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Editing Guide/Wiki Code Editing

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Section headings

Use the == (two equal signs) style markup for main headings, equivalent to <h2>. Do not use a single =. This is because a single = creates an <h1> heading which is already used by the page header and would be bad coding. Also, do not use wikilinks in subject headings. When edited, these sections become confusing in the edit history because of the link code. Consider instead putting the word in the first or second sentence of the section and linking it there.

Avoid special characters in headings, such as an ampersand (&), a plus sign (+), curly braces ({}), or square braces ([]). In place of the ampersand, use the word "and" unless the ampersand is part of a formal name.

Always keep headings short and simple. Headings are guidelines to your page's structure and should inform the reader rather than confuse. To keep it short, avoid unnecessary words or redundancy in headings, i.e. avoid a, an, and the, pronouns, repeating the article title, and so on. Also, try to avoid giving identical titles to different sections.

Text Formatting

Use '''text''' to bold text and ''text'' to italicize text. You can also use the bar at the top of the edit window to do the same thing.


Use [[PAGENAME]] to create a link to another page, such as [[Pirate101 Wiki:Editing Guide]]. Valid links will appear in the same font color as the regular text but will be underlined like Pirate101 Wiki:Editing Guide and nonexistent links will appear in red like example.

Article Management Templates

These are small templates that allow you to easily add special tags or information to an article. They should be added to the top of the page they are needed on - these templates are used to bring the article to the attention either Admins (to delete) or to regular users to add more information (Stubs).

Nominate an article for deletion

Add {{delete}} to an article to nominate it for deletion. It will add the article to Category:Candidates for deletion.


When a page has little or no useful information, or is missing very important information then it is a stub.
Adding {{stub}} will place the page in the Stub Category stubs.
For example, use {{stub|drop information|spell information}} to indicate that drops and spells are needed on the page.

Admin Needed

Use {{Admin|Type Reason here}} to indicate that admin attention is needed to something related to the page; indicate what is needed in the same way as Stubs above.


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