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NPC:Birgus Latro

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(NPC) Birgus Latro.png
(NPC) Birgus Latro 2.png
(NPC) Birgus Latro 3.png
(NPC) Birgus Latro 4.png
Presidio Barracks
Presidio Storehouse
The Frogfather's Sanctum
Tavern Cellar

Description: You gain this companion if your Pirate's parents were lost to a squid attack. He was featured in the Pirate101 Newsletter Rogue's Gallery in July, 2016:

Birgus was born in Valencia City, the son of a stonemason. Though his father tried hard to teach him the family trade, Birgus never took to legitimate work. He saw his friends making money and earning prestige by serving in the crab syndicates and couldn't resist the temptation to step outside the law. He finally turned his back on his family and moved to Florenza, where he fell in with the Farfalla family. Birgus' rough demeanor and hard shell served him well—soon he was making his name as an enforcer for the Farfalla crime family.

But one fateful day the course of Birgus' life changed forever. Birgus was sent to punish a Guinea Pig for not repaying a loan to the Farfallas, but when he looked into the old artisan's face, he found he just couldn't carry out his orders. He let the Guinea Pig go and gave him enough money for a voyage to Skull Island. Don Farfalla was enraged: The last thing a Capo wants is to be seen as soft! Birgus was exiled from the family, and a price was put on his head. But just as things looked hopeless, the powerful Tortellini family declared all-out war on the Farfallas for control of the Florenzan underworld. Birgus escaped in the confusion, fleeing to Skull Island.

Upon his arrival in Jonah Town, Birgus was offered a place in the Frogfather's operation, but he refused: His gangster days were over. Instead he took to the skies, signing aboard any ship that would take him. Birgus had no head for navigation or skymanship, but he had a strong back and gained a reputation for being very valuable in a fight. In the Napoleguinic Wars he joined the crew of a dashing, charismatic pirate and became a pillar of his crew. When his captain married Pirate Jenny and had a child, Birgus was overjoyed.

While in port at Flotsam, Birgus received a message from his brother. Things had gone very wrong in Valencia, and his family needed his help. And so it was that Birgus was in Valencia trying to help his family instead of sailing on his captain's final voyage. Instead of fighting a dreaded sky-squid at his captain's side, he was helping his family. He paid off their debts with his pirate gold and got them out of Valencia City just before the Armada's "renovations" destroyed his former home.

When Birgus arrived with his family in Skull Island he was devastated to hear of his captain's death. He went back to his life of piracy, but ran afoul of the Monquistan garrison in the Presidio. It was there, languishing in a cell, that he'd make a new acquaintance that would change his life forever.

Known as the following Companions:

Birgus Latro (Crab Thug)
Birgus Latro (Crab Bodyguard) (promotion at Level 21)
Birgus Latro (Crab Soldier) (promotion at Level 47)
Birgus Latro (Crab Champion) (promotion at Level 67)

Skull Island - The Presidio - Presidio Barracks
Skull Island - The Presidio - Presidio Storehouse
Skull Island - Gullet - The Frogfather's Sanctum
All worlds - Taverns - Tavern Cellar
Gives Quests:

Treasure of the Sierra Padre
Cipher (Birgus Latro)
Bob's Your Uncle (Birgus Latro)

Quest Goals:

The Presidio Job

Ends Quests:

Treasure of the Sierra Padre
Cipher (Birgus Latro)
Bob's Your Uncle (Birgus Latro)


Encountered as an Ally
in Presidio Storehouse
(NPC) Birgus Latro-Combat 1.png
Level 6 - Crab (Buccaneer)
Crab Thug
160 Health
Turn the Tide (Rank 1)
Vengeance Strike (Rank 1)

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