells for lots of gold at the Pet Gear Vendors.

Favorite Snacks

Snack "likes" are extremely useful to understand. "Liked" snacks will give your pet +1 to Power and +4 to experience with each feeding. "Loved" snacks will give +2 to Power and +8 experience.

Pets likes/loves are determined by two things - A Pet's Liked World Origin and a Pet's Liked Snack Class.

Pets will always like a snack from a specific World Origin. They will also like at least one class of snack such as Side Dishes, Main Courses, Desserts... A snack that is both of their school and class will be loved.

Some snacks belong to a Universal class and are liked by all pets. A snack's class is not shown on its card, but can be determined through testing. The El Doreeto snack triggers a Love for all pets - the current assumption is that the Snack belongs to a Universal World Origin and a Universal Class. Visit the Snack Classes page for more details.


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